Swine Flu | What You Need To Know

Deadly Swine Flu or Mexican Flu alert made the international headlines on news last week. Today, suspected Swine Flu are reported in 18 countries worldwide with 7 countries of confirmed cases and death toll rises more than 100 in Mexico!

Commonly found in swine and seldom detected in human, Swine Influenza is an influenza A of H1N1 subtype although other subtypes H3N2 and H1N2 had been isolated from swine. In the confirmed death cases reported in Mexico, tests show some died of new strain of swine virus although majority were probably due to same strain. According to CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Atlanta), this flu virus contains DNA from avian, swine and human viruses! Dealing with unknown and probably mutated strain or ‘reassortant’ virus, this is an extreme challenging situation.
Swine cartoon as flu victim

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Penang Sungai Ara | Assam Laksa, Spring Rolls (Popiah), Chicken Wings and Banana Fritters

When we visited our good friends in Bayan Baru last Sunday, he and his wife took us to Sungai Ara to try Assam Laksa under a shady tree. Going there for the first time, they showed us a short cut route, crossing Malay villages and finally reaching Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim at a T-juction whereby on our left is Sek Men Keb Sg Ara (a secondary school).
The no name stall of Assam Laksa
Fit exactly what My Significant Other loves, having meals under tree giving the feeling like going for a picnic I guess. In a hot afternoon, sitting under shady tree obviously is cozy and refreshing.
Assam Laksa always smells good!
As we arrived at the Assam Laksa stall, we noticed they were also selling deep fried spring roll (popiah), deep fried chicken wings and banana fritters. I heard this owner lives at a landed terrace house along the inner road behind the tree. On weekends, her teenage kids would help out to run the business.

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Penang State Museum | History, Heritage and Treasure

All the truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them
~ Galileo Galilei

Once upon a time, Penang or Pulau Pinang was known as ‘Pulau Ka Satu’. ‘Pulau’ is literally translated as ‘island’ whilst ‘Ka Satu’ means ‘only one’ in Malaysian language. Hearsay, the name ‘Ka Satu’ was given by Ragam, a trader that frequented sailing from Linggi to Kedah as this was the only island visible during his sea journey. The name ‘Pulau Ka Satu’ was with the island until 18th century when British came by and it was then named Penang.
Penang State Museum
Recalling my past, I remember a couple of situations whereby the mainland residents like to call Penang as ‘Tanjong’
especially among the elderly folks. This was attributed to a prominent plant growing in abundance at the north-east cape. The spot where Fort Cornwallis stands today is the exact location they were referring to. The plant is locally known as ‘Penaga’ (Mesua aff. assamica) and that cape was called ‘Tanjong Penaga‘. In short, these folks refer to the island as ‘Tanjong’.

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Fashionable Shoes Bargain at Blay Gurney Plaza

Blay Shoes are usually more expensive but they are of exceptional quality. Last few days, they offered great bargain at Gurney Plaza outlet in Penang. Averagely after a substantial discount, a pair of shoes would cost between RM30 to 50 with the lowest price might fall in the range of RM20 to 30. Oh, simply irresistible!

Sharing below two pairs of my grab on last day!

A pair of leather court shoes in dark green.
Dark Green Court Shoes
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My Floral Arrangement (Fruits Basket for A New Born) Part 15 – Cherish

Every soul is to be cherished and every flower is to bloom ~ Alice Walker

Fruits basket is one of the most popular lesson in floral arrangement as it is highly value in our society. Suitable to be presented for most of the occasions, a flower basket with assorted fruits is commonly practised for visiting, house warming, wishing for a speedy recovery as well as demonstrating congratulatory for the arrival of little one.
Front view of Cherish with assorted fruits
Design concept
‘Cherish’ is alive after we decided to visit to a friend who gave birth to a lovely baby girl! I picked the name ‘Cherish’ as it is self explanatory and covers everything I would like to list down and most importantly signifies adoring, appreciating and care deeply for someone.

