Ipoh Famous Dim Sum | Foh San Restaurant

In Ipoh, the food equation says Foh San is dimsum and dimsum is Foh San. Ask any Tom, Dick and Harry on any streets in Ipoh, they could even direct you to this dimsum famous restaurant. Foh San, the oldest player of Hong Kong style dimsum game had just joined his competitors to reside on the same street namely Jalan Leong Sin Nam in the heart of the Ipoh city. With a two-story new building, the elegant Foh San definitely has captured one’s first impression. Stand out compares to the other two. It does. My Significant Other gamed for Foh San based on the outlook despite an Ipoh friend recommended Yoke Fook Moon for a better dimsum. Charming and inviting first impression won, I guess!
The elegant entrance
Self service counter
Pleasant atmosphere
We arrived early on Sunday morning before 8 am. To our surprise, it was not that crowded as reviewed in most blogs. As soon as we walked, we found a table and be seated. Started in typical manner, we asked for chrysanthemum tea and then be given a chit. It is used to indicate the price of each dimsum serving.. Continue reading “Ipoh Famous Dim Sum | Foh San Restaurant”

Ergo Baby Carrier Review | Sale/Buy in Penang/Malaysia?

One of the most beautiful memories in my motherhood journey is learning about babywearing. This term was an alien before the arrival of my little one but today, it is part of my souls.

Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads
Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads

Babywearing or in the lay person term is an act of holding/carrying baby using a carrier, be it a fabric, wrap, pouch or even soft structured carrier. Baby naturally loves to be held, so babywearing complements our tender loving care towards them. Babywearing is not something new, it has been practised for centuries (or longer perhaps). As the queen of the castle, mothers in the bygone days were designated to take care of children and households at the same time. As such, babywearing came handy for them to perform daily tasks. Back then, fabric was used, slinging over the shoulder, creating a pouch where little one could stay close to their momma.

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June – The month for Daddy

May is the month for mommas and mentors. Here comes June, the month to celebrate for daddies!

My hero and my prize!
My hero and my prize!

When I took my wedding vow 8 years, it had never crossed my mind to marry a husband with a father material. But today, I found out the good news, he indeed is.

As far as my memory can recall, my loving hubby who is better known as my Significant Other (SO) in my articles never demonstrated his affinity towards children after we got married. Perhaps not until the moment, when my first pregnancy failed. I sensed his disappointment of missing the chance to be a father. I lost one side of fallopian tube then and statistically speaking, 50% less chance to conceive. Despite the medical proof showed the probability is more than 50%, I often questioned myself whether I could bear a child?

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Penang City Mall | 1st Avenue – Shopping/Food/Entertainment/Leisure

Located in the main artery of Penang’s capital – George Town, 1st Avenue was opened to public end of last year (2010). We however had just found an afternoon to take a peek. Targeting young and chic, this highly anticipated mall that serves as one stop for shopping, leisure, entertainment and food was reported to house upmarket retail shops.
Event hosted at Underground!
After our elaborate lunch at Nyonya Breeze on a holy day (Wesak Day 2011), we decided to drive into the latest city mall that sits on the heritage ground.

If you are a newbie to 1st Avenue like the ‘previous’ me, getting into the entrance of the mall’s parking bay can be a headache since most of the streets on that prime land would just take you for a not-so-merry going round and around!  The clue for the P (parking) in green or iconic color of 1st Avenue is just slightly after the parking entrance of Prangin Mall multi-story car park along Tek Soon Street.
The view of George Town from Level 6/7

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Stroller | Car Seat | Cribs Toys Review – Tiny Love Sunny Arch

As a new parent, at times I tried to minimize unnecessary purchase of baby toys. I know he will soon grow up and these stuff are going to pieces of junk at home. Yet, some toys are indeed in need at that moments of time!

Sunny Arch by Tiny Love
Sunny Arch by Tiny Love

I came across Tiny Love Sunny Arch while I was searching for a car seat toy. Plenty choices are available in the market but a mother’s intuition told me this is the perfect one for him.

As soon as I got it, this lovely arch was stretched across his crib, entertaining my young ‘boss’ while I am changing his diaper or dressing him. It used to be lots of struggle but after placing the arch, the mirrored flower never fail to fascinate him. Certainly first aim amongst all. After he gets down the flower, he will then he will get busy with the soft ball to activate the propeller. His tiny hands at times also love to nibble the rattling sphere or crinkly wings of the butterflies. Occupied and preoccupied! A relief to his momma.

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Ipoh Famous Hong Kong Dimsum Street | Jalan Leong Sin Nam

Dimsum and Ipoh goes hand in hand. Many foodies claim that Ipoh’s dimsum is the best in Malaysia. So if you are on a gastronomical trip to the capital of silver state – Perak, get dimsum for breakfast to kick start your day!

The famous dimsum street
The famous dimsum street

And where about for the so-claimed best dimsum restaurants in town? It is none other than the popular dimsum street in the heart of city – Jalan Leong Sin Nam. Within walking distance from Ipoh Parade and the Syuen Hotel, it houses 3 main players of giant dimsum operators in Ipoh namely Yoke Fook Moon, Ming Court the oldest of all – Foh San. Foh San had just moved over to join the crowd, previously was located on another street nearby. I still remembered my previous dining experience at the old restaurant. People, people and people. Rubbing shoulders, very little personal space, getting an unoccupied table was a mission as one walked into the cramped restaurant. Hard to believe, but everyone still wanted to wait while holding a starving tummy. Oh boy! Thanks to the present Foh San that stands a few doors away from the yellow facade of Yoke Fook Moon. Now it provides 2 levels of dining area and the patrons do not have to suffer anymore. Larger, clean, spacious, airy and sophisticated.

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