Texas Austin Research Blvd-Duval Road | Chuys Tex-Mex Restaurant

If you are in Texas, Tex-Mex is a common term used to describe the dishes that blends ingredients available in United States but influenced by the culinary created in Mexico. In other word, Tex-Mex connotes ‘Mexican food’ in Texas or in some other states, they refer it as ‘Southwestern cuisine’.
Chuy's Tex-Mex Restaurant
Having said that, the preparation and ingredients used in Tex-Mex dishes may be different from the original Mexican dishes. For instance, the salsa sauce of Tex-Mex is usually added with plenty of cilantro while the original Mexican food does not. Tex-Mex cuisine utilizes heavy usage of melted cheese besides meat, beans, spices and Mexican-style tortillas.

Burrito, taco, fajita, enchilada are the common terms on the menu of Tex-Mex restaurants. If you are not familiar, ask the server staff. They are usually helpful, able to explain or recommend.  
Paper thin tortillas and hot salsa sauce
When Friday comes, it is usually the rest day for my home kitchen. We went to Chuy’s for Tex-Mex as this restaurant is highly recommended by our local friends.I love the hot and tangy salsa sauce
Guess this venue is pretty popular. And getting there on weekend night means we were part of the crowd. We arrived about half past seven and we waited for about 40 minutes before being ushered to a cozy indoor corner for four and a half. Our common practice during queuing is to check out the menu. Thus as soon as we sat down, we were ready to order.
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San Antonio Attraction | Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

In you are following my earlier installment, The Alamo was our first destination in the historic city of San Antonio. Soon after we finished, we decided to roam in the city before heading to River Walk.
Look up..
Approaching Buckhorn Saloon & Museum
Our stroll along Houston Street brought us to stumble upon ‘Buckhorn Saloon & Museum‘. The first sight upon the sky of its root is inviting. Offering a taste of the Old West, it exhibits more than 3,500 animal specimens from all over the world including an ‘Old Tex’, a longhorn steer of an 8-ft 9-inch spread on his horns and a mammoth. Today, this venue also offers a new experience as Texas Ranger Museum in collaboration project with Former Texas Ranger Association.
The facade of Texas Ranger Museum
A peek of saber tooth tiger
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San Antonio Attraction | Alamo Cenotaph – Alamo Heroes Monument

Their sacrifice led to the founding of Texas, they are the heroes of ‘The Lone Star State’. Never surrender nor retreat. Alamo Cenotaph entitled ‘The Spirit of Sacrifice‘ is a tower of 60 feet built to pay tribute to these heroes who died during The Battle of Alamo. Standing adjacent to Long Barrack of The Alamo Complex, it was designed by an Italian-born sculptor Pompeo Coppini and completed in 1939.
Alamo Cenotaph (right) from Alamo Plaza. Left is Emily Morgan Hotel
Also representing an empty tomb, the Alamo Monument was carved with those names who died at the Alamo.
Never surrender not retreat
Among the well-known figures carved on the wall includes William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett and James B. Bonham.
Alamo Cenotaph - viewing from Long Barrack of Alamo Complex
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Texas San Antonio – Alamo Plaza | Fuddruckers Hamburger Restaurant

Started by a fellow Texan about 25 years ago when he hungered for a perfect hamburger in an imperfect world. Inspired by a voice whispered, he later designed the greatest hamburger from fresh ground beef and bun that made from scratch daily. ‘There is no shortcuts to perfection’ he said. Today, Fuddruckers Hamburgers is a chain restaurant located in most major cities nationwide.
Facade of Fuddruckers at Alamo Plaza
Get a deal to build your own hamburger
Salad or vegetables bar for accompaniments
One of the best approach at FuddRuckers is they offer the diners a choice to build their own hamburger. Sliced lettuce, onions, tomato, olive, pickles and so forth are readily available at the bar next to the serving counter. An array of sauces are also there and you may look for your favorite.
Fuddruckers - World's Greatest Hamburger
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San Antonio Top Attraction | River Walk Under The City – Paseo del Rio

Paseo del Rio‘ is a Spanish word which literally translated as ‘Walk of The River’. Or better known as ‘River Walk’ among the tourists, it is a city park maintained by City of San Antonio Downtown and River Walk Operations. Situated one-level beneath the hustling and bustling streets in the downtown of San Antonio, River Walk is a very successful pedestrian street as the edges of the river are endlessly occupied by hotels, restaurants, cafes, art & gift shops, boutiques, live music and recreational park.
Clear sign to Paseo del Rio
Two side walkways by San Antonio River
Boating tour along the beautiful landscaped river
The name of this beautiful river is ‘San Antonio River’ which later joins Guadalupe River and eventually flows to Gulf of Mexico. Featuring over a few miles of footage, River Walk is made of lovely landscaping and lighting at night. The River Walk winds and loops under bridges. Two parallel sidewalks by its edge are lined with restaurants or shops and connects the major places of interest from the Alamo to Rivercenter Mall, to the Arneson River Theater close to La Villita, to HemisFair Park, to the Tower Life Building, to the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Pearl Brewery.
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San Antonio Top Attraction | The Alamo – Shrine of Texas Liberty

