Singapore Food @ Vivo City | Food Republic – Hawker Fare

Dotting the island, hawker food is one of the must try if you ever been to Singapore. Established from the street food variety, hawker food features the history and stories behind the eating culture in Singapore. If you are wary to sample the hawker food from the locals’ favorite, then head on to food courts that reside in the shopping malls.

Food Republic at Vivo City Mall Singapore - the facade fruit stall - hawker
Decent place to try Singapore’s hawker food

Food Republic is one of the decent places to try Singaporeans’ palate. If you ever step into Food Republic in Vivo City Mall, you would feel as if you have stepped back into time. Precisely, it brings one into an old Chinese town street lit up with red lanterns where food is prepared right in front of you as you order.
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Homemade Egg Drop Soup | Grey Mushroom and Vegetables Savory Broth

Since my little one started on solid, my fridge is always loaded with at least a handful variety of fresh vegetables each week. He is too young to finish everything within a week or two, so his parents are kind enough to help him :)

With so much fresh vegetables, one of the quick solution to get a bit of everything is making them in soup! I love soup but I always find most recipes use stock to begin with. I prefer to start everything from scratch. And some soup method demands long cooking hours but I do not have the luxury of doing that.

Savory Egg Drop Soup with Grey Mushroom & Vegetables
Tummy warmer!

Longing for something warm and wholesome to fill my tummy, I decided to create a savory broth. With grey mushroom, egg and some vegetables, the plus of this homemade broth is it can be served in less than 30 minutes!
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Tambun Lost World | Water Fun Park and Hot Spring @ Ipoh (Part 3)

When the best time to hit into water park of Lost World in Tambun? With a perpetual summer in Ipoh, any day is a great to visit except Tuesday. I heard they are closed unless during Malaysian school holidays. This article is Part 3 of our trilogy series – Lord of the Limestone! Read Part 1 and Part 2, if you wish to check how we get lost in the animal kingdoms, mining valley and cavern :)

Facade Lost World Tambun Ipoh Malaysia theme park amusement fun adventure team building parks
Enter at your own risk…

Great news for fairy angels, many huts are erected circling the water parks. We were lucky to occupy a reserved shade because of our number or perhaps a group booking for Family Day.
Watch tower at beach front with blue sky in tropical paradise
Watch Tower

Do I have sufficient time for every little corner in a day (from 10am to 6pm)? Be assured you have, as long as you plan it out. We took about an hour and half explored all the dry parks (Part 2) includes spending relatively longer at Petting Zoo, Tin Valley and Team Building Park.
Lost World of Tambun - peeking at wave pool
Sneak peek at Wave Pool

After lunch, we jumped into water. Compare to the water parks in Sunway Lagoon and Bukit Merah, the chance of getting lost here is highly unlikely. You get wet as much as you are at any water park though. A total of four mains in the wet adventure, featuring a wave pool, a stretch of kiddo exploratory bay,
a few twist and turns of tube raiders plus freaky river float and hot springs.
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Lost World of Tambun – Petting Zoo, Needle Limestone, Tiger and Tin Valleys (Part 2)

Welcome back! As promised, this is the Part 2 of our pioneer mission in Lost World of Tambun. To follow from beginning, Read Lord of The Limestone Part 1 and how did we end up there :)

Lost World of Tambun entrance with limestone garden behind
Enter into The Lost World!

Did we find our way in the park? Well, not really! The signposts are placed minimal. Don’t you know you are in Lost World? The best way out is to get lost in the limestone gardens! Just to reach bathroom, I asked two people in two separate occasions.
Petting Zoo at Lost World Tambun, entrance with lush greenery
Kiddo’s land

Albino peacock in wild - Pavo cristatus mut. alba
Albino peacock

Armed with the artist impression map of Lost World, we made up our mind to tackle the dry parks first before jumping into water. Some people chose the opposite option and that perhaps better since the bathroom tends to be more crowded in the evening. On the second note, once you hit the pools with kids, I doubt they want to go anywhere else!
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Lost World of Tambun – Amusement Parks in Ipoh (Part 1)

School holiday is the best time to take kids to theme parks. If one googles online, there are more than a dozen of theme parks in Malaysia. