Reflection | Farewell 2010

In about a week, we are going to wrap up 2010. It is end of the year and it is time we celebrate Christmas again! Last year, my SO and I had a white Christmas in the winter wonderland. This year, we are not going to set up Christmas tree at home since we have run out of space. The great news is the tiny member of our small family had moved from my womb into our house two months ago! Our little hut officially records an occupancy of 3. THREE!

People said two’s a company, three’s a crowd. Literally, I guess this is true for us. I suddenly found that our bed, our bedroom, our living area, our house, our cars and the list goes on a bit too small for three relatively. Despite the truth of relativity, my SO and I are indeed very happy to welcome our new member. It is a happy inconvenience if you were to grumble about it. But we would say it a blessing. The bundle of joy is our life’s greatest miracle!
Christmas 2009 @ Macy The Domain

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Penang Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant | Passions of Kerala

Originated from Southern India, Banana leaf rice is a popular cuisine in Malaysia partly owing to abundance supply of banana leaves in the tropics. The fragrance of rice and dishes placed on banana leaf is indeed inviting and salivating.

New World outlet at Burma Road
New World outlet at Burma Road

For Penangites fans of banana leaf rice, Inira’s Restaurant at Gelugor Brown Garden perhaps rings a bell. Not too far from USM, it is also a popular spot among the university students back in 1990s. Think of vegetarian or Indian, that’s the place they flocked. A few years back (or several perhaps), the restaurant had been renamed to ‘Passions of Kerala’.
The crispy Papadums

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Breast Milk | The Greatest Gift of All

Calf drinks cow’s milk, (hu)man drinks mother’s milk!” This phrase was uttered by my loving Significant Other and brought me very far to religious breast feed my son. At first, it sounds merely a plain joke but if we put in some thought, it is indeed profound – a ‘common’ law of Mother Nature!

Breast feeding is a noble choice and a wonderful experience. Most people know that mother’s milk is undoubtedly far more superior than any of the top branding formula milks in the world. It is a fact for a healthy baby. Nevertheless, there are many challenging encountered by new mothers especially on the first week before they could establish a smooth milk flow.

Source: BabyTalk - May 2010, pg 80
Source: BabyTalk – May 2010, pg 80

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Bundle of Joy | Chinese Baby Full Moon Celebration

For the Chinese community in Malaysia, the ‘full moon’ is usually celebrated after a baby turns one month old. Right after giving birth, the ‘new’ mother observes strict traditional rules or locally known as ‘pantang’ for a month and this is referred as confinement period.

Little fingers
Little fingers

During the confinement, the new mother is forbidden from taking ‘cold’ food, instead encourage to take herbal soup, tonics and ‘heaty’ stuff e.g. ginger, red date juice, sesame oil, rice wine to expel wind as well as improve blood circulation. Aside from food, new mother is not allowed to take bath and wash hair until 12 days later after labor. The modern moms nowadays seldom follow strictly every bit of the rules anymore. Their confinement tends to be more flexible with intervention of western practice.  
A pair of tiny feet
Same goes for the full moon celebration. Relatives and friends usually congratulate the new parents with red packets (angpow) or gifts. In return, modern parents opt to treat their relatives or friends with fast food or gift voucher. Today, most couple starts as nucleus family so giving voucher is simpler and more convenience.
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Penang Sg Dua Pekaka Square | U-Soya – Soy Bean Milk and Tau Fu Fah

Open, inviting and a simple shop. Located at Pekaka Square (Bangunan Lip Sin) in Sg Dua Penang, U-Soya is one-of-its kind in Penang. It serves only pure soy milk that is freshly ground from Canadian Class A non-genetically modified organic beans (GMO). And that explains why U-Soya is the favorite pick amongst expectant mothers!

U Soya - a favorite place among soy milk & Tau Fu Fah fans
U Soya – a favorite place among soy milk & Tau Fu Fah fans

U-Soya specializes in serving organic soy bean milk and doufuhua (tau fu fah or tofu pudding), so for one who is looking for a healthy dessert, this is a perfect place to be. For soy bean milk, one has the option of cane sugar, brown sugar, gingered sugar or simply sugarless in cold or hot. Even if you ask for a mug of cold soy bean milk, it is served without ice cubes and that’s what I love about this place. Interestingly, their tau fu fah is served With dozens of variation. Toppings such as peanuts, almond, red bean, pearl, coffee, tong yuan, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips or even longan are made available for adventurous foodies. You may be surprised that U-Soya also offers soy bean ice blended with fruits namely apple, kiwi, orange and mango.
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