How to go (map) to Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant in Melaka?

I heard about ‘Satay Celup’ many years back yet no luck to try until our recent family trip to Melaka. ‘Satay‘ is an authentic Malay food of grilled marinated meats (commonly are chicken or beef) served on bamboo skewers, usually come with spicy peanut sauce for dipping. While ‘Celup’ in Malay language means dip. That’s was the story of ‘Satay’ but ‘Satay Celup’ or also known as Steamboat Satay is slightly different and offers an unforgettable dining experience!
Long queue since early evening
Phew! Finally, we are about to get seated
I learnt that ‘Satay Celup’ was originally innovated by the first generation of Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant operator in Melaka – The Historic City more than 60 years ago. This dish consists of an assorted raw food ranging from chicken, cockles, abalones, mushrooms, vegetables, quail’s eggs, shrimps, bean curds, some fried bean curd/tofu by-products, fried flour dough or locally called ‘yu-char-kuey’, white breads and cubed cucumber. Displayed and served in a refrigerated counter, I guess there are easily more than 50 odds of type to pick from.
Each stick cost 70 cents

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Lettuce Photo Image – Romaine, Red Coral, Green Coral and ButterHead

Being a part-time homemaker, I usually cook heavily only on weekends. Visiting a fresh vegetables market sometimes is quite a hassle as it is crowded on weekends. Thus, it is usually the situation of grab and go. I seldom have the chance to learn more about vegetable’s name. One of the vegetables with the most confusion is lettuce. Seem there are a few types are called lettuce, but which is which? Oh dear!

On my last trip to Cameron Highlands has helped to resolve this as the hydrophonic farming of lettuce describes each of them with a clear label. Hope this will benefit you as well!

Sharing below are the pictures of the lettuces cultivated at Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang. 
Green Coral Lettuce under hydroponic cultivation
Green Coral Lettuce

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Kea Farm Cameron Highlands – Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Strawberry and Souvenirs

One of the most famous markets among tourists in Cameron Highlands is Kea Farm. It is located about 2 km north of Brinchang town, on the way to Tringkap town.
Check out the signboard - 2 km from Brinchang
In fact, Kea Farm is just right beside Cameron Highlands Equatorial Hotel. On weekend, the main road nearby Kea Farm is pretty crowded with long vehicles queues serving as the popular stretch heading to Rose Centre and Sg Palas Tea Plantation or Mossy Forest.
Busy stretch of Kea Farm
Most outstation folks will stop by to get their favorite vegetables, fruits or even flowers stock before heading home. Everybody that is coming out from Kea Farm market will definitely hold at least a packet of stocks, ranging from vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants or even souvenirs.
Kea Farm - Stalls mushrooming, crowded with vehicles and people

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Brinchang Cameron Highlands – Hydroponically Grown Lettuces and Big Red Strawberry Farm

Big Red Strawberry Farm, also known as Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands offers one-stop garden and farm centre to relax and unwind. It is located in Brinchang town, right beside Cactus Valley at the new town of Brinchang. If you are staying in Brinchang, ask the receptionist at your hotel and they can guide you on how to reach there. Alternatively, identify Star Regency Hotel/Apartment and it is only about 500 m from this place.
The path to Big Red Strawberry Farm
Before reaching, there are some stalls by the road sides, selling strawberry, vegetables and fruits. There are also a few smaller scale plants nurseries nearby.
Big Red Strawberry welcomes you!
The shaded farm of Big Red Strawberry provides a comfortable stroll for visitors whether it is rain or shine. 
Tomato Garden

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Revamp Malaysian Education – Unified System for Nation Building

Recently, there were many remarks made on Malaysian education system from politicians to historian as reported in Malaysiakini. Yes, we are still struggling to find our identity! Nevertheless, some said our education was gambled for the benefits of political agenda. I tend see it differently, as part and parcel of the process towards building a single nation.

Fair enough, nobody can change their origin, skin color or outlook. But, we can change our thoughts, the way we think and eventually leads to the way we react.
I guess when I decided to write this article, I am ready to be called as ‘disgraceful’ or ‘kurang ajar’ by my own ethnic when I say ‘I support the abolishment of vernacular schools’. I am a Malaysian with Chinese parentage. I was born and grew up here. In fact, I went to national school since my elementary study (primary school) and I liked to visit my Cikgu’s open house during Hari Raya (‘Cikgu’ means teacher in Malay language or ‘Bahasa Malaysia’). I loved to eat their cookies, ‘satay’, ‘ketupat‘ and of course getting the ‘duit raya’(token sums of money). I still remember, there was once I fell sick in school and my Cikgu sent me home with his own car. He took care of me like his own children. I was then offered a place in a boarding school owing to my flying colors result in national examination. Yes, it was an elite school whereby we had the best group of teachers, five meals a day were served on time in the dining hall, laundry service was fixed and taken good care of. Despite the fact that I belonged to the 10% of non-Bumiputeras there, I got the support and earned the respect from all the people in our community ranging from dedicated teachers, dear friends, lovely seniors/juniors and caring wardens. We were like a one big happy family.

