Floral Arrangement: Long Center Piece (Western Style)

He(She) is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower” ~ Mary Howitt

Display position:
The design is usually displayed in the middle of a long table (that can be either in a shape of a rectangle or an oval). Bouquet size depends on the size of the table and other concurrent displays on the table e.g. gifts, dishes etc.
Design Concept:
From front view, the shape of the arrangement is an isosceles triangle (both angles that form from horizontal line towards peak are equal). For full length Long Center Piece, the top view resembles a diamond shape (refer to Diagram 1). In the half length Long Center Piece, it looks like a triangle as illustrated in Diagram 1.

Diagram 1


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Your Future and Fate Tomorrow is Just What You Decide Today

We humans tend to take a short-term view of things. Perhaps our limited lifespan on earth has something to do with that. Why plan for long-term if we may not live long enough to enjoy the outcome. This short-term mindset is the cause of most of the problems that we have today. The need for immediate gains and fast success leads to the majority of the global problems like environmental pollution and the mess we have today in the world’s economy. Everyone wants to reap material gains and they want it now. Let someone else worry about the consequences and the by-products. Humans are greedy and impatient by nature and so naturally won’t look too far ahead if the gains are close at hand. But greedy and impatient are also choices that we make. We decide to be greedy, impatient and plan only for short-term gains. We decide to take the path of least resistance, because it is easier. But it is our choice, our decision in the end – our own design.
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50% Promotion Dim Sum at Cititel Hotel Georgetown Penang

ZhongHua‘Dim Sum’ originates from a Cantonese dialect that means ‘snacks’ or light food. Literally means ‘Touch the Heart’, Dim Sum has gained popularity in Penang as well. When I was attending my high school in Georgetown many years back, we liked to go for dim sum as early as six in the morning (before the class started) somewhere along Cintra Street off Chulia Street. Dim Sum is usually served in bamboo baskets, most of times still steaming satisfy our cold empty stomach at dawn. Besides the small dumplings, a wide range of snacks includes fried stuff like taro dumpling and various pastries are also served. Nevertheless, the traditional places that serve delicious dim sum are usually non-air-conditioned coffee shops which do not encourage us to sit and chat as long as we wish. The atmosphere is getting warmer as we eat and as soon as our tummy is filled, we hope to quickly get up and make a move.

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Floral Arrangement: Triangular (Western Style)

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. ~Henry Beecher, 1858

Display position: For corner or side table/location, commercialized and mainly spotted abundant in condolences flower with stand or fruit basket arrangement.

Design Concept: From front view, the shape of the arrangement is triangle. There is a focal point or the ‘eye-catcher’ spot situated in the middle of the triangular. The most awesome blooming flower, called as focus flower is composed at this focal point. Side view is also a triangle while top view appears like a diamond shape.
Diagram 1 below illustrates the shapes in various view point in detail.
Diagram 1

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10 Steps to Start Exercise, Reduce Fat and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life

ExerciseShould you exercise? Off course you should. There are many benefits of exercise that has already been published so many times in many publications, magazines, newspapers and many others. Even the Government is promoting exercise. According to Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research here are some benefits of exercise:

* Improves your mood
* Combats chronic diseases
* Manage your weight
* Strengthens your heart and lungs
* Promotes better sleep
* Puts a spark back into your sex life (wow!)

And I can vouch that all of that is true for me. So how do you start to exercise? Actually the problem for most is not the starting but in maintaining this exercise as part of your life’s routine. Even for me, some days can be a drag to get out and run my 4 kilometers. But I do it because it gets better after I have hit the road and I know I will enjoy it after some moments of warm-up. And for the rest of the day, my energy levels and mood remains on the positive side. That keeps me going, and now it has become such a habit that I felt weird if I did not go out and run each day.

Before starting your exercise program, if you have been inactive for a long time or if your body weight is over the edge, you should consult a physician or doctor before embarking on your exercise program.

The best thing you can do is to start exercising. Here is a list of 10 steps on how you can get started.

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Floral Arrangement: Round CenterPiece (Western Style)

I was once dreamed of owning a florist, as I love flowers and cute teddys. When I learned about floral arrangement class in Penang, I was pretty excited and looking forward to achieve another milestone in my personal goal. In this write-up, I will elaborate my first lesson. I will share as much as I have learned as part of recording for my own and at the same time, sharing the experience of exploring a new interest with you. It is fun!

In the first lesson, we learned how to make ‘Round Centerpiece’ Floral Arrangement.

Display position: Center of a round table
Design Concept:
Side view of complete arrangement is a triangle cone Side View

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My Experience of Living with GERD (Acid Reflux)

MedicineIt was only 2:30am in the morning and I couldn’t sleep again! I was burping aloud. Perhaps I shouldn’t lie down to continue my sleep as I felt my throat was rather uncomfortable. It was not sore throat but kind of tight and hard to swallow, as if the opening near upper esophagus was getting narrower.

It happened about two and half years ago. At the beginning, I thought it was only a mild sore throat so I went to see a GP (general practitioner). I was given some kind of antibiotics and life went on. In the next 2 weeks, the sore-throat came back so I went to see the same GP again. This GP that I was visiting was run by a group of medical doctors and on each visit I could be seeing a different doctor. On the second visit, I met a lady doctor and she refused to give me antibiotics anymore as she claimed it didn’t look like tonsillitis. . Continue reading “My Experience of Living with GERD (Acid Reflux)”

Solar Power Energy: Clean, Renewable, Environment Friendly Energy – Today, Tomorrow and Future

Solar ArrayOur world today is in a critical energy crisis. One of our major sources of energy today is based on fossil fuels, a source which is depleting, non-renewable and a major source of pollution to our environment. For countries in the tropics such as India, South East Asia, Mexico, and parts of the America Continent, our sun may offer an alternative energy source which is clean, renewable and able to sustain our energy needs for today, tomorrow and into our future. These countries typically enjoy 300 sunny days a year out of the total 365 – harnessing the power of our sun is a real and present possibility.

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Revelation of Friday the Thirteenth

Friday 13thI reached my work place at 6:59 am. As I walked passed the corridor to my cube, I imagined of the coming weekend which started after 4 pm today. That brought a smile to my face. As I started working on the stuff to launch a new measurement system for people performance, I realized there was a grey area that demands further investigation before pursuing further. Then, my desk phone rang! My superior who is based in another country called and told me that some of vital data in database table was accidentally erased. So, it meant I had to rebuild the data again and he sounded urgent. I was terribly upset as I had to dig up all the emails to trace back bits and pieces of the content in the table.
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Sarawak Native Food in Penang: Famous Kolok Mee (Dried Noodle) and Nasi Lemak at Borneo Cafe

Borneo CafeGastronomical treat is one of the favorite past time among Penangites (Penang folks) of 50% are mainly of Chinese origin. This habit has been part of Chinese culture and vividly spotted when they exchanged greetings. Instead of saying “How are you?”, the Chinese will ask “Have you taken your meals?”.

After a movie last weekend, we happened to meet up with a couple friends and went for dinner together. The couple love to eat ‘Kolok Mee’, the Sarawak’s native dried noodle. Being extremely excited, they shared the new cafe they had just found that serves ‘Kolok Mee’ in Penang island. ‘Kolok Mee’ is usually being served with shredded pork, slices of lean roasted pork and some’choy sum’ (green vegetable). Being typical Penangites, we drove to Borneo Cafe on the following evening with their help on the direction.

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