Gerbera as primary flower which denotes purity and innocence prevails in this design to welcoming a new born. Elegant color of red, usually in Chinese belief symbolizing a happy occasion! Together with Eustoma Lisanthus which means grace and gentility is perfect for the arrival of a little baby girl!

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Flavors of Hong Kong in Penang | Canton-i at Queensbay Mall

With the theme – Truly Hong Kong, Canton-i finally made the first debut in Penang. Located at the North Zone
(next to KFC) on ground floor of Queensbay Mall, it is a popular spot to dine especially on weekends. I guess
most of the patrons must be craving of the Hong Kong noodles and dimsum when they walk into at Canton-i.
The facade of Canton-i Restaurant at QB Mall
Serving the famous Hong Kong delights, we made it to Canton-i last Sunday as my Significant Other insisted
that I have to try their Wanton Noodles (Egg Noodles) that we heard are flying fresh from Hong Kong on
weekly basis.
Interior of Canton-i at QB Mall

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Animalia Kingdom | Mammalia | Brown Bear or Ursus arctos

Brown Bear or scientifically known as Ursus arctos, is relatively a large bear among its species. Excel in sprinting whereby a Brown Bear can run at speeds of 57 km/h for short distances.
Brown Bear at Zoo Negara
Brown Bears are found primarily in Northern Hemisphere especially Northern Alaska, Canada, Russia and  Finland.They tend to attack human especially when their cubs are being threaten or in danger.

Bearing about 90 odds sub-species, Brown Bear may look slightly different based on different geographical regions. Among the famous sub-species or hybrids are Grizzly Bear (I once caught a glimpse of Black Grizzly at dusk during a weekend trip to Yellowstone, WY!) found in Yellowstone National Park, Gobi Bear in Mongolia and Kodiak Bear in Alaska.
Inspiring view of Yellowstone National Park
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Bayan Baru near Queensbay Mall | OXO Cafelab | Fusion Cuisine

Called as Cafelab, does it mean this is the place where we dine and perform experiment simultaneously? This is what my Significant Other asked when I took him there to meet up with some friends two weekends ago. As he stared at me with a strange look, I started to imagine beakers, measuring cylinders and chemicals in fume cupboard! Of course not!
Cafelab Restaurant near Queensbay Mall Penang
Located at the opposite end and the behind block of HSBC Bank (next to Queensbay Mall), OXO Cafelab is offering  opening promotion at 15% discount. Breakfast set starts from RM3.90, set lunch from RM9.90 and set dinner is from RM13.90. Besides the sets, they also provide a-la-carte choices on a few pages menu.
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Animalia Kingdom | Mammalia | Malayan Sun Bear – Honey Bear – Helarctos malayanus

Malayan Sun Bear is the bear that loves honey! So it is also called Honey Bear (but this is not Pooh Bear though!). The smallest in term of size among all bear species, Sun Bear is known scientifically as Helarctos malayanus (binomial name).
A pair of restless Sun Bears
The standing Sun Bear can reach about 1.2m height and the male grows larger than the female. Its body fur is black or dark brown and the most significant attribute to recognize Sun Bear is to look for an orange – yellow patch of horseshoe shape on its chest which is resembling a rising sun, giving it the name Sun Bear. Similar colored fur is also visible near its eyes and muzzle.
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Penang Bayan Bay (Telok Bayan) | Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry is a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore. A mixed of Chinese Peranakan and Indian origin, the dish is prepared from a fish head, relatively like a size of an adult’s palm in half-stewed with thick sweet-sour curry gravy. Serving together with fish head is some vegetables – tomato, lady finger, fresh mint leaves and plenty of shallots. Some of the hawker centers in Penang also offers Fish Head Curry which can be dined with plain or white rice.
Aromatic Fish Head Curry
Although we have been patronizing Bayan Bay (Telok Bayan) Hawker Center in Bayan Baru every now and then, last Sunday was our first time to try their Curry Fish Head. According to our friend, this stall is among one of the good ones within Bayan Baru vicinity.
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