Kota Kinabalu Sabah | Famous KK Pasar Tamu or Gaya Street Sunday Market

Sabah can really be proud of its Tamu. In Malay language, ‘Tamu’ means open-air market. Traditionally a place where farmers, fishermen and vendors trade their produce, Sabah’s Tamu has certainly evolved to become a favorite hang-out place for locals and tourists.
Malaysia Monument - our starting point!
Sea of people at Tamu
I noticed this in my recent trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK). My Sabahan friend mentioned this before – if you come to KK and stay over the weekend, KK Pasar Tamu or Gaya Street Sunday Market is a place you must not miss.

Strategically located in the heart of KK city center, Gaya Street which is a home for many banks has definitely transformed into a colorful and vibrant place on Sunday.

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Animalia Kingdom | Mammalia | Borneo Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus)

It came to my surprise when I read the sign stating – Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus). In Malay, it is called ‘Babi Berjanggut’. The Bearded Pig which is a mammal also known as Borneo Bearded Pig. It is recognized by the elongated head and the prominent beard on its snout. 
A family of Bearded Pig are sleeping soundly
Belongs to the species of Pig, they are distributed in tropical forest, secondary forest or mangrove of Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Philippines. At present, the habitat loss (owing to mushrooming development) is the main threat to this species.

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White Water Rafting Adventure at Kiulu River of Tamparuli Sabah

Going to Kiulu river rafting was never in our plan. We signed up for Padas river rafting two weeks ahead. However, heavy downpours and flood in Tenom had since get worse. The night before the trip, our tour agent called up and informed on change of plan – to Kiulu River instead! Although disappointed, we accepted it as my better half had never tried white water rafting.
A peep through Kiulu River
At 8:30am, our transport picked us up at our hotel. The journey took about 1 hour 15 minutes heading towards Tuaran, to the north of Kota Kinabalu. From the main road in Tamparuli town, it was another 21km to the inner trunk roads, uphill. Eventually, we arrived at riverside, we were told this is the ending point of the rafting. There, we changed our clothes and then after moved to the starting point, few miles ahead. 
Serene and clear water awaits us

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Zoo Negara | Multi Animal Show – Parrot, Cockatoo and Sea Lions

If you visit Zoo Negara or Malaysia Zoological Park in Hulu Kelang, you must not miss the Multi Animal Show! The Multi Animal Show is performed at Animal Show Amphitheater sandwiched between Children’s World and Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium. Twice daily, Multi Animal Show starts at 11am and 3pm sharp except on Friday, the afternoon show will be at 3:30pm.
Multi Animal Show Amphitheater
It is a half an hour show but these animals are very talented.

Our show began with a parrot called ‘Pearl’ lifting the cover on each character of W.E.L.C.O.M.E. to greet us! Pearl later raised up the mini Malaysian flag.
A parrot welcoming us!

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Malaysia National Zoological Park | Zoo Negara – Fun and Wild with Nature

Fun with Nature! That is what stated on the brochure of Malaysia National Zoological Park or locally known as Zoo Negara. Housing an approximately 4000 animals on a land of 110 acres, Zoo Negara is located at Hulu Kelang, Selangor in Malaysia; only 12 km from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
Main Entrance of Zoo Negara
Have you been there?

If we wish to educate our children on how some animals looks like or behave, no other places can offer the best lesson apart from a visit to zoo. No doubt National Geographic can provide similar message, a zoo visit definitely takes us through this experience differently as it is live! The animals are right in front of us physically, face to face! Needless to say, all of our senses are fully engaged (so please expect some unpleasant smell!) and of course memory is indeed deeper. Birds are chirping, tigers are roaring, zebras are running, kangaroo are jumping! Zoo ultimately provides a chance to witness some distinct characters of these animals that can be totally different from a photograph or what’s on TV show.

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Gateaway to Exotic Manukan Island – Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah

If you are in Kota Kinabalu (KK) town and have half a day’s time to kill, why not consider island hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Islands? Just 5 minutes walking distance from Gaya Street or max 20 minutes if you stay around Kampung Ayer or Sinsuran, head north towards Jalan Haji Saman until you see Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal (next to Customs building). 
Jesselton Point - The Jetty
Ticketing counters at Jesselton Point
As you arrive, get your ticket from the first building on your right. Decide which island you want to go – Gaya, Manukan, Sapi or Mamutik (they have catalogue with pictures of island at the counter). Island hopping with choice of 2 or 3 islands are possible. We paid for single island, Manukan – cost us RM17.00 per person. Do factor in another RM6.00 per person for terminal fee, payable at counter 2. Return time is also flexible – just ask staff at the counter for pick up time and make advance arrangement.

