Floral Arrangement: How to place and use oasis or flower foam?

Soaking oasis and container“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower” Smile ~ Anonymous

If you wish to recycle the flower container, buy a piece of fresh flower foam or oasis separately from florist. The oasis must be placed tightly in the container in order to hold the flowers well. Soak the oasis in a container by letting the water being absorbed naturally. Do press or introduce any pressure to wet the oasis.

Oasis on containerThen, measure the oasis size (height and width) against the container. Pressed down oasisAllow the oasis to be about 3 cm higher(refer to image on the right) than the edge of the container to ease the use. If the height desired is not possible, use a sharp blade to cut another piece of oasis and place it as the container’s base. Followed by the top piece, chop the oasis slightly larger than the container size.

Then, place the oasis on top of the container and press it down. This enables the oasis to be held tightly by the container and allow water retention as well.

The oasis is ready!.

Creative Floral Arrangement – Part2 (Garden Style)

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul ~The Koran

Garden Style by Shirley T

As discussed earlier in Part1, Creative Floral arrangement encompasses the designs with a specific theme/style. This lesson will bring you to explore a garden style of creative floral arrangement, working with a rare carnation called Sweet Williams that flowering season falls on late April/May. This flower arrangement also leverages on prop which is a monkey!

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New spa adventure – The Nibble Fish Place!

Happy Feet! Pamper your tired feet with the help of scaly little friends. That’s the experience we got at uniquely different type of spa. Located at New World Park along Burma Road, in the midst of downtown Penang (Malaysia), a place called Happy Feet Fish Spa offers you an unforgettable giggling and laughter when the fish nibble your feet. A school of Garra Rufa fish or better known as nibble fish which is originated from Turkey’s hot spring are placed in a pond to treat your tender feet.
Happy Feet
During my first time there, the unique fish-nibbling massage of 40 minutes definitely gave me a pleasant relaxing experience. Although at the beginning, I was a bit reluctant to place my feet into the water but after a few deep breathes, I dared myself to overcome the fright of being tickled by these decent sea creatures. They are friendly and domesticated, so there is nothing to worry!

According to the spa operator, the fish-nibbling effect creates tiny electrical jolts, activates the nerve endings whilst the micro massaging stimulates blood circulation. Besides smoother, rejuvenated and healthier looking feet, it may also give you a good night sleep!
Fish Spa

Check out the promotion and location/contact here.


George Town and Melaka, historic cities of the Straits of Malacca (Malaysia)

This is exactly the first phrase quoted from UNESCO World Heritage website! I guess it is time to make a little contribution for my country and our beloved Pearl of OrientPenang. Partly proud to announce that I live in an island which is listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites as inscribed on 7 July 2008. Know what surprised me next, my alma mater is also covered under the core area of George Town Cultural Heritage site! Secondly, I am truly glad with the respective parties that involve in the activities and celebration of George Town as World Heritage Site for tonight and this weekend! Events lined up for all of us includes open house at Chew Clan Jetty, several traditional/cultural performances like Hokkien Puppet Show, Lighted Thaipusam Chariot, Peranakan Heritage exhibition and Little Penang Street Market.
Program Map
No doubt Penang in general or George Town still has plenty of rooms for improvement, let us take a rest for this weekend. A stroll along the streets in the heart of George Town will definitely bring us beautiful memories of the life and living from the past. Do enjoy and have fun! And don’t forget to catch the fireworks too!

Let’s toast for George Town!!!

Check out the detail itinerary here..

Creative Floral Arrangement – Part1

Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words.
They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character,
though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning
~Lydia M. Child

Creative arrangementAs the name called, Creative floral arrangement is a flower composition based on individual’s ingenuity. There is no hard and fast rule in creative floral arrangement. The composition is flexible as far as one’s mind can figure of. It is part of an art and is valued as of individual’s liking. Commercialized creative arrangement usually found in the design that combine a few types of main flowers. In this example, there are two main flowers i.e. primary flowers and focus flowers. Both of them can be the same type of flowers or of different family.

Display position:
Typically, creative arrangement bouquet is composed from front view. As such the bouquets are commonly put by the wall or at the corner. Creative arrangement is also predominantly spotted in fruit baskets, birthday bouquet or in event specific/special occasion bouquet composed along with some gifts or presents as well.

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Floral Arrangement – Useful and Smart Tips

I am back with floral arrangement! No doubt a good flower arrangement is an art, there is still some good practice and smart tips for us to improve. Success is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Practice makes perfect!

Diagram 1 - Curvy stem1. Where to place the curvy, bending or strange stalk/main stem?
Use as a base flower and avoid compose it as structural flower otherwise, the composition may not end up straight up from container. This usually happen for rose, that at times does not come in a straight line shape like illustrated on the left – Diagram 1.

2. How to use clustered chrysanthemum like chrysanthemum mum?
Cut the buds that appear in-between the targeted flower to make them look less crowded and this can be used to compose the blank spot.

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Spirit House and Thai Belief

If you visited Thailand, Spirit Houses can be spotted predominantly within yard of Thai houses or nearby the commercial buildings. Spirit worship was influenced by animism before Buddhism reached Thailand. The architecture and design of spirit house resembles a miniature version of Thai temple or wat. The Thai families believe that if they take care of the spirit, the spirit will be their guardian and bestow good luck generously in their daily life. This leads to building spirit houses in order to provide shelter for these celestial beings. To respect the spirits and living into peace, every morning the Thai will light up incense and pray at the Spirit House.

Spirit Houses are also seen at the jetty or juncture along the khlongs.
Spirit House by the canal
Occasionally, spirit house is also found outside a cave, near fish pond. For boat traders, usually flower garland is placed at the bows of the boat to respect the guardians in similar manner in order to attract prosperity and success in business.
Flower garland at Bow


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: Car Engines on the boats?

Main Canal of Floating Market“Toyota car engine!” This was the line spilled out by an engineer who traveled with us to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi province, roughly 80 km southwest of Bangkok. Being curious, we tried to look around to check out which boat was selling car engines. Oh, sorry!Embarassed He actually meant most engine-operated canal boats were installed with a second hand engine that used to belong to a car. More than a couple of Mitsubishi car engines were also spotted there. After chatting with a local, we found that a second hand car engine might cost about 20 K to 30 K Baht in Thailand. Most of these boats were used to take tourists traveling along the canals and visiting the floating market.

The advantage of using car engine is getting an over-powered boat that could take heavier load and speed faster. The engine has been modified to be single geared with capability to run forward or reverse only. The shortcoming is pollution as some of these engines were rather old and not well-maintained. As part of the modifications, the exhaust protruded out at face level. If you are following behind one, and she decides to accelerate, you are almost certain to be choking in exhaust smoke.

It was great to see the signboard of ‘Engine Stop‘ along the main canal where the busy Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was located. However, it would be even better if the engine operated boats are only allowed in further surrounding area, about 500 to 800 m away from the main canal. In my humble opinion, manual paddled boats around the vicinity of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market will definitely maintain its charm as one of the most unique water markets or Talad Nam (Talad means Market, Nam means water in Thai) in this region.
Used car engine.

Khanom Buang – The famous Thai crepe

Bangkok is the sin city”, claimed my significant other. Oh dear! Though you may know Bangkok well, but please do not think of the Nana or Patpong (the red light district)! This got nothing to do with those places at all. When we were in Thailand recently, we could hardly control ourselves, we couldn’t resist and we indulged in one of the seven deadly sins – gluttony!

Savory and Sweet Khanom Buang
Watching our diet was secondary in Thailand. Most of good food in Thailand is made from coconut including the famous Thai crepe, called Khanom Buang (some called it Khanom Bueng) which is a crispy snack (khanom means ‘cake’ in Thai). Khanom Buang, a Thai street dessert is made from several ingredients including rice flour, pigeon pea flour, eggs yolk, palm sugar and a pinch of salt. All of these are mixed with water and beat well to form thin batter. The prepared batter is then poured on a flat hot plate in oval or round shape as crust. Once the thin crust turns brown, the thick coconut milk cream is plastered on it. Lastly, it is followed by various topping usually consists of grated coconut alone or grated coconut with small shrimps as topping. Sometimes, the luxurious savory toppings may come with strips of eggs, coriander leaves, chopped onion and sweetened pork as well. In the instances of sweet toppings, they can be golden thread (foi tong), raisin or persimmon. Usually the orange colored topping indicates the savory taste and yellow colored topping gives a sweet flavor.

Check out the media below to learn how to make one for yourself Smile

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Thailand – Burma Death Railway: Ban Pong to Thanbyuzayat via Three Pagodas Pass

Facts in history book were among the first knowledge fed to my mind about The Death Railway. The name says it all. The Death Railway – there were about 50% of 180,000 Asian laborers and 16% of 100,000 allied prisoners of war (POWs) died while constructing the railway link from Ban Pong to Thanbyuzayat during World War II.
License to ride

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