Dream versus Goal

DreamI like to dream, in fact I have been dreaming of big pay checks, big house, big car. Everything that is big is all my wants and I guess that this stuff will drop down from the sky especially for me. What a naive thoughts in the first phase of thinking process!

Fine, then if these stuff are not going to appear without a reason, then shall I just work hard to get it. Stretch my life, spending long hours at work, so that my boss will notice, get a promotion, get a better pay check. Is this about it? Oh no! What a boring life I am going to end-up with!
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Hiking Tips in Tropical Rainforest: Things To Bring For A Long/Tough Hike and Potential Hazard

Direction to Penang HillJust about 15 minutes after I had embarked on the jungle trekking of Penang Longest Trail, the left side of my shoes decided to disintegrate after crossing the first stream. Oh no! The outsole was detached from the insole. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place but it did happen to me that day.

As soon as I had succeeded the second stream, the outsole of my right side also burst and left me with nothing to spare. I have been wishing to walk on this trail since several years ago, so turning back was not my option at all. God sent us rain, God also sent us friends.

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Leg Muscle Cramp/Spasm during Hiking: How to prevent and what to do?

HikingLeg muscle cramp during hiking usually occurs on thigh or calve muscle, likely due to dehydration/electrolyte imbalance or muscle fatigue caused by heavy exercise. In order to prevent cramp, eat and drink reasonably while trekking on a long hike. If you are going for a harsh and tough hike, please prepare the physical body adapting to strenuous activity. Prior to the hike, engage in a couple of short hikes, cycling or running for at least 30 min each time on every alternate day may help.
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DonateRequest Plugin for Joomla 1.5 Native

Joomla Plugin to insert a Paypal Donation button into content. You can insert a custom description text together with the donation button. This description can be turned on or off with an option parameter. Button can be aligned to the left or right of your page. Besides your paypal email address, you can also insert a donation text into the paypal window such that the donation item is already pre-added when the user clicks on the donation button.

Usage: In your content where you want to insert the donation button, type (in between braces {}):

  • donaterequest or
  • donaterequest-n if you want to hide the Donate Request Text.

In the administrator screen of the plugin you can configure:

Alignment: Whether the button or description is aligned to the left or right of your page.

Donate Request Text: The text you want to show with the button in your content (for example, “Please donate if you like this item….”)

Paypal Donation Item Text: The payment item description to insert into the paypal payment screen that appears after the user clicks on the donate

Paypal Email Address: Your Paypal Email Adress


Known Issues

  1. This DonateRequest plugin needs to run after any email cloaking plugin that you have installed, including the default Content – Email Cloaking plugin which ships with Joomla 1.5. This means that in the plugin menu, the Content – Request Donation plugin needs to be below the Content – Email Cloaking plugin or any other email cloaking plugin that you have.

If you have issues you can note them in the comments section below. We will try to help you with them if we can.

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Click on this link to Download DonateRequest


Koh Nangyuan of Thailand God’s Masterpiece

Welcome to Koh NangyuanIt has been half a decade since I last visited Koh Samui. However, every time my friends consulted me about this place for a holiday, I will recommend a visit to Koh Nangyuan without fail as this island is one of God’s masterpieces!

In Thai, ‘Koh’ means island. Koh Nangyuan is located at northwest of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. By speed boat, it would take an approximately two hours to reach Koh Nangyuan from Koh Samui. Koh Nangyuan is only one of its kind. In fact, Koh Nangyuan is made of three small islands namely North Island, Middle Island and South Island and they are connected by a patch of ‘Y’ shaped stretch of sandy beach!

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My Buddy Sam

Good FriendsThis is a story about childhood and friendship. Do you remember a good friend that you had in your younger days? Do you still keep in touch with him? Maybe this story will bring back some memories for you…

* * * * *

I first met him during my elementary school. We were around twelve years old or something like that. He was lean and tall. His arms and legs were slightly muscular for his age. His skin was tanned with a shade that said he’s probably seen a lot of outdoors in his life. His soft brown eyes were kindly but deep. When he looked at you, you could almost feel him looking into your soul, but with curiosity, neither with judgment nor with the penetrating depth that would make you feel uncomfortable. He wore a slightly faded grey t-shirt and a pair of old blue jeans that had frayed at the bottom. He had on a pair of shoes in which his left toe poked out.

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Count Our Blessing!

In life, we never fail to experience pain. As quoted from Buddha’s teaching, First Noble Truth says ‘Life is suffering (Dukkha)’. This includes birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering; the first four sights Buddha encountered when he renounced the world.

To us, all the things that make us unhappy are pain. When we are in pain, we like to pointing finger onto others for troubling us. Why are they giving us some much problem in life? Why these people are making our life so miserable? The truth is when the imperfection comes into our life, they are actually the colors of a rainbow. Only seven colors will make up a rainbow and not less! Similarly in life, missing a patch of experience may not make us a complete happy human!

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Penang Balik Pulau: Durian Hunting and New Market Discovery

It is the time of the year of the durian season again. Durian also has the nick-name king of fruits is native in Malaysia and a few South-East-Asia countries. Penang is famous for its Balik Pulau durian; being the best place to experience durian on Penang island. Local folks say that Balik Pulau has the most varieties in term of durian’s taste and texture.


Last weekend, a group of friends and I were in Balik Pulau for durian hunting trip. I didn’t have the chance to go on last year’s season. As we arrived, we noticed that the temporary set-up stalls were fewer compared to two years back. It used to be rows of durian stalls on both sides of the main road heading to Balik Pulau town if you are coming from Relau/Paya Terubong junction.

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