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Brinchang Cameron Highlands – Night Market (Pasar Malam) opposite Police Station

Stalls on both sides - food street
One of the top attractions in Cameron Highlands is Brinchang Night Market or what the local called ‘Pasar Malam’. This night market only operates on the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) but during Malaysian school holidays, it operates every night starting from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm. The Night Market cover relatively a size of at least half a football field, situated opposite Brinchang Police Station by the road side.

This place is really happening! The vehicles on the narrow main road was crawling where we were there. Some of the drivers were slowing down to spot for car park, others could be picking up passengers or loading the stuff purchased. So it’d be better to park beside Brinchang Central Market and walk to ‘Pasar Malam’.

The Night Market entails several sections such as food street, clothing stretch, vegetables/flowers/fruits corners, souvenirs and last but not least the plants as well.

What’s interesting in Night Market? I will let the pictures captured do most of the talking!

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Penang Starwalk 2008 at PISA (Penang International Sports Arena)

Starwalk walking direction
Starwalk is an annual walking competition event organized in Penang by The Star Publication, a local English daily since 31 years ago. Today 14 December is the ‘star’ walkers day for 2008. Usually falls one of the Sundays in December, Starwalk is known as the oldest sporting event organized in Pearl of Orient which is the nick-name of Penang. Some of the Starwalk fans have been participating every year whether it is rain or shine. They are truly such a sport and our real champions!

Back then before millennium, Starwalk route covered the starting point at Esplanade, circulating the roads in George Town and back to Esplanade for finishing point. I still recalled the good old days when we participated, my friend and I still could drop by at a ‘mamak’ stall to get ‘roti canai’ and ‘teh tarik’ for breakfast before continuing our walk to the end.
Starwalkers in 2008

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My Floral Arrangement (Shape of Spiral) Part 10 – Angel for New Beginning

Thinking of arranging a basket of flowers to congratulate someone on the new beginning in their life, which can be a promotion like just being ‘promoted’ to be a wife or a mummy for instance, or could be a job promotion. Or may be for a move to a new house or new place? Then, pick orange color as it is always the color that brightens our hearts and souls, to welcome the new chapter in life.

Design concept
I love this picture taken in Singapore a couple years ago. It was a back lane with a stretch of lovely spiral staircase painted neatly in various eye-catching colors near Bugis MRT station. Looking at it sparked the inspiration of composing the beautiful ‘Angel’.
Lovely spiral staircase
At certain angle of this spiral staircase, it seems going into the sky in the end to heaven!
Staircase to heaven
Thus, I named this floral arrangement ‘Angel’ representing the kind-hearted heavenly being walking up this spiral staircase. Orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm of new beginning. This basket of orange roses is meant to express my congratulatory to a good friend who is also an angel in my life on her career promotion and at the same time saying “I am proud of you!”

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Brinchang Cameron Highlands – Lunch, Food and Restaurants

In Brinchang town, there are more than a handful Chinese restaurants to have lunch. In front of the taxi stand cum car park, among the row of restaurant signboards on a stretch of shop houses are ‘O.K. Tuck’, Fong Lum’ and ‘Wai Yat’ (Only One). On the opposite road, there is KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), ‘Yoo Hoo’ and ‘Silver Star’. Most of the Chinese restaurant are seafood restaurants, I wonder where are they sourcing the fresh seafood from. Guess if I ever open a restaurant in Cameron Highlands , the tagline would go as ‘Every piece is Green and Fresh, And Serve at Best’ ~ Shirley T (TM). Sounds cool, isn’t it! I believe there are huge potential for vegetable lovers especially for the ladies who are keen on keeping fit!
O.K. Tuck Restaurant in Brinchang
Wai Yat (Only One) Restaurant in Brinchang
Fong Lum Restaurant in Brinchang

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Brinchang Cameron Highlands – Hotels, Roads and Town

What a great feeling! We finally arrived in Brinchang, one of most popular townships in Cameron Highlands. Commercial areas of Brinchang town concentrates along the main road and another 2 parallel inner roads. Heavy traffic on the main road is expected especially on the school holiday or weekend.

Coming from Tringkap, the most significant landmark is Star Regency apartment, standing tall by the road side.
Star Regency Hotel Apartment along main road
Hillville Rest House in Brinchang
Slightly opposite, there is police station and fire station next to each other. Then, take a left turn after Hillville Rest House into an inner road and will see a row of four-storey shop houses includes a mini market, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.
Pasaraya Jimat - one and only minimarket in Brinchang

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