Penang Hawker Haven (Food Center) @ Queens – QB Mall

Located at the same level with the QB Mall Cineplex, Queens Food Court stages mainly the flavors of Asia under one roof. Woks from the Land of Rising Sun (Japan) and the Beautiful Island (Formosa/Taiwan) across the Land of Thousand Smiles (Thailand/Malaysia) to the home of Taj Mahal, Queens Food Court definitely has something of Asia to offer you.

From the Nyonya's kitchen
From the Nyonya’s kitchen

Operated in an Asian way, each vendor mans their own stalls like a typical street vendor. Noodles, rice, ramen, curry, briyani, teppanyaki, tom yum, egg tart, vegetarian, and most of all are the Penangites’ top favorites – assam laksa, ‘ais kacang’ (famous Malaysian dessert), nasi lemak and satay are there for grab.
From the Japanese woks
From the Japanese woks

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A Dream Wedding in Penang

cheong_fatt_tze (25 of 143)1_6A wedding is a celebration of love, a sacred unity of two loving souls.

Whether we notice or not, every wedding is hosted with a theme. From exchanging vows underwater to idyllic beach reception, vintage toast, romantic rendezvous, traditional church wedding or cultural ceremony, Penang offers you the world!

cheong_fatt_tze (94 of 143)cheong_fatt_tze (131 of 143)A beautiful isle composed of charming heritage buildings, hillside wilderness and sprawling tropical beaches, Penang gives you a spoilt of choices for a dream wedding and honeymoon.
If you are searching a solution for a perfect wedding in Penang Malaysia, Isabell Wedding is the answer. A Penang-based wedding house, they are a team of professcheong_fatt_tze (9 of 26)ional crews in formulating ideas, planning events, consulting the wedding do/don’t, coordinating tasks and ultimately staging a wonderful bridal episode that lasts a life time.cheong_fatt_tze (68 of 143)cheong_fatt_tze (32 of 143)
Under one roof,  Isabell Wedding takes care of every detail in your nuptial ceremony. Every step in the  meticulous undertakings in addition to an extraordinary decorations. Designed and manicured by  experienced make-up artists, Isabell Wedding can transform any location, be it a hotel/restaurant/hall to a desired wedding venue.

Talk to Isabell Wedding – a Penang Professional Wedding Planner. Leave your dream with them and stay stress-free as you march towards your Big Day!



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Kuala Selangor Seafood | Kuala Sungai (Ah Yu) Restaurant @ Pasir Penambang

We thought we were  smart heading to Kuala Selangor on the first day of Eid Mubarak festival in Malaysia. Expecting a breeze drive on the road from Kuala Lumpur (KL), we planned to arrive by noon for a great lunch treat. Kuala Selangor is a coastal town on west Peninsular Malaysia, about an hour drive from KL (via LATAR Expressway) so we were looking forward to a feast of fresh and delectable seafood!

Red is auspicious - red roof and red signboard
Red is auspicious – red roof and red signboard

And guess what? Most metropolitan folks shared the same brilliant idea! After a little struggle on the traffic, spending 2 hours on the road, we finally arrived at Pasir Penambang.
Sea of people
Sea of people

Apparently, a popular spot for dinner too!
Apparently, a popular spot for dinner too!

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Breastfeeding Friendly Shopping Malls in Penang/Malaysia

Are you looking for breastfeeding friendly shopping malls in Penang? Yes, you hit the right page!

Breastfeeding or lactating, technically speaking is a natural activity to feed an infant or a baby. Established perhaps as early as the era of Adam and Eve, breastfeeding at times tend to attract people’s attention in public! Some people or passer-by however paint a bizarre look on their faces, indicating this ‘scene’ is something ‘new’ (indirectly too obsessed and keep staring), ‘abnormal’, ‘indecent’ or whatever they could name it or have in mind!

As far as the nursing mother is concern, I doubt she cares any less as long as her baby is full, contented and happy. Yes, motherhood comes in a package, aside from a bundle of joy, she also learned to be bolder, stronger, more efficient and the list goes on!

International Breastfeeding Symbol - Thanks to Wikipedia
International Breastfeeding Symbol – Thanks to Wikipedia

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Penang Bayan Baru/Bukit Jambul | Organic Markets/Shops – Natural Food Centers

Nowadays organic food is an option to some people but it turns out to be the most preferred choice amongst parents who have just started solid on their babies.

Cherries - Go organic is a wise choice!
Cherries – Go organic is a wise choice!

Despite studies show there are no significant value in term of nutrients between conventional farming and organic farming, most people still go for organic produce to avoid synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides. Especially in feeding babies, their physiology is not ready to take up the risk from notorious chemicals. Nonetheless, not all produce from conventional farming are polluted. Avocados for instance are are less likely to get tainted by its nature compares to apples or grapes. To make things easier in life, some parents tend to go organic for their kid’s menu.
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Penang Botanical Gardens | Waterfalls, Monkeys and Canon Ball Trees

Serving as the backyard to many Penangites, the Penang Botanic Gardens is favored as one thinks of an outdoor recreational venue to sweat. Even before the first ray breaks the day, city folks are flocking around this sanctuary, gearing up for hike. Trekking trails aplenty are branching out from the Botanic Gardens. As morning light sneaks through the forest’s canopy, these hikers return, drenching in sweat and wearing smiles on their faces. Serves as green lung to metropolitans, indulgence in all kind of physical activities especially as jogging and walking is a common sight. This was my memory of the Botanic Gardens that I was once visited every weekend.

Canon balls tree
Canon balls tree

When I revisited the Botanic Gardens recently, I started paying attention to what the Gardens is composed of. Lush greenery, unique flora, exotic fauna and home to the nature at its best. The sight of Canon ball trees (Couroupita guianensis), Pinang Palm (Areca catechu), Sengkuang tree (Dracontomelon dao) and Macaques (monkeys) are hardly missed by anyone. But that is not all about it, Penang Botanic Gardens also serves as a repository and houses collections of exotic and rare species of plants. So as one goes around the paved loops, Fern House, Aroid Walkway, Orchidarium, Cactus House, Begonia House, Herb Garden and Sun Rockery, (just to name a few) may cross your path. Wonderful treasures. Malaysia natural heritage, indeed!
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