My Floral Arrangement (L Shaped Style) Part 8 – Elegance

Beautiful flower is like love which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same
~ Helen Keller

When my mom-in-law learnt that I was attending a floral arrangement class, she showed me a beautiful porcelain flower bowl/vase and gave me to use for the lesson. It is indeed a nice long and flat vase with three little flowers. Having said that,  I did not have any chance to use during my floral lesson. After ‘graduation’, I discovered an ‘L’ shape arrangement and decided to give it a try on this gorgeous vase at least for once.

This design is dedicated to my mom-in-law. Thank you mummy for all your support and brilliant idea. It is always very pleasurable to share the stories of my passion with you!

Floral Material
Violet carnations as primary flower, pinkish chrysanthemum as secondary flower, yellow aster as filler and Leather ferns as foliage.
From top left (clockwise): Fern leaves, pinkish chrysanthemum, yellow aster  and violet carnation.
Floral material
Design concept
From the white classical vase, it sputtered the design for Elegance whereby its shape of an ‘L’, representing a Lady! Going hand in hand with lovely carnation, the flower for a woman! Elegance is a wonderful combination of color tone being violet is the perfect match for pink and thus brings out the pleasant contrast in this floral design. Simple yet sophisticated!
Sketch of an L floral design

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How to go (map) to Ipoh Lou Wang Authentic Bean Sprouts Chicken Restaurant?

Every time we pass by Ipoh, my Significant Other (SO) will remind me about Bean Sprouts Chicken or locally called in Cantonese as ‘Nga Chor Kai’. It is a famous and sumptuous dish in Ipoh. Some folks even claimed it is the number one food in Ipoh.

My SO is the big fan of bean sprouts dish. Yes, bean sprouts or what we called ‘taugeh’ in Penang is commonly found everywhere in Malaysia but I have to agree with my SO that the bean sprout in Ipoh is so much tastier. In fact, Ipoh’s bean sprout that appears shorter and thicker is sweet, crunchy and juicy, perhaps owing to the rich minerals in local water supply as what most people said.
Lou Wang Bean Sprouts Chicken Noodle Restaurant

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You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine!

I got this story via an email but somehow it touches me straight to my heart. Hope this sharing with always remind us when there is no other ways, LOVE still prevails. When there is love, there is always miracle!

Warning: Be prepared to get watery eyes!
Like any good mother, when Karen found out that another baby was on the way, she did what she could to help her 3-year-old son, Michael, prepare for a new sibling.

They found out that the new baby was going be a girl, and day after day, night after night, Michael sang to his sister in mommy’s tummy.

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Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Ice-cream or Strawberry Chocolate?

If you visit Cameron Highlands these days and somebody offers you a strawberry ice-cream, you might imagine of an ice-cream of strawberry flavor. Simply lovely as it will melt in mouth! If so, perhaps you wish to check again! Otherwise you might be getting something beyond your thoughts!

While we were strolling at the Weekend Night Market in Brinchang town last week, we heard of a stall operator shouted ‘Strawberry Ice-cream’ and we turned to see. Umm…What he was referring to in fact was three or four pieces of fresh strawberries on a stick dipped in hot chocolate and served with cream or sprinkled colorful candy. Strawberry and cream are obviously correct but where is the ice? Smile.

Some stalls called it ‘Strawberry Chocolate’, I guess there is no official name for this local street food.
Firstly - Pick your favorite strawberries!

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Weekend Night Market Putu Bambu at Brinchang in Cameron Highlands

Have you ever thought the wonders of the bamboo? Perhaps the list is going to be very long. One of them is used to prepare Putu Bambu! Putu Bambu or Putu Buluh is a Malaysian street food that I discovered for the first time in my life at Brinchang Weekend Night Market in Cameron Highlands. I was so amazed to see how Putu Bambu was made at a stall by the road side.

