Tips to Get the Right Running Shoes

Lately I have been running pretty religiously. In fact, I make a point to run at least 30 minutes everyday from Monday to Friday. Having said that, very little I knew about running shoes. On and off, my Significant Other will give me some lecture on how to protect our feet/legs and preventing from injuries by investing in a pair of good running shoes. Somehow, this advice just vanished in the air (since I had a relatively good pair) until recently, I found that the soles (of both sides) were actually stripped off (due to wear/tear or unreliable quality – I am not too sure!).
Running or Jogging - good shoes make a difference
Our running mate suggested we tried Asics and this brand is also highly recommended when I was surfing online. Appearance or fashion is one thing but most importantly we have to take great care of our feet.

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Luggage or Traveling Baggage | Repair Service in Penang

Every time when one is about to travel, then the luggage or traveling baggage in the store room will have a chance to see the light again! Somehow after a few inspections, you or I may find, there is something wrong with the luggage carrier. At times, we were in hurry at the airport without releasing the roller was broken or the handle was damaged until we reached home. Otherwise, we could file a report at the respective airlines counter to claim for baggage compensation due to improper handling (for check-in luggage).
Our new luggage!
Nevertheless, if you are thinking of getting a brand new luggage bag, spare the thought of burning a hole in your pocket. Always consider how to reuse and recycle the existing carriers we have had to reduce our carbon print.

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Penang Seafood | Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood (Hao Yu)

One of the luxuries of residing on the isle of Penang is opportunity to enjoy the fresh and affordable seafood mainly crustaceans, molluscs and fish. Teluk Kumbar, Batu Maung and Teluk Bahang are among the most popular spots for Penangites to enjoy sumptuous seafood dinner. Last Saturday, we decided to dine by a sandy beach at the south of Penang – Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood. In Mandarin, it is popularly known as ‘Hao Yu’ (好友) which literally translated as ‘Good Friend’.
Beaches of South Penang
Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood
It has been quite some time since we last been there but the restaurant and its set-up still looks the same. The satay corner is busy as usual, grilling, smoky and still stands strong next to it.
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Kunming Top Attraction | Jiuxiang Cave | Diehong Bridge Scenic Area – Part 2

If you have not read about Diehong Bridge Scenic Area – Part 1, it is time to catch up here! As you read on, I would walk you through the rest of highlights of JiuXiang Cave in Kunming – another top attraction that you would regret if leave behind in your Yunnan trip itinerary!
These tall stalagmites greet us at the Goddess Palace
The Goddess Cave or Palace is said to be the home of immortals and its original name is ‘Immortals Cave‘.
Designated walkway to assist our journey
Inside the cave are plenty of well-developed and wonderful stalactites and stalagmites, which look like pretty fairies welcoming guests. Various names are given to them such as ‘Fairies Welcoming Guests’, ‘Woman Weaver’, and ‘The Fairy is coming out of bathing’. To me, this is the most amazing stalactites and stalagmites I have ever seen!
Incredible stalagmites and stalactites can be found inside Jiuxiang - this cave is still growing!
A wonderful fairy land!
Descending to Twin Waterfalls
Water, Cave and Flora at its BEST!
After that, we continued our journey to The Twin Waterfalls. Both waterfalls are about 30 m high and they meet in a deep pool of more than 10 m depth.
Strong water current flowing down to the Twin Waterfalls
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Kunming Top Attraction | Jiuxiang Cave | Diehong Bridge Scenic Area – Part 1

On our second day in Kunming, we traveled 90km to the east. The highlight of today is none other than the Jiuxiang Cave.

What is the meaning of ‘Jiuxiang‘? There are two versions to its name. When pronounced in Mandarin, it could sound like ‘Nine Villages‘ or ‘Fragrance Wine‘ (whereby the local minority likes to drink rice wine).

Jiuxiang has over 100 caves in total, making it the biggest cave clusters in China. These cave clusters are listed as one of China’s national-level key scenic areas.
Guide Map of Juixiang Diehong Bridge Scenic Area
I was really excited because we have heard about the beauty of Jiuxiang and can’t wait to explore it. Our guide told us we would need to spend at least 3 hours as the whole place is actually very huge. However we would only be visiting Jiuxiang Diehong Bridge Scenic Site. There are four other sites, but these are yet to be developed, hence it is not open to public (as of May 2009).

The Diehongqiao (Overlapping Bridge) scenic spot is about 3.8 km long, so today our leg would be put on test again! Our plan was to cover following 10 major scenes below:
The Yincui Gorge, The Soul-Stirring Gorge, The Ancient River meandering through the cave, The Lion Hall, The Goddess Palace, The Twin Waterfalls, The Fairy’s Paddy Fields (Magic Fields), The Bat Cave, The Up-Side-Down Underground Stone Forest before descending via the Tourist Cableway. It is an open air chair lift that put me on adrenaline rush!
The sight-seeing elevator and boat pier
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Penang Heritage Trail – Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng)