The Alamo is remembered as a heroic struggle against impossible odds. It was the battle ground where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. The Alamo and San Antonio played a critical role in the Texas Revolution. This is the message sent across to my mind after exploring the vicinity of The Alamo complex in the downtown of San Antonio city.
Welcome to Alamo Historic Walk
The Alamo - icon of Texas Revolution
The original fort structure of Alamo
The buildings of the Alamo built by Spanish Empire in 18th century. Initially, the complex served as a chapel and missionary sanctuary to educate the local native Americans after their conversion to Christianity under the Mission San Antonio de Valero. However, after the mission was secularized in 1793, it was abandoned. Ten years later, The Alamo became a fortress housing the Spanish military and the soldiers referred this venue as ‘The Alamo’ in honor of their hometown Alamo de Parras in Coahuila. They also established the first recorded hospital in Texas at the Long Barrack – the one story building parallel to Alamo Street.
The Alamo Shrine - Stumbled Upon the Past
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San Antonio | The Historic City of Texas

If you wish to fall in love with a person, you want to know his/her soul. The same goes for a country or a state. In order to understand and live better in a new place, I am finding chances to explore the soul of Texas. Some reading and googling made me concluded that San Antonio is the soul of ‘The Lone Star State’.
Tower Life Building is at the far-background
San Antonio Street Car
The stores along Alamo Plaza
San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas after Houston with population more than 2 millions in metropolitan area. Serving as the epicenter of Tejano (a Texan of Mexican and/or Latin-American descendant) culture, this historic city today is a popular tourist spot in South Texas Plains. To name a few – The Alamo, River Walk, The Tower of the Americas are among the significant icons of San Antonio. Besides, there are several museums/galleries and row of entertainment centers along Alamo Plaza like Ripley’s and Tomb Rider.
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Austin Attraction | Texas Memorial Museum – Natural Science Center

Do you know that there are a total of 28 museums in Austin? The figure amazed me. Apart of the ‘wow’, I was wondering which museum shall I start with? This query did not last long. One of our friends organized a maiden museum trip to Austin downtown recently. As usual, I jumped in without hesitating.
They carried the men who made Texas
Texas Memorial Museum is ahead
Texas Memorial Museum was our destination on the Saturday morning. Located at Trinity Street on the compound University of Texas at Austin campus, it is the exhibit hall of Texas Natural Science Center.
His right hand is holding Texas...
We approached the museum from behind where ‘Mustangs’ sculpture is. After we passed a slight up slope cemented-step path, next is Sarah & Ernest Butler Outdoor Classroom for Paleontology lesson.
Left: A peek of  Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
Saber-tooth Cat
After a sharp right turn, here we were at the entrance to Texas Memorial Museum. The museum building consists of four levels. The main entrance is situated at second floor and where the Great Hall is. Natural wonders, gems & mineral and Texas Pterosaur are among the exhibits here. Do not forget to look up the ceiling.
Look up?
Texas Pterosaur
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Texas Austin I35-Parmer Ln | Ho Ho Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Ho Ho or in Mandarin 好好 which literally means ‘Good Good’ or ‘Double Good’ is a Chinese BBQ Restaurant near our place. It was first found by our friends and on the following, the lovely couple went with us again to the same restaurant! It must had been more than just ‘good’!
You may enter from N. Lamar Blvd after passing Parmer Ln.
If you are coming from Parmer Ln and heading to I35, Ho Ho is situated at the intersection on your left side where Walmart is. The facade and interior look pretty sophisticated. As we entered, the ambiance is quiet, cozy and decorated with terracotta stone statues and some paintings.

Our friends recommended us the BBQ and roasted pork as the dish seems to be above par even compare to some places in Penang. As I flipped their menu, there were more than two dozens of choices including soups, vegetables, seafood, hot pot and sizzling platter. It seems they also serve a bit of Hong Kong flavors. Besides, Ho Ho also features set lunch from Mon – Fri (11am – 2:30pm) from $5.95. Apparently, the waitstaff is fluent in Cantonese but we did not ask where the chefs are originated from.
BBQ Pork and Wonton Noodle Soup
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Texas Waco | Brazos de Dios Homestead Heritage – The Gift Barn

In my earlier installment, I did share about our trip to Waco and Homestead Heritage. One of the most outstanding physical structures opposite Homestead Heritage’s Visitor Center cum Deli & Bakery is the historic barn.
The Gift Barn - Waco Homestead Heritage
The Barn that stands within the compound of Homestead Heritage in Brazos de Dios was originally built in northern New Jersey during early 1800s by Dutch settlers. Restoration was worked on this two-story Dutch-English barn architecture and finally The Barn is renovated to serve as a gift shop for Homestead Heritage.
Welcome to The Barn
Exterior look of The Barn is a typical old-fashioned farm store with a pair of huge doors. The frame is held by 200-year-old chestnut and oak. I believe the little door next to the giant entrance was part of the renovation to benefit the visitors as it is definitely easier to open.
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