My First Photography Contest – The Result

I mentioned some time ago that I joined a photography contest. When I submitted the picture, obviously I was hoping to win but after seeing the pictures from the rest, my expectation slumped a bit.

It happened early this morning, someone just walked to me and yelled ‘Shirley! Your picture won the 3rd prize‘.
‘Really!’ that was the only word came out my my mouth.

When I came to my senses, I think this is what people will refer to as ‘Beginner’s Luck’. Nevertheless, it is encouraging!
The Picture!
And thanks so much to All that had voted for my picture.
3rd Prize - this is what I got


Penang Swatow Lane New World Park – History and A Taste Of Everything

Penang Swatow Lane New World Park or fondly called as ‘Sin Sei Kai’ by the local was once a happening place where Penang folks came by to unwind in the evening. It used to be the ground for two cinemas namely Globe and Lido. Paying about 65 cents to a dollar, one could enjoy the latest movie in a decent cinema. Within same vicinity, there was a sheltered opera hall equipped with wooden benches for elderly folks to enjoy the Chinese opera.  
The memory lane
To quench thirst after an evening walk, get a bowl of ‘ais kacang’ (literally means ‘red bean ice’) opposite the entrance into New World Park. Ice kacang is a famous local dessert; made of shaved ice, red beans, sweet corns, jelly and drizzles of syrup plus evaporated milk over the mountain ice. Simply lovely shared by a dating couple!

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My Floral Arrangement (Asymmetrical Shape) Part 12 – Wild Dreams

Dream BIG as it is free! ~ Shirley T 
After Symphony Of Love design, I was left with Dancing Lady Orchids, Spray Mums (Chrysanthemums) and some Leather Ferns. They were too beautiful to be discarded. My heart asked me to go on with another design.

I always have a dream of putting nice flowers onto this beautiful flower pot that my cousin gave me some years ago. All of all I had, I couldn’t wait to make it a fabulous arrangement!

Design concept
Wild Dreams! Yes, it took me a while to name this arrangement. Inspired by Ikebana concept of art, this creative design does not comply to any symmetrical shape. As wild as the name, this floral arrangement is the evidence of our nature, growing freely without any restrictions. And in dreams, it happens. Wild Dreams!
Sketch of Wild Dream!


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Famous Penang Balik Pulau Asam Laksa and Siam Laksa at Nan Guang Coffee Shop

‘Assam Laksa’ or ‘Asam Laksa’ is a famous local delicacy in Penang. Sometimes, it is also called ‘Penang Laksa’ as it is considered as an indigenous food of Penang. Commonly found at Penang hawker centers or coffee shops but usually not available at restaurants. Of Peranakan origin, Penang Laksa is a combo dish from both Malay and Chinese flavors.
Asam Laksa or Assam Laksa
‘Assam’ or ‘Asam’ is a Malay word for tamarind which is used as stock to prepare the soup for this popular dish. In fact, a bowl of Laksa is served with rice noodles in a thick sour soup of shredded fish, garnished with slices of shallots, cucumbers, pineapples, lettuces, mint leaves, chilies, ginger torch flower bud (‘bunga kantan’) and topped off with sweet shrimp paste (Or ‘Hae Ko’ which literally means prawn paste in Hokkien). The delicious soup is usually prepared with local spices includes galangal (or ‘lengkuas’ in Malay), lemon grass (or ‘serai’ in Malay), minced onions, chilies, polygonum leaves and shrimp paste granules (or ‘belacan’ as called in Malay). These spices are cooked under low fire for at least an hour before adding in the debone mackerels and continue to be simmered for another hour. Finally, the soup is perfected with salt, sugar and sweet shrimp paste.

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Penang Living Heritage – Chew Clan Jetty at Weld Quay

What is more memorable than spending time together visiting a Living Heritage of Penang on Valentine’s Day! The plan of Chew Jetty tour was suggested by My Significant Other only a couple days ago since both of us had yet visited this remarkable historical site of Clan Jetties despite the fact we have been passing by countless times!
Chew Jetty along the main road of Weld Quay
Located along Weld Quay, just a few hundreds meters away from Penang ferry terminal, Clan Jetties are unique Chinese settlements with their homes built on stilts along the wooden pier that extend to the sea or Penang Channel. They have been existence since 19th century whereby the residents of each clan jetty are descendants of Chinese immigrants. Houses here are supported by wood/cemented beams, stand in a row on one or both sides of about a couple meters width wooden walkway. These single-storey houses are usually covered by a triangular shaped zinc roofing and a slightly elevated porch to park bicycles or motorcycles at door front. At some corners, there are a few alleys leading to more houses and ending at a cul-de-sac. They are total of eight clan jetties along Weld Quay namely Chew Jetty, Koay Jetty, Lee Jetty, Lim Jetty, Peng Aun Jetty, Tan Jetty, Yeoh Jetty and Mixed Clans Jetty.
Chew Clan Jetty

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My First Photography Contest – Top 5 Winners

Today is Friday The Thirteenth is also the Friday that I got a big news. My first and only photograph sent for a little contest was selected in ‘The Top 5 Winners‘! Oh dear, I was ecstatic!!! Out of 40 odds submissions, I am so proud to be selected by the experts as The Best Five. The next stage would be going through a poll to rate the most favorite picture. Wish me lots of luck and plenty of votes!

Curious to see the picture?
Theme: Chinese New Year Celebration
The shot of my first photography contest
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Culinary Adventure – Penang Dato Kramat Road Padang Brown Yong Tau Fu

‘Yong Tau Fu’ or sometimes written as ‘Yong Tau Foo’ or ‘Yong Tao Foo’ which literally means ‘stuffed bean curd’ is a popular Chinese dish in Malaysia and Singapore. Of Hakka origin, Yong Tau Fu was first made in 1960s in a restaurant whereby tofu was stuffed with fish or pork paste. Since then, the name Yong Tau Fu is stucked. Serving in a clear broth containing a variety of ‘stuffed’ and add-on food items, Yong Tau Fu is can be taken by itself alone or can be eaten with noodles or rice. Among the popular vegetables being stuffed are shiitake mushrooms, ladies fingers, bitter gourds, eggplants and chillies. Other add-on like lettuce, cuttlefish, crab sticks, fish balls, meat balls can also be requested to be cooked together in the soup. Sometimes, fried tofu products are also available but being served separately on another plate to ensure its crispiness being retained. And when one is about to eat, they will dip into the soup.
Padang Brown Yong Tau Fu dish

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Penang Sg Ara Spicy Sour Noodle Soup (Opposite Police Station) – Menu and Advance Order By Telephone

I was introduced to this shop during a lunch gathering a couple months ago. Since then, I had been coming back to this shop with my friends almost once every fortnightly. Most Penangites love spicy and sour food and if you are thinking of a plain Thai tom yam, this place offers almost a similar taste though not exact. This is their signature dish and it has its own special attraction!
Sg Ara Police Station (Pondok Polis)
The facade of the coffee shop

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Chap Goh Meh: Fifteenth Day of Chinese Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival and Chinese Valentine Day

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is celebrated from 1st until 15th day of the first month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. As Chinese calendar is influenced by the motion of the moon, a bright big full moon usually is evident on the fifteenth day of lunar month.

‘Chap Goh Meh’ is a Hokkien dialect which means ‘Fifteenth Night’ is a significant celebration in Penang whereby majority of Chinese Penangites are Hokkien (Fujian). Over the past years, various activities would be put up to celebrate this auspicious day including sumptous feasting, culture shows, lion dance, dragon dance, lantern lighting and the highlight of the night – tangerines tossing.
Lantern Festival at Kek Lok Si Temple

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Ayer Itam (Desa Bendera) to Penang Hill via Claremont/Viaduct Station – Trekking Map and Elevation

Armed with a GPS that was set to synchronize with a compact camera in term of time parameter, below is some statistics and a chart on how well did we fare in the hike from Desa Bendera to Penang Hill. 

Statistics recorded from GPS:
Highest elevation reached: 729 m
Duration taken: 2.6 hours
Highest speed: 7.5 km per hrOur performance on 11 Jan 2009
In fact, this path is a consistent uphill track.

This is an image matched on Google Earth. Yellow line shows our trekking path while pink line is the funicular railway track.
Google Earth - Yellow line was our trekking path; Pink line is the funicular railway track

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