Halloween | Vampire Bites – Spooky Apples

At this time of the year, I would love to go a bit wild and spooky in line with the occasion! Treat or trick? Aha…

Spooky Apple for Halloween
Spooky apples, they bite!

Recalling my past experience a couple years ago, we had some vampire bites in the house! Trust me, they are decent – healthy and easy, no wok, no saucepan and above all, kids would love them :)

Let’s do it again. Have fun…
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Taiwan Jinshan Famous Food | Jinbauli Street (Jinshan Temple) Duck Meat and Noodle

Less than 10 km from Yehliu Geopark, Jinshan is a rural township on the northern coast of Taiwan. Formerly inhabited by Pingpu aboriginees, this shoreline town was known as Jinbaoli (金包里) . After Japanese occupation, it was renamed to Jinshan (金山).

Kuang An Temple at Jinbaoli Street (old shopping street), Jinshan, Taiwan
Kuang An Temple at Jinbaoli Street

For gastronomy adventurers who visit Jinshan or nearby vicinity, Jinbaoli Street or better known as Jinshan Old Street is an ancient market place that not to be missed.
Popular duck shop next to Guang An Temple at Jinshan
Gone as soon as out

As lunch time crawls in, customers form beelines for the duck noodle stall in front of Guang An Temple (廣安宮). Relayed over 2 generations, the business started 40 years ago. Today, this spot is a popular eating place in Jinshan Old Street.
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Fusion | Hidden Recipe Cafe @ Sg Dua Penang

I believe Hidden Recipe has been around for quite some time but the name hidden somehow hid it from my radar for a while. Until a good friend of mine suggested this restaurant for a little gathering. In fact, it was to celebrate my birthday. Sweet moments we spent together before she left for Ireland. (Christina, If you are reading this line, thank you for the beautiful memories!)

Western platter - Chicken Cordon Bleu
Western platter – Chicken Cordon Bleu

Recently, I revisited Hidden Recipe.  As I walked into the cafe, the interior looks familiar. Dimly lit, bricks wallpaper, neat and cozy. And how about the menu? Fusion is the word to describe the food they serve. Choices of a la carte or set, the menu features meats/seafood in local flavors with rice, noodles, beehoon (rice vermicelli), as well as the typical western cuisine such as chicken chop, fish and chip, grilled steak/lamb/salmon. The variety is pretty extensive. In general, I would say a great eatery to bring a family with finicky mouths.
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Vegetarian TomYum Soup – Cook From Scratch

Being Asian, Tom yum is a common dishes to my family. Getting a bowl of tom yum is always a breeze since we live in South East Asia. Street hawker or restaurant, they do offer this favorite. Cooking at home is never a headache as well. Plenty of Tom yum paste is packed in different brands are made ready at food market. Having said that, I found my allergy towards seafood is getting worse lately so grabbing a jar from the shelf is just too risky! Unless I pick the vegetarian version.

Chicken Vegetarian Tomyum, Tomyam, Tumyam, Thailand spicy soup
Chicken Tom yum

On the second thought, I went a little adventurous to make Tom yum from scratch. The food market in my neighborhood offers all the basic ingredients in a wrap. I grabbed them and dumped into a slow cooker (crock pot). In addition to the great news, preparing Tom yum does not need a food processor, free from seafood traces and serving Tom yum is ready in less than an hour if one cooks directly on stove!
The raw ingredients to make a vegetarian tom yum from scratch
The color of the soup was a bit dull but a sip made a different! To my surprise, this simple recipe reminds me of the delectable tom yum treat in Ayutthaya, Thailand many year back.
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La Lot (Du Viet) Vietnamese Restaurant @ Pavillion KL

One of the activities we missed most after returning to Asia is going for Vietnamese food. Albeit dining out in the States generally cost more than home cooked food, Vietnamese in general is inexpensive and within reach in the neighborhood.

Fountain bowls - good feng shui for Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur mall
Colorful fountain bowls

Vietnamese food at KL Pavilion, La Lot restaurant
La Lot means wild betel leaf in Vietnamese

Longing for the taste of Pho, we explored La Lot at KL Pavilion on one fine evening. Operated at level 6 along with other fine dining restaurants, La Lot features a fusion menu, specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, in addition to pasta and grills with Vietnamese twist.
Vietnamese spring rolls,  fresh spring roll, goi cuon, summer rolls
Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

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Bukit Melawati Nature and Historical Visit @ Kuala Selangor Town

Nowadays, driving to Kuala Selangor is a breeze if one chooses to cruise on the newly constructed LATAR Expressway. Compares to the much longer and heavy traffic trunk road, the distance via expressway is only 33 km between Templer’s Park interchange to Ijok interchange. Generally speaking, the journey from the heart of Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor is no longer than an hour on a smooth traffic day.

Situated at the river mouth of Selangor River facing Straits of Malacca with a commanding view of coastline, Bukit Malawati or sometimes refers as Bukit Selangor by the locals is a small peak in the Kuala Selangor township.

Fort Altingsburg at Bukit Malawati, built in 1907
The Charming Altingsburg Lighthouse

Owing to its strategic vantage, Malawati Hill was once the epicenter of many struggles. Steep in history, the story began in 18th century after Sultan Ibrahim built a mighty fortress on the hill to safeguard the state from Dutch. Soon after, the hill witnessed battles with Dutch. After Dutch conquered Bukit Malawati, the fort was reinforced with Dutch’s cannons and it was renamed to Fort Altingsburg. However, a year later the fort was recaptured and returned to the sultanate during a night raid.
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