Home Kitchen Recipe | Kailan (Chinese Broccolli) and BBQ/Roast Pork Fried Rice

Known as one of our favorite family food, everybody at home love this simple fried rice. Plenty of kailan ( Chinese Broccoli), sliced BBQ pork and sliced roast pork will serve a drooling platter of fragrance fried rice. Although either BBQ pork or roast pork gives a delicious fried rice, I still prefer to combine both. BBQ pork alone provides sweet and juicy meat while roast pork adds the fragrance and crisp into the fried rice. Due to health reason, we always get lean pork for this recipe.

Colorful and appetizing
Colorful and appetizing

So when you have too much kailan and BBQ or roast pork in your fridge and running out of ideas how to get rid of them, perhaps this fried rice recipe will serve your appetite! Have fun trying it out :)
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Home Kitchen Recipe | Baked/Steamed Salmon with Garlic, Onion, Ginger and Honey

Grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce is one of the most common servings we have at restaurants. To be different at home, I like to experience the otherwise for the sake of variety! In one of my attempts to research (sounds academic yeah :P) for an alternative prep to bake salmon, I found the combination of onion, garlic, ginger and honey satisfies our taste buds too. It is easy to prepare, just mince garlic, ginger and onion, then add some honey and soy sauce. Ginger and honey which is a home remedy to prevent cold and help immune system, so great to have especially during fall and winter. Aside from baking, steaming the salmon works equally well too, and it gives a platter of juicy salmon.
Beautifully baked
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Penang Spa and Dining | Deluxious Restaurant

Operated in a rustic colonial bungalow along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, Deluxious Spa Cuisine is one-of-its kind on the isle. Situated opposite the residence of Penang philanthropist – the late Yeap Chor Ee, Deluxious offers their patrons one-stop venue to enjoy massage, spa and dining experience.

Deluxious Spa Cuisine & its rustic charm
Deluxious Spa Cuisine & its rustic charm

Fully utilizing the charming venue, the first floor provides a quiet place to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. With massage/spa theme ranging from aromatherapy, retreat, slimming to de-stress, one can enjoy the spa/massage treatment between 1 to 3 hours depending on the package. Perhaps I shall give a try on my next visit.

Speaking of what is going on ground floor, it runs as an air-conditioned restaurant serving a wide array of western and fusion cuisine. Dimly lit coupled with soft music and friendly wait staff service, my pioneer dining experience at Deluxious gave me a first class service impression. Best of all I had ever enjoyed on the island in term of restaurant service. We were there for a birthday party and I brought along my barely 3 month-old breastfed baby. I had never thought of being there for more than 4 hours but we did, owing to the pleasant atmosphere and accommodating wait staff. They tried all their best for me to enjoy my meals, fed my baby and having fun. For all that they had done, Deluxious deserves a 6-star service award! Well-done Deluxious!

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Home Kitchen Recipe | Baked Potato with BBQ Salmon

This recipe is inspired by a serving I tried at the cafe of San Marcos, TX Prime Outlets. I couldn’t recall what it was called but when there are too much potatoes at home, this recipe works to clear our stock. OK, let me named it – Baked Potato Pouch! The preparation is not tedious, and if one prefers less carbohydrate, just pick a smaller potato. 

Baked Potato Pouch
Baked Potato Pouch

Why I named it ‘Pouch’, it has to be like an envelope, right? Containing the filling from protein/fibers, that depends on what you would love to have too. Typically, it can be BBQ minced pork or BBQ-Honey Salmon. For this attempt, I picked BBQ Salmon. This can be alternated with minced chicken or beef as well. This dish would also work well if there is some left-over stewed lamb which at times we do not know what to do with it.
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Penang QB Mall | Dragon-i Shanghainese Restaurant

Originally, Xiaolongbao or literally translated as small steaming basket bun is a steamed bun filled with pork. As this little bun evolves, there are many variations by geographical in China. One of the well-known versions includes the popular Shanghainese Xiaolongbao that appears like a soup dumpling. A mouthful size, they are usually served in a bamboo basket over a layer of napa cabbage. These little dumplings are encased within the smooth and thin skin, containing substantial amount of delectable soup. Some restaurants even offer a straw for the diner to slowly enjoy the steaming hot soup before consuming the dumpling and its filling. That’s the story of Shanghai-style Xiaolongbao!

Again and again, never miss Dargon-i's Xiaolongbao!
Again and again, never miss Dargon-i’s Xiaolongbao!

And if you ask any fans of Shanghai-style Xiaolongbao (小笼馒头) in Penang, they will direct you to Dragon-i Restaurant in Queensbay Mall.  

Famed for Xiaolongbao and Shanghainese La Mien or ‘hand pulled noodle’, Dragon-i is regarded as an upscale Chinese restaurant with superior food. Demonstrating the theme of ancient Chinese with display of terracotta stone miniatures, the restaurant strives to share with diners a pleasant culinary experience prepared by high-skilled chefs from mainland China.

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