Korea Break Out Dance | Prison Breakers On Center Stage

I was ecstatic when I learned that Korean break dancers were coming to town! From little information I gathered about them, I was confidence that I would be enjoying this hilarious, comical and dynamic story and dances starring five prison breakers!
Five prison breakers - Courtesy of Break Out
Some interesting facts about break dancing. It started in 1970s near New York City on the streets and popular among youth, break dance evolved from hip-hop movement which incorporated with electro or hip-hop music. Usually the dancing style requires powerful and extremely flexible move with strong physical body, at times combined with freezing and graceful dancing technique.
From top left clock-wise: Iconic tunnel escape, Team work, Break Out ticket
Making the first debut in Penang (Malaysia), we went for the first premier show at Dewan  Pinang in George Town to watch an internationally-acclaimed extreme dance – BREAK OUT!!! Also in the house with us on the same night was Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng.
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Penang Heritage Trail – Fort Cornwallis at Esplanade

As one of the most famous historical landmarks in Penang, Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia today. Situated at the northeast coastline of Penang Island in George Town, it was named after Governor-General in Bengal, Charles Cornwallis (1738 – 1805).
The entrance into historic Fort Cornwallis
Standing Directory
If you take a stroll along Esplanade, you can hardly miss out this significant icon as it occupies an area of 332,859 square feet of a star-like shape. The fort’s wall is approximately 10m in height. A relax walk along the perimeter itself easily take you more than 10 minutes.
Canons in a row at Fort Cornwallis
The first structure of Fort Cornwallis from palm trunks (or ‘nibong’ in Malaysian Language) stockade was constructed in August 1786, the same year after Captain Francis Light managed to lease Penang Island from Sultan of Kedah. Fort Cornwallis only covered an area of 417.6 square feet then. This location was exactly the spot where Francis Light disembarked from his ship in 1768.

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Chinese Cultural Celebration of Summer Solstice | Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival

It is the time of the year again that we are celebrating ‘Dragon Boat Festival’. Fall on 5th day of the fifth month in Lunar calendar every year, 28 May 2009 is the real celebration day for this year! Some of us may recognize this festival when local folks started selling and eating rice dumplings or ‘zongzi’. Obviously, this event is a true association with ‘Dragon Boat’ Festival but what is more that most of us may not know?
Keep rowing!
The dragon boat race at Teluk Bahang Dam, Penang

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Penang Heritage Trail – Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

A famous icon of George Town Penang, Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is recognizable from afar as it stands at 60 feet tall at King Edward Place (Pesara King Edward) next to Penang Port Commission.
The rising sun is peeping!
Built in 1897 by a Penang Chinese tycoon – Cheah Chen Eok to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign, he spent 35,000 Straits dollars to complete this clock tower in 1902. Sadly, Queen Victoria passed on by 22 January 1901 before the completion of this remarkable tower.
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Penang Heritage Trail – The Battle of Penang | War Memorial (Cenotaph)

Located by the sea at Jalan Padand Kota Lama or Esplanade in George Town, Penang War Memorial is a monument erected to commemorate the brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves in The Battle of Penang during World War I.
Penang War Memorial - it is now gated!
Even our forefathers might not recall this event vividly as it occurred too short, just in a day!

Malaya as it was called then was not affected much by the Great War but Penang as part of British Straits Settlement and a strategic harbor was occupied and heavily used by Allied naval and merchant vessels.

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Butterworth Raja Uda | Fat Mum Seafood House

Fat Mum was the first mentioned by my mom’s friend when we called her to ask for any good restaurant to recommend in Butterworth. After getting a simple description on how to get there, 6 of us jumped into 2 cars heading to Raja Uda Road.
Facade of Fat Mum Seafood House
If you are coming from Permatang Pauh Road, drive along Raja Uda Road until you see Petronas gas station. Take the left turn at Petronas gas station and Fat Mum Restuarant is just 100 m away from this junction on your left. Fat Mum is on ground floor tucked in-between the three-storey shop block. According to the lady owner, they have been operating since two years ago.

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How to Eat and Choose Sweet Juicy Purple Mangosteen?

Purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) or sometimes written as mangosteen is like a marriage made in heaven with durian. As and when you can ‘see’ and smell durian, mangosteen will be also be around, bearing the fruits in the same season. Some folks in South East Asia called the purple mangosteen as Queen of Fruits since durian is well-known as King of Fruits!
A kilogram of mangosteen for RM6
Of a size roughly like a billiard ball or slightly smaller than a tennis ball, mangosteen skin appears in dark purple color and the fruits beyond this hard shell similar to garlic cloves are of white in color.
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Balik Pulau Lookout | Anjung Indah | Scenic View, Local Farm Fruits and Eateries

It is the fruits season of the year again! If you are heading to Balik Pulau, try out the scenic route (P14) via Relau – Paya Terubong junction. No doubt the road is slightly tougher to drive due to incremental gradient, winding and hugging the cliffs at some parts, it is a rewarding drive with the natural greens welcoming you on both sides of the road. Now, the road condition has improved as overtaking is allowed at some stretch of this double lines road.
Scenic drive along Tun Sardon Road (P14)
Apart from the scenic drive, there is a scenic lookout along the route. ‘Anjung Indah‘ which literally means ‘Scenic Courtyard‘ is the name given to this spot although the signage is placed a bit secluded. We found it by accident after exploring the area behind the fruits stall on the way for nature call.
The name of Balik Pulau Lookout - Anjung Indah
Located about 3 km from the Paya Terubong Road (P11) junction, the Balik Pulau Lookout Area or ‘Scenic Courtyard’ is not merely a spot for dating couples to enjoy the bird-eye view of Penang island anymore. It has been repackaged with new outlook. More than a couple of eateries are selling some local delicacies and also occupied by a handful of fruits stalls. In fact, Balik Pulau Lookout area is attracting bigger crowd now!

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Tanjung Piandang | Fish Village Seafood Restaurant

Tanjung Piandang or in short Tg Piandang is a small fishing town along the coastline of Perak. Constituting of fishing community, Tg Piandang obviously provides ample opportunity to taste the seafood fresh from the sea!

Considering this advantage, we decide to opt for our dinner here when we passed by Tg Piandang in the evening after our day trip to Kuala Gula. This town is on way heading back to Penang.
The facade of Fish Village Seafood
Without much clue, we picked the first decent restaurant that we fancied. The corner restaurant of our choice is Fish Village Seafood Restaurant, right at the junction where Jalan Piandang 10 meets the main road.

Since there were five of us, each of us picked one dish and by 7:15pm, all the dishes were ready for us. First to reach our dining table was stir-fried fish with ginger and leeks. We requested for this cooking style on purpose as it is a bit different compares to the commonly available fish preparation like steaming, deep-fried or stewing in curry gravy.

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Kuala Gula Hua Seng Keng Temple | A visit to Hell and Heaven?

Have you been to Heaven and Hell? Curious of how they look like? Ever thought of paying a visit to Heaven and Hell at least once?

Born with curiosity as an innocent human, all of us always wonder how these places appear like. We were at Hua Seng Keng Temple not too long ago and had a chance to experience these ‘special’ places.
Hua Seng Keng Temple (from left-clockwise): Kuan Yin Statue, Opera Stage and Entrance
Located in the midst of Gula Oil Palm Estate, Hua Seng Keng was coincidentally celebrating some special occasion as we saw opera hall was put-up right at the entrance into this temple. Plenty of cars occupied the internal parking area. Buses  with loads of people were parked outside. Some temporary eatery stalls were set-up in the temple compound to welcome its devotees or visitors.
A pair of milk storks above the root
Hua Seng Keng Temple is a Chinese temple with Taoist influence judging from the statues, design and its architecture. As we entered, there is a beautifully decorated Chinese arch with a pair of milky storks and some neon.
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