Cantonese Cuisine | Poon Choi or Big Bowl Feast

Talking about Penang and food, there is always a positive correlation or should I say Penang = Food! But talking about Cantonese cuisine, this is what Penang is likely to be a little bit behind. Not far though!

Having said that, I am excited to share a Cantonese dish that I discovered last week. I don’t even how to pronounce this dish when I first heard about it. All I knew, it is going to be a very luxurious dish including the top of the lines seafood items like sea cucumbers, prawns, abalone, shark fin, fish maw, crab besides dried mushroom, bean curd, Chinese radish so on and so forth. Sound awesome for a seafood lover like me!
Wow..what's interesting?
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Penang Heritage Trail – Pinang Peranakan Museum (Hai Kee Chan)

Pinang Peranakan Mansion
Remember that I did a review on Little Nyonya – the Singapore blockbuster drama serial starring Jeanette Aw as an entrepreneur Nyonya not too long ago? If you are a fan of Little Nyonya (like me!), take a visit to Pinang Peranakan Mansion! Stepping in this place and get the feel like the crews. As I arrived at the entrance, the pale green facade seems familiar. Yes, many scenes in Little Nyonya were made here as Chen’s family house.
Iron gate and balcony with pale green facade
At the gate of this historic mansion, there are a pair of metal crowns to welcome us. The crowns signify the glory of British era in Penang. I was impressed with the grand balcony of a Straits eclectic design. The pillars resembled a European influence whereas the gold colored floral designed iron arts of the balcony looks similar to Malays crafting. This rich Baba home has faithfully stood here since late 19th century and managed through many hands!

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Decision Making | How to determine good or bad?

DecisionDecision. Decision. Decision. We made it everyday whether we are consciously making it or otherwise. We put our thoughts and weigh the pros and cons. Justification may come in for every action we are going to take. Ever thought of the consequences?

We could be making countless decisions without realizing it. In simple cases like deciding which route to drive home or what to put on dinner table tonight.

Life without making decision is impossible. I recalled my former boss saying ‘There is no good decision or bad decision. But is it the right decision at this point of time?‘. The most crucial aspect is to anticipate the impact in the sense of benefit or ‘aftermath’! In IT term, the ‘If Then Else‘ statement! There seems some truth in it unless a decision is made based on emotions like annoyance, jealousy or hatred.

At times, we could be cornered to agree upon something. I think the best way is just leave the conversation hanging so that it can delay the decision making process. Instead of upsetting the opponent and uttering something you would be regretting later, I’d rather take a step backwards. As we disarm, the battle is obviously less interesting at the opponent end and the person may just cool down. Some decision is not urgent but important hence do spare some effort to do some homework before harping on it.

One man’s meat could be another man’s poison. I made a choice yesterday. Perhaps this choice is going to upset a bunch of my old friends (I am sorry if I disappoint you!) but this action is something I will not regret later. Certain things in life are beyond our control. We can plan for the best and at the same time, need to prepare for the worst. Nobody likes to intentionally upset their loved ones. So do you and me.
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Korean Cuisine in Bayan Baru Penang | DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

I have never expected Korea BBQ is a popular internationally known cooking until my SO brought me to a newly established Korean restaurant in Penang. DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant – the restaurant he picked for my birthday this year.
The facade - DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant
If you are familiar with Bayan Baru area in Penang, you would never miss the façade of Daorae Korean BBQ. It is clearly visible from Bayan Baru roundabout right at Bayan Point. To be exact, Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is sandwiched between Hong Leong Bank and StarEast Photo Studio. 
Tatami style of dining
Arriving earlier gave us the advantage for us to pick our seat. We opted for first floor, to be seated of tatami-setting.

Very little I know about Korea cuisine and perhaps our previous experience with Korean restaurant was not up to our expectation. Since then, we had never tried until last Monday.

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Penang Heritage Trail – Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple at Armenian Street

We discovered this temple by chance. As we strolled along Armenian Street, I was attracted by a stone tablet erected outside a traditionally decorated entrance. This is the main entrance leading to Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple which is a community temple devoted to the worship of Twa Peh Kong or sometimes written as ‘Tua Pek Kong‘ (God of Prosperity and Morality).
A stone tablet detailing about Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple
In the 19th century, it served as the headquarter of Kean Teik Tong or popularly known as Twa Peh Kong Kongsi which was founded in 1844 and built in 1850s. In 1890, the Chinese Traders Society legally took over the ownership of the temple property.
The corner of a shop houses
Historically, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple can be traced back to early 19th century. Khoo Teeau Pang was the founder of Kean Teik Tong. He was granted with a land of 14,865 sq. ft. of Lot 10 (1) (now known as Lot 446), section 21 in 1850 and it was believed that the temple building and 9 shop houses could have been built between 1850 and 1867. Kean Teik Tong was one of the parties involved in Penang Riots (1867) against Ghee Hin Secret Society.
The facade of Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple
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IMagic Minialbum | Hassle Free Photo Magazine

Have you ever thought of putting all your holiday or wedding photographs in an album? The conventional way of doing this may start from picking the digital photos and send them to be printed. After getting these pictures, the most painful experience is getting how many album, what is the size, counting the pages of album versus pictures printed, then organize them in an album including layout and decoration. Mmm..sounds pretty time consuming and very tiring.
The largest and longest mall in Penang
No worry, there is a solution to thisnow! IMagic works and can keep you away from the headache by getting all the selected photographs to be printed of magazine page quality. I found out about this when I was on my way to GSC theater at Level 3 Queensbay Mall in Penang. Cool stuff, isn’t it? I just can’t wait to share! But I have yet tried.
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Penang Pulau Tikus | New Cathay Coffee Shop | Home Style Banana Pancake

Penang is a food haven. Practically, you may get almost everything you wish to eat here including some of the specialty that probably never thought of getting commercial and available at the local stalls or ‘kopitiam’ (a local slang for coffee shop).
The facade of New Cathay
When I first visited New Cathay Coffee Shop, I was tempted to order for Banana Pancake but the queue was very
long and I gave in, reason being this spot is a popular on weekends. On one of week day, I was lucky to be nearby and ordered for a try.
Banana Pancake
Operated by a young gentleman, this Banana Pancake is like a home cooked pancake. Prepared by frying on a flat pan, the banana pancake is made of flour batter, butter, eggs, raisin and of course the banana slices. Before serving, it is sprinkled with some white sesame seeds.

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Postcard and Birthday Card | When was the last you receive?

Nowadays our mail box is mainly serving the banks and utilities providers so that they could send us bills and more bills chasing for payment. Pathetic! What else should I expect? Oh yeah..another frequent visitor is the promotional materials or advertisement. Oh boy! It is definitely not effective on me as I have minimal trust over the content. Please waste no more paper and cut less tree!

Enough of grumbling, let’s move to something excited. Somehow today after returning from work, I decided to check my mail box. This is not my usual routine but instead of pressing the lift moving to my floor, I pressed ground leading me to open my mail box. To my surprise, I received two, let me repeat, two pieces of personal mails.

One is a postcard from a dearest friend who is now on working assignment in China. I know you would be reading this note. It is very thoughtful of you! Hey…it has been ages since I last received a postcard from someone (no thanks to the birth of email!).
A postcard - Central Business District (CBD)
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Yunnan Kunming Famous Delicacy | Across The Bridge Rice Noodles (Guo Qiao Mi Xian)

Yunnan’s best-known dish is ‘Across the Bridge Rice Noodles’ or pronounced in Mandarin as ‘Guo-Qiao Mi-Xian’. Almost every established restaurant in Kunming serves this delicacy. Breakfast, lunch or even dinner, this noodles seems like a perfect dish.

Ingredients? This famous noodle is made of pre-cooked plain rice noodles (this noodles are similar to Malaysia’s Asam Laksa noodles), very thin slices of chicken, pork or fish and raw vegetables.
Pre-cooked rice noodles and a bowl of very hot soup
We opted for simple side dishes
There goes our supper - Across the Bridge Noodles
Each diner is given one owns bowl of a very hot soup. One is supposed to quickly place all the ingredients into the hot soup Which has been stewed earlier with chicken or spare ribs. There is a thin layer of oil floating on top, works to maintain the warmness of the soup. Simple yet delicious!
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Penang Pulau Tikus | New Cathay Coffee Shop | Delicious Curry Mee (Curry Noodle)

New Cathay Coffee Shop was first recommended by a friend for breakfast for its Curry Mee (Curry Noodle). If you are there on weekend for breakfast, the business is practically non-stop. A quick glance on most tables, more than half would at least have a bowl of Curry Mee.
The facade of New Cathay
Located on the opposite road of Pulau Tikus Belisa Row, New Cathay Coffee Shop facade is almost facing a church next to Convent Pulau Tikus Girls School.

Penang Curry Mee or Curry Noodle is one of the famous local delights. The dish is made up of yellow noodle (mee) and/or rice stick noodle (bee hoon) in a orange/red spicy curry broth prepared with coconut milk. A selection of topping like dried tofu, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken, long bean, bean sprouts and mint leaves would usually come along. However, this may vary from stall to stall. The special or secret recipe of how good each of these Penang Curry Mee lies in the special chilli or ‘sambal’ which I believe were blended with numerous spices, dried prawn and shrimp paste (belacan). You may include the volume based on your personal preference or can be omitted by choice as well.

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