KL Shogun and Saisaki Restaurant | Japanese Buffet Promotion

I learned about the Japanese Buffet promotion from a local daily. The ads stated aloud ‘Promotion Offer 35% discount lunch (Monday to Friday only) and 30% discount for Dinner Monday to Thursday only)‘ at Saisaki and Shogun. Wow! For KL folks, these places are ranked among the most reasonable restaurants to enjoy Japanese dining on top of some western, oriental and fusion cuisine. The promotion offer starts from 1 August 2009 until further notice and not valid on public holiday.
The facade of Shogun at One Utama branch
Born as food hunters, we hurried to Shogun at One Utama last Monday while promotion last. I thought we were early to arrive at 11:45am but to our surprise, some folks had been waiting outside Shogun Restaurant for lunch which would start at 12pm. In fact as soon as it opened, almost all the corners were fully occupied. We did not have to luxurious to pick our seat instead being ushered to a tiny table of two pax only.
Fresh oyster and Edamame made me drooling!
If you love Sashimi and Sushi, Shogun is the like a heaven for you. They have a huge counter serving an assortment of Shasimi/Sushi ranging from oyster, jelly fish, octopus, cod fish, salmon to Abalone Sushi. Besides, there are plenty of soups to pick from including Miso, Shark fin, Chinese Herbal, Tomyam and Nyonya-style sour soup.
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Kuala Lumpur Jalan Ampang | Po Ling Chinese Temple

While I was strolling along Jalan Ampang in the bustling cosmopolitan of Kuala Lumpur, I passed by a relatively huge Chinese temple. Located almost next to Wisma MCA, Po Ling Temple is just a stone throw from KLCC Petronas TwinTowers.
Laughing Buddha right at the entrance to welcome you!
After sneaking in and paying respect, I found out it is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple. The Laughing Buddha (or Maitreya Bodhisattva) in sitting posture is placed right at its entrance with a smiling face to welcome you. As I walked in, the devotees were praying to Goddness of Mercy (Guan Yin).
The facade of temple. Anybody can translate this?
The exterior building looks relatively new and well-kept owing some restoration or renovation work. I believe Po Ling Temple must has been there for quite a long time ago otherwise there is a slim chance to occupy such a strategic spot in KL Golden Triangle – one of the highest demanded area. I was browsing to check out the history about this temple but there is not much information available.
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Ampang Ruz Aladdin Restaurant | Johor Briyani Gam

Last Sunday when I told my sis that we were invited to try Nasi Briyani at Ruz Aladdin in Ampang (Kuala Lumpur), she was teasing us “Are you going to eat Nasi Berani to become braver?”. All of us burst into laughter! In Malaysian language, ‘Nasi’ means ‘rice’ whilst ‘Berani’ can be translated as ‘brave’ or ‘bold’ which has a similar pronunciation as ‘Briyani’.
Facade of Ruz Aladdin
Interior of Ruz Aladdin - Johor Briyani Gam
Nasi Briyani or Beriani or Biryani is a common foodie term for most Malaysians but little I know about its origin no doubt the good ones are fabulous. Initially I thought Briyani was Malaysian’s native food but in fact it was originated from Middle East (Arab States) and made popular in India and Pakistan by Muslim travelers and merchants.
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Home Kitchen Recipe | Banana and Walnuts Muffins

Last Sunday my kitchen was in mess again! Without much thoughts on how to start, I surfed the internet and found a banana muffin recipe that is rather simple to bake. I do not fancy the buttery taste in some of the muffins sold commercially, so this recipe is just perfect for me and my family.
Banana & Walnuts Muffins
Features and Functions: Banana contains high potassium and sodium which help to prevent hypertension. Bananas also have some antacid effect, protecting from peptic ulcers. Its pectin content can ease constipation. Also rich with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin B6. Generally, banana has almost everything (carbohydrate, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) that a decent meal could provide.

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Penang Longest Promenade | A Seafront Urban Park

Spectacular sunrise!
Completed about a year ago (mid 2008), Jelutong Promenade at Nautilus Bay is running almost parallel to Lebuh Sungai Pinang 4 next to Jelutong Expressway and claimed to be Penang’s longest landscaped urban park. Featuring 10-meter wide walkway and a stretch of 3.6 km long by seafront, Jelutong Promenade was built from reclaimed land and provides an alternative for Penang folks to stroll in the evening or jog in the morning while enjoying the beautiful sights of Penang Bridge, Butterworth port and the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia.
My best zoom of Penang Bridge
Nothing blocks the view of Penang Bridge
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Penang Gurney Plaza | Winter Warmers Tea and Coffee House

If you ever wonder where in Penang you could get a classic English afternoon tea, think of Winter Warmers Tea & Coffee House. Located at ground floor in the foodie zone between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza, it stands exactly opposite Breeks and next to Starbucks Coffee.
Winter Warmers is tucked away in the foodie zone
Of a warm wooden colored facade, Winter Warmers may not attract you on the first sight. But as you observe the tableware and tea cups used to serve her patrons, you could be wondering whether you are in Penang or in England! Winter Warmers adopted a different table setting whereby the Bone China tea sets are used to serve when their customers order a pot of tea. They provide customers the luxurious of enjoying the meals in British ambiance!
Drinking coffee in style!
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Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant in Penang | Hakka Mee, Yong Tau Fu, Herbal Chicken

Since my first visit to this restaurant, I always wonder why this restaurant is named Kampar Fish Jelly? Does it have anything to do with Kampar – a sleepy town in Perak? Or the dishes served here are Kampar’s famous delicacy? Could it simply be another seafood restaurant? Until today, I still do not have an answer! Do you?

To my surprise, Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant is indeed selling Hakka Mee (noodles), Yam rice, Herbal Chicken, Black Soy Sauce Pork Stew, Chicken Feet Stew and their highlight Yong Tau Fu. A range of choices are available for instance long bean, lady finger, chili, xiao pai cai as well as the deep fried stuff like ‘pok pok choy’ (deep fried bean curd sheets) and deep fried bean curd.
A bowl of Yong Tau Fu

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Home Kitchen Recipe | Sweet Potato Steamed Buns

Just in case I have never mentioned this, I am a part-time homemaker! Even though juggling between office and home, I am still hoping to improve my cooking skills as time goes!

Not too long ago, my friend offered me a piece of nice home made sweet potato bun. Since I like it, my friend’s mom is kind enough to share her recipe with me. This sweet potato bun recipe is without filling and these buns are commonly prepared for Chinese breakfast or snacks similar to breads for westerners.

August 2 this year would mark the fifth year of my service in the same organization hence I decided to give it a try on this memorable date! Moreover, it was a Sunday whereby I could have the whole day to mess up with my kitchen!
Brown sugar sweet potato bun
Sweet potato buns are similar to the texture of ‘bao‘ or ‘mantou’. However, bao or mantou usually does not contain coconut milk and egg which they are also taken by vegetarians.

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Baskin Robbins Ice cream Discount 31 Percent on Every 31st

31st is the last date of almost every alternate month! Most folks like this date. As it arrives, it could mean we get our pay check! On the other hands, it also means time’s up for the bills! There is always two side of the coins.
Baskin Robbins - a quart!
July does have one and guess what? We joined the crowd at Queensbay Mall to get a quart of Baskin Robbins ice-cream! It has been a while since we last did this being the reason we do not fancy queuing. But somehow there was a cozy corner with sofa at Queensbay Mall, we did not mind waiting!
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