Penang George Town Restaurant | Nyonya Breeze – Peranakan Cuisine

Sad but true, most restaurants on the beautiful isle of Penang are not baby friendly. As such, lots of consideration and preparation had to be done ahead before bringing a baby out for dining. In search of a baby friendly restaurant in George Town, we came across Nyonya Breeze. Providing a clean baby chair with belts, we feel comfortable and heading there on last weekend for lunch

The facade at Abu Siti Lane
The facade at Abu Siti Lane

Located along Abu Siti Lane less than 50 m from the Macalister Road junction, Nyonya Breeze is on your left if you are driving there. Bear in mind, Abu Siti Lane is a one-way street so there is no other means to access apart from Macalister Road near Red Rock Hotel.
Clean baby chair with safety belt
Clean baby chair with safety belt

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Taiwan Yehliu | Fishing Village and Harbor

Nestled against the mountains and hemmed in by the sea in between Keelung and Jinshan, there is a fishing village called Yehliu (野柳). The name Yehliu originated from Spanish words ‘Puntos Diablos’ which means ‘Devil’s Cape’ and thus phonetically, it is pronounced as ‘Yehliu’.

A charming fishing village
A charming fishing village

Abundance of bulbs for night trawling
With Yehliu’s natural wonder as our mission, the adventure to Yehliu began. Traveling on shoes string budget means we relied on public transport to reach Yehliu. From Taipei, we boarded Kuo Kuang (國光) bus at Taipei West Terminal A to Yehliu. The final destination stated on the bus is ‘Jin Shan Youth Activity Center’ (金山青年活動中心). Ticket can be purchased at the bus station counter.
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Home Cook Rice Porridge (Congee) with Chicken, Dried Shrimps/Scallops, Red Dates

Congee or rice porridge is a common food among the Asian community. Usually served savory, congee in
Malaysia/Singapore is either taken with dishes separately or all in one serving. Plain rice porridge that is consumed with dishes is known as Congee of Teochew style. All in one congee that is typically found at dimsum outlets, appearing like a bowl of starch refers to Cantonese style.

Cantonese style rice porridge
Cantonese style rice porridge

I love rice porridge but in the past, I hate to cook it. Long prep time, spilling and mess up the stove if not
religiously stand by the stove were the main reasons I was trying to escape from cooking this lovely dish. But after I found out that crock pot or slow cooker can perform a great job, the smell of fragrance rice porridge is back in the air of my home kitchen! Moreover, crock pot can make the rice porridge real smooth with a peace of mind, unlike cooking on the stove top.

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Taipei Yangminshan | Bamboo Lake (Zhuzihu) – Scenic White Calla Lily Farms and Fir Forest

If you are relying on public transport to visit the main attractions of Yangmingshan National Park (NP) in Taiwan, expect to travel on foot more than fairly bit. Claimed by many as a must-see attraction, Zhuzihu (竹子湖) was our last destination before bidding farewell to Yangmingshan.

The road into Zhuzihu
The road into Zhuzihu

From Yangmingshan Bus Station, we boarded Bus 108 and alighted near Hutian Bridge since this bus does not run on the route of Zhuzihu basin. For visitor with a deeper pocket, you may get a cab and it can take you directly to the white calla lily farm. From Hutian Bridge, stroll along the main road until you reach a fork junction. Either road will take you back as this is a encircled route of the valley. Left junction takes you to Dinghu while right leads to Shuiwei.
Passing a school
Elevated 650 meters above sea level, Zhuzihu is located amidst of Mt Datun, Mt Qixing and Mt Xianguanyin. Formerly a lava-dammed lake formed by volcanic eruption, Zhuzihu was planted with a huge number of Meng-zong Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) after the lake water receded. With Han-Chinese settlement took place, they called this spot Zhuzihu. Literally, ‘Zhuzi’ means Bamboo and Hu is ‘Lake’.
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Mothers Day | Practical/Useful Gifts for New/Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM)

It’s the time of the year again, May is month we celebrate Mother’s Day! This year is special for me. In the past, I was putting up the hat as a ‘child’ but this year, no longer only a ‘child’ but a ‘momma’ as well!
Babywearing (Ergo baby carrier)
My little one is still tiny and green yet I am looking forward for surprises from him. Definitely not a tangible gift but something memorable perhaps hitting a new milestone!

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