From my reading, the ingredients of making Putu Bambu is similar to Putu Mayam (that originates from southern India) or Putu Piring but it evolves as Malaysian version of using bamboo instead.

As I probed the local girl that operated the stall and was preparing Putu Bambu, she told me that rice flour, fresh grated coconut and coconut palm sugar were all stuffed into the bamboo tube.
Rice flour, Fresh grated coconut and Coconut palm sugar are stuffed into bamboo tube

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Yangtze Cruise Upstream – Xiling Gorge (Xiling Xia)

Gorgeous landscape stretch before Yichang
Yangtze Three Gorges – That’s the name of the tour we signed up. Obviously, the top highlight includes the world renowned Three Gorges comprise Xiling Gorge (Xiling Xia), Wu Gorge (Wu Xia) and Qutang Gorge (Qutang Xia). There are so much said about these gorges from the scenic natural landscape to history, legends and perhaps myths lying beneath. This is the journey I want to explore and witness with my own eyes. Eventually, it happened in September 2007!
Xiling Gorge begins
Beautiful peaks over the greens
Xiling Xia (Gorge in Mandarin is called ‘Xia’) stretches about 80km upstream slightly after Yichang, is the longest gorge of the Three Gorges of Yangtze. Previously, it was warned as the most dangerous spot due to swift current and dangerous shoals. Nevertheless, today the sailing is much smoother and safer to navigate due to the rise of water level.

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Yangtze Cruise – Yichang and Shiplock of Gezhou Dam

Located by the river bank of Yangtze, Yichang was renowned as ‘Gateway to the Three Gorges’.
Picturesque Yichang
Historically, Yichang was known as Yiling, the famous battle site during the Three Kingdoms era. Today, the city of Yichang with population more than 4 millions is a transit point and a popular distribution center. It is also the home of Tujia minority ethnic.
The icon of Yichang - Tower and the highest point

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Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008 – Queensbay Mall

Experience can’t be bought or sold, it must be felt by the heart ~ Shirley T

Running like a king on Penang Bridge
16 November 2008 – The date that will be remembered by many especially the folks that run across Penang Bridge for the first time in their life, the champions that bagged top prizes and the finisher medalists! These people had definitely attained another notch in their life.

Organized by the Penang State Tourism Development, Cultural, Art and Heritage, this year, the event took place at Queensbay Mall – a newly established shopping mall in Penang.

Penang Bridge International Marathon is a yearly event, started since 1985 when Penangites’ third longest bridge in the world was completed then. Personally, I had registered for the run many times in late 1990s but somehow never turned up. Couldn’t wake up – what an excuse! In year 2000, I was determined to complete the half marathon for the first time and guess luck was at my side to collect a finisher medal at last!

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Yangtze Cruise Excursion at Badong – Boat Trackers and Bamboo Gorge

History becomes legend and legend becomes myth. But things that should not have been forgotten are lost forever ~ Lord of The Rings
Life of Tujia Boat Trackers
Where is the boat tracker in the world?
It is in the Shennong Stream of Three Gorges in China ~ as quoted from above boat ride pass

The life story of boat trackers will soon diminished after the Yangtze water level elevation. Their history may soon be forgotten. But they have indeed contributed much in Yangtze navigation history especially at the shallow spots at the vicinity of Three Great Gorges.  Of Tujia ethnic, the diligent, strong and brave boat trackers are not Han. They are the largest ethnic minority living along Yangtze, known for their artistic talents include singing, dancing, crafting, painting and weaving. Most of them are fishers or mountain farmers and they earn extra income by offering towing service to the boats or ships along Yangtze River. Being poor, they worked nude capitalizing on the gifts from Mother Nature like bamboos and mountain shrubs to make long poles and ropes to pull these boats over shallow rapids. Gone are the days due to the gradual rise of water level, they are now mainly concentrating at Shennong Stream to service the tourists with decent clothing.
Bamboo Gorge Floating Platform

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