Fredericksburg | Home and Heritage of Texas German

Willkommen! Welcome to Fredericksburg! Of strong German influence, Fredericksburg is a town that we intentionally picked to be included in our itinerary during our road trip to Enchanted Rock. Located in Gillispie County of Texas (United States), Fredericksburg is about 63 miles (101 km) north of San Antonio and 67 miles (108 km) west of Austin.
Ranch Road 965 will take you to Enchanted Rock
The business center of Fredericksburg
Little Rock House - our first stop at Fredericksburg
After our lunch at Altdorf (W. Main Street, Fredericksburg), we roamed along the Main Street heading west and soon entered Pioneer Museum to begin the history lesson of Fredericksburg. What we didn’t realize was it was almost half past four when we walked into Pioneer Museum and it will be closed by 5pm. A friendly veteran lady in dirndl (traditional German dress) approached us and recommended us to take the tour earlier on the next day as there are enormous historical sights in the museum compound and rather a waste of not be able to finish everything.
Pioneer Museum - Every single stone was moved from its original site
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Home Kitchen Recipe | Mashed Potatoes

When I run out of rice, I would switch to potatoes for carbohydrate. The good thing is my Significant Other loves potatoes much more than rice. He really made my life much easier!

To give some credit to myself, I sort of pick up the method on how to prepare mashed potatoes by myself. Yes, I had to admit that I did peep on the internet in order to get a rough idea how it should be done. Then, I played with what I had in my ‘laboratory’ and it turned out to be good on my first trial (my SO prefers this than Applebee’s).

And what I love most about mashed potatoes is, it doesn’t involve deep frying which consumes plenty of oil, leave oil stain on kitchen top and consequently may lead to excessive consumption of fat/oil. I have nothing against french fries or potato wedges but of course, I’d prefer to do this a hundred times more than deep frying!

Features and functions:

Generally, in term of cost and energy provided, potatoes are less effective but they provide relatively great amount of Vitamin C which is usually not found in rice. Comparatively, potatoes also contain less carbohydrate, fat and protein but hold more water. Study shows that starch or fiber in potato’s carbohydrate offers protection against colon cancer, improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Besides, it also helps to lower plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations.
All the ingredients to make mashed potatoes
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Home Kitchen Recipe | Turkey Meat Balls Soup

In Austin, turkey’s meat is common and easily purchased from any H.E.B. grocery stores or Central Market. Being part of the bird family, turkey is a great alternative after getting bored of having chicken almost everyday. I am glad that there are choices of ground turkey so that I do not have to grind the meat myself at home.

Everybody has a first time and this is my first attempt in putting a ground turkey dish on our dinner table.

Features and functions:
Turkey is a good source of animal protein. Under the category of white meat, naturally it is considered healthier than the dark meat or red meat due to its lower fat content. In term of nutrient value, turkey’s meat provides tryptophan, an essential amino acid which helps as sleeping aid, increase brain levels of serotonin or sort of ‘happy hormone’.
The ingredients
1/2 pound ground Turkey (Breast)
1 carrot, peeled and diced
1/4 cabbage, peeled each pieces and squared
1/2 onion, peeled and sliced
3 cups water
2 tbsp oyster flavored sauce (I used Lee Kum Kee)
1 tbsp light soy sauce (I use Kikkoman)
salt and pepper to taste

1. Marinate the ground turkey with oyster sauce, light soy sauce, pepper and salt.
2. After about an hour, use 2 spoons and fold into a round shape like a ball.
I usually use 2 spoons to make into balls
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Texas Austin | St Edwards Park – Spicewood Springs Road

The weather had been kind. It was drizzling earlier and as we were about to start our day, it stopped. It was our fourth day in Austin so we were thinking of roaming around the countryside. MD did share with us that Spicewood Springs Road possess a scenic stretch lies from the intersection Loop 360 towards north for several miles. Long time ago, this area was the homes of farmers, ranchers and Cedar choppers. And we decided to take a drive through.
Spicewood Spring Road, Austin, Texas
We entered Spicewood Springs Road from the intersection of 183 and McNell Dr. If you are an avid fan of Farm Town on Facebook, you would see many look alike and the prominent stuff. Some that caught my attention include fences, gate, wind pump, barn and even the mail box.
St Edwards Park - Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin
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My Cooking Lab | Getting Started at Kitchen?

My journey to be a culinary expert has to begin somewhere. Apparently, I am in the position to practise and perfecting my cooking skills as my Significant Other landed with an assignment in The States whereby most folks here cook everyday. Of Asian origin, we are slightly picky about food. Myself particularly, raised up in Peranakan background, I have been pampered with ‘fusion’ spices, enormous blend of flavors and tastes. Sweet, sour, hot and even spicy are all mixed up together and this is the flavor we rate it ‘awesome’! Perhaps I am bragging too much about Peranakan dishes but if you have yet tried, you might want to taste them yourself! Anyway, preference is rather individual. One man’s meat is another man’s poison!
Standard set of toys - a microwave oven, 4 stoves and a baking oven
There was once my co-worker told me that a chemist usually love to cook because this is a means to experiment! And he found out that I was a chemist by training and I have passion to cook. So his theory is kind of proven true with one sample! Given a choice, I’d prefer to take my own cooking than a fast food or any to-go meals. A simple meal may only take less than 30 minutes. And if I start to count the time and effort spent in order to drive, queue, wait and pay for the food, I bet you’d agree cooking is more efficient!
The chopping and 'knocking' place

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Texas State Natural Area | Enchanted Rock and Summit Trail

Last Saturday was our first road trip out of Austin. Being here for more than 10 days, I guess we would love to see beyond the Weird City of Austin. After doing some homework and studied with the locals, we decided for a hiking adventure at Enchanted Rock!
Pink granite dome is visible miles away...
Located on the border between Gillespie and Llano Counties, Enchanted Rock is right in the middle between Llano, Texas (USA) on the north and Fredericksburg, Texas by the south. Both are about 15 miles away from Enchanted Rock as you travel along Ranch Road 965.
Our excitement is bubbling!
If you recall Ayers Rock or ‘Uluru’ in Australia, Enchanted Rock is the smaller version of that. I have been wishing to visit Uluru and guess this year, God is generous to allow me stepping on its miniature – Enchanted Rock and go back to complete my Geology lesson!
The one and only of HOTW-085
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KLCC Aquaria | Journey of the Water and Living Ocean

‘Selamat Datang’ to Aquaria KLCC. ‘Selamat Datang’ is literally translated as ‘Welcome‘ in Malays Language and you would be hearing this pretty often as you enter into Aquaria KLCC. Situated right in the heart of beautiful Kuala Lumpur, Aquaria KLCC is the state-of-art oceanarium encompasses an area of approximately 60,000 square feet.
Selamat Datang to Aquaria!
If you are taking your family for a vacation and putting up in the nearby vicinity of KLCC, you probably would like to consider taking your kids to experience this wonderful aquarium. I wouldn’t call it as aquarium but more like an oceanarium or rather an educational experience on ‘Journey of Water’ as how it is being promoted.

After paying for the entrance fee (refer to the end of this article), there are a few unique DNA Touch Pools where they house Bamboo Sharks, Horseshoe Crabs and Starfish. Kids usually love this spot as they get a chance to touch these creatures. Kids, please be gentle yeah!
DNA Touch Pools - top left is Horseshoes crabs
Electric Eel in its own tank
Electric out!
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Texas Austin Restaurant | Bone Daddys House of Smoke – BBQ Steaks Bar

There is a proverb goes ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do‘. And now I am Austin, I went to dine at where Austinites go! Back in my home country, there are countless of themes restaurants ranging from simple English classic to an extreme of serving your meals on a bath tub while you are sitting on a toilet bowl.
Colorful neons are inviting!
They know what you want..
Yet there is none of theme restaurants like Bone Daddy’s, Hooters or Twin Peaks. These are chain restaurants and started to get popular in some of the states in US. Perhaps some of you may claim they are ‘using’ the hot chicks to attract diners but this won’t last if the food isn’t good. Basic rule of thumb for any restaurant to stay on is food and service. As long as both work well, then there is no worry for the rest!
A few types of seating arrangement
Although I was not pre-alerted of this ‘theme’ restaurant, I was pretty comfortable entering Bone Daddy’s partly owing to the crowd I was in. In total, there were almost 15 of us. To be more accurate, perhaps 14 and a half (we had a young master of 2 yo). We headed upstairs for a lovely spot in the center. And guess what? I got a seat next to the edge where I could get a fabulous sight of what’s happening downstairs.
Big screen TVs to catch up with your favorite sports
Bone Daddy’s serves traditional American meals plus some barbecue stuff. Apparently, it is famous for its ribs. They offer various seating comprised indoor of two levels and some cozy tables outdoor at the patio.
Private corner - a table for two
Wooden stairs leading to first floor
After seated, the waitress walked round our table to note our drinks, engaging us one by one. A few minutes later, she came back for what we would love to eat. I opted for a half Rack ‘O’ BabyBacks. This was a slow smoke babyback ribs mopped with sweet honeysuckle sauce, served with cinnamon apples and skillet beans. You may opt to change for other side dishes on the menu without any additional charges.
Babyback ribs - I'm lovin' it!
One of us went for Beer Can Chicken. It was a whole bird of marinated chicken served with roadhouse spuds skillet head beans and a cheeseroll. What amazed me was the presentation. As you can see in below picture, the chicken was stumbled with a knife on its back and stuffed with an empty crumpled beer can on the other end!
Beer Can Chicken
Another angle from...
Smoked 'bone-in' chicken
Burger with fries and skillet beans
They are generous in size but I cleaned up every single ribs served on my plate. It was delicious and I prefer this than what I had tried before back in my hometown.  The meat was tender and juicy which went well with the sauce. Simply perfect!
Texans' Bud?
Overall, I like this place. The atmosphere is rather laid back. The service is superb! Our drinks was replaced with full glass as soon as it was half empty even though we didn’t request for it. The waitress who served us that night was truly sensitive to our needs, witty and pleasant as well. And, I would recommend this place for matured adults only like what it says ‘Be Nice or Leave‘.
Can you see 'Be Nice or Leave'?
I'd love to go back again!
Dining there?
Austin Branch
11617 Research Blvd.         
Austin, Texas 78759    
Phone: (512)-346-3025
Direction is well detailed in Bone Daddy’s website.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to EC for lending us his camera. Can you believe it, I brought my camera without a
memory card!


Texas Round Rock | Premium Shopping Outlets – Haven for Shopaholics

The simplest association to a woman is practically ‘shopping’. Out of 10 women, I bet at least 7 to 8 would love shopping whether it is about shoes, bags, cosmetics, accessories, dresses, denims and the list goes on. Woman would justify with all kind of excuses to go shopping. I would sometimes tell my Significant Other that I need go to the mall for retail therapy since I had been working very hard. Kind of a way to distress myself. Yeah..and in the end, I would end up with bags of newly purchased stuff.
Believe it or not, these stuff aren’t critical, not the matter of life or death neither it is life threatening but there is always an urge to store them. Blame it on the sale or clearance, they are always ‘worth’ buying and that’s the reason these stuff are piled up at home! That’s about me.
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Penang Bukit Jambul | Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

Japanese cuisine is much loved by Penangites nowadays and this resulted Japanese restaurants to be mushrooming at high populated area on the island. Perhaps a decade ago, there were less than a handful in town. But at present, in suburb township like Bukit Jambul, there are more than a couple of choices to pick from if you want to dine Japanese.
Facade of Tsuruya Restaurant
Tsuruya Restaurant situated at i-Avenue Business Center opposite Bukit Jambul Complex is one of them. Next to Penang Road Transport Department (or JPJ), the facade of Tsuruya is decorated with tall potted planted and looks inviting.
wishing you well..and happy...
As I entered, I was greeted by a Buddha statue in sitting posture. Of the bricks as backdrop, this corner was lighted up with some lovely candles. From here, the waitress would be waiting to assist you to get a table. Both left or right turns would lead you to be seated in tatami-style of seating which is arranged in a row. The row is designed in block whereby each table is separated by string curtain and provided with a shoes rack each.
Tatami-style of seating
Seven of us fitted just nicely on a table. Some of my friends had been there before and they recommended set dinner owing to its value for money. Each set would be served with rice, miso soup, chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), salad and fruits. Tsuruya does offer an a-la-carte menu as well but some dishes like Sukiyaki is only serving for a minimum of two persons and above.
Menu..what's interesting?

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