The Goddess of Mercy Temple in Penang George Town or fondly known locally as ‘Kuan Yin Teng’ in Hokkien dialect. Being the one of the oldest Chinese temples in Penang, it was built in 1728 by Chinese settlers boasting Hokkien and Cantonese architecture.
The facade - Goddess of Mercy Temple
Located at the juncture where China Street meets Jalan Kapitan Keling (formerly known as Pitt Street), The Goddess of Mercy Temple is always incredibly active throughout the opening hours from as early as 6 am and as late as 8 pm.
Burning giant joss-sticks
If you pick any Chinese (or even some other ethics) Penangites, I bet more than 9 out of 10 will know where about the ‘Kuan Yin Teng’ (unless one does not catch your pronunciation!). For Taoist devotees, The Goddess of Mercy Temple is the place of worship where they seek good fortune, good health, good academic result, good marriage and everything that one can thought of in their prayers. In fact, this is also the place where the devotees are looking for salvation. In Malaysia, Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin (Guan Yin in Mandarin) is often depicted as female and according to Mahayana doctrine, she is a bodhisattva. She has vowed to listen to the prayers of all sentient beings in times of difficulty and postpone her own Buddhahood (enlightenment) until she has assisted every being on Earth in attaining Nirvana.
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Penang Heritage Trail – Historic Kapitan Keling Mosque

Kapitan Keling Mosque at Jalan Kapitan Keling is the oldest historic mosque in Penang. Founded by an Indian Muslim’s headman Caudeer Mohudeen (though some refer as Cauder Mydin Merican instead) in 19th century, hence the mosque was named after him. The land of 18-acres was approved in November 1801 by British East India Company and construction began immediately to prepare a worship place for Muslims when Indian Muslims community surged back then in Penang.
Behind is the lovely blue sky!
The original Kapitan Keling Mosque was a single storey building of triangle sloping roof. After the deceased of Cauder Mohudeen in 1834, the land ceased to be recognized as the original grant. Hence public roads and houses were built surrounding it and the mosque size was gradually reduced to only 8-acres in 1903.
Minaret and tourist information center at ground level

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Penang Heritage Trail – Cheah Clan House (Kongsi) | Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong

Being the first of great five Hokkien clan association in Penang, Cheah association was founded in 1820 by Cheah Yam. Cheah or Xie (谢) is one of the popular Chinese surname among Penangites and their history had started as early as 19th century.
A tiny entrance leading into Cheah Kongsi vicinity
The Cheahs were originated from Sek Tong village of South China and hence a clan house was built and named after Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong or fondly known as Cheah Kongsi. Completed in 1873, it was established to take care of the Cheahs’ welfare in Penang.
A pair of classical lanterns to welcome you!
Located at No 8, Armenien Street in the hustle and bustle of George Town, Cheah Kongsi’s entrance is less than 100 m away from Khoo Kongsi of the Armenian Street entrance. We had passed by the entrance several times without realizing it is Cheah Kongsi. If you are coming from Beach Street towards Cannon Street, put some attention on your right as soon as you are on Armenian Street. Look for red color pillars hanged with a pair of traditional lanterns and ornamented dragons on roof-top. It is Cheah Kongsi!
Facade of Cheah Kongsi
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Penang Times Square | The White House Restaurant | Nyonya and Oriental Cuisine

Weather has been extremely hot in Penang recently. So to escape into a cozy place, we picked Penang Times Square for lunch after our shooting trip in George Town last weekend. Firstly, this place has been heavily publicized as a hot spot for food galore.  
Facade of White House - fresh air
Coming from KOMTAR, we noticed there are huge posters hugging the side wall of Birch House, there seems plenty of choices to pick from. However, some of these outlets we had tried before so we decided to bang on something new that day. The White House was what we picked. One does not have to travel to USA to visit White House. It is now coming to you as White House  Restaurant – that was where we dated for lunch on our first visit to Penang Times Square!
Facade of White House - in shopping mall
The left corner of White Coffee’s facade is occupied with appealing shots of the food served. Hot and spicy Nyonya curry with prawns and ‘Perut Ikan’ are among that extreme temptation. I guess this trick work to attract more patrons like me whom went there when they were starving!
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Kunming Top Attraction | Green Lake Park (Cuihu)

If London has its Hyde Park, Sydney has its Royal Botanic Garden, then Kunming has its Cuihu (The Green Lake Park).
Waiting for passengers
The road leading to Cuihu, although not as grand as The West Lake in Hangzhou, has its own character. There are a number of tea houses, exotic F&B outlets, shops and a few upscale hotels (Malaysia’s Shangri-la hotel used to be here, but it has been sold off). This place has among the highest priced property in the entire Kunming.
Pavillions and Bridges
We stopped near Cuihu’s west entrance, exactly opposite the Military University.
The Military Academy (now University) opposite the Cuihu park
If you ask any Kunmingites to rate ‘top place to be for leisure and recreation’, I bet 9 out of 10 will tell you it’s Cuihu. Yes, Cuihu definitely lives up to the name of an urban park. It is where the locals come for taici, line dancing, meet up and share their story (or latest gossips!). Some may just laze around or simply watch the ducks swim by, enjoying the greenish serene water amidst the gentle willow trees.
Gentle willow trees can be spotted everywhere around Cuihu
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