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My Floral Arrangement (Gerbera and Eustoma for House Warming) Part 13 – Home Sweet Home!

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower ~ John Harrigan

A bird is always associated with mind, spirit and freedom. Freedom to live our life to its fullest! Being free also means independence. And a bird nest symbolizes security and a home.

Remember the old phrase ‘the bluebird of happiness?’ A bluebird in dream analysis indicates we are truly and completely content and happy with our life. At the same time, 100% convinced that whatever we are doing is the correct approach. Ditto, a bluebird on its nest symbolizes a happy and contented person at a lovely home; definitely a great complement a basket of flowers! 

In this floral arrangement, it was designed with jubilation in mind. Home Sweet Home! The name given to this floral design. Nothing beats the happy moment of getting our own roof, a shelter from rain or shine and a smile on our face!

Design concept
Going hand in hand with the shape of basket’s handle, red Gerberas are placed on both left and right ends in a combination of the Triangular of Western Style and Twin Style. Both left and right are decorated with Gerberas at various heights like what happen in nature. While the Eustomas land in-between these Gerberas; taking the middle seat in this design.  I picked the red bright Gerbera as primary flower as it connotes purity and innocence; perfect match for the happy theme of this design. Secondary flower is Eustoma Lisanthus or commonly known as Love Rose, Texan Bluebell or Prairie Gentian. I have never tried Eustoma in my previous floral arrangement but there is always first time for everything in life. So, I decided to pick a bunch of bi-colors that came in pink (of bloom) and light yellow (appearing mostly in smaller bud). It is a marriage made in heaven with red Gerbera.

Floral Material
Rattan basket, Red Gerberas, Pink-Light Yellow Eustomas, Gold-dust Dracaena, Yellow Aster. 
From top left (clock-wise): Basket, Bluebird on its nest, Eustoma, Gerbera

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Flowering Tabebuia Rosea or Pink Tecoma – The Penang Sakura

I received a text saying that Penang has its own Sakura! Now blossoming with whole tree full of flowers in color hues of dark pink, light pink and white. Dark pink is very beautiful. Wear a hat and take a picture under the tree just like you are in Japan!
The Penang Sakura Street
Having said that, do not confuse with the famous Sakura or Cherry Blossom in Japan. They are not Cherry Blossom, but just being nick-named as Penang Sakura owing to its pink color that resembled the flowers of Cherry Blossom which also blooming in spring between February and March.
The Rosy Trumpet in white
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Women Centre for Change (WCC): Celebration of International Women Day in Penang

This Saturday, Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) or formerly known as Women’s Crisis Centre is organising International Women’s Day (IWD). With the theme of ‘Right to Choose, Right to Change and Right to Celebrate is aimed at promoting equality and celebrating diversity.
WCC poster
9.00am-12.30pm : Come and cheer for over 25 teams of five and some 30 creative artists participating in The Malaysian Race and The Malaysian ‘T’ shirt design competition. The State Exco for Women, Family and Community Development represented by YB Chong Eng will flag off the Race at 10am.

2.00 – 5.00pm: Bring your family members, friends and neighbours to join in the Film N Funtime afternoon session. Everyone will be given a free goodie bag of information. There will be screening of several Film Fest award winning movies like Best lah Punk, Ayah, kenapa tebang pokok pisang?, The Love of Tan Hong Ming, etc  plus exciting games with fantastic prizes to be won.
Programme of WCC

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Butterworth – Penang Ferry Services: Estimated Departure Time (Daily Schedule) and Rate

Once upon a time, there a boy from a land far away decided to pay a visit to his auntie who lives in Penang Island or Pulau Pinang (in Malay Language, ‘pulau’ means island and ‘pinang’ is an areca nut). Upon arrival at Butterworth ferry terminal, he waited for ‘Pulau Pinang’ ferry to get across to the island.

After several hours passed, he decided to ask a local man, “May I know when will ‘Pulau Pinang’ ferry arrive?”

The man then asked him, “Young boy, where are you going to?”

The boy replied, “I am going to Pulau Pinang, but I have waited for almost a day and I have seen ferries to Pulau Payar, Pulau Kapas, Pulau Undan, Pulau Talang Talang, Pulau Rimau,  Pulau Rawa, Pulau Angsa but not Pulau Pinang!”

The man laughed and said, “My dear boy! All these ferries are heading to Pulau Pinang. Those are just the name of the ferry”
The charming Penang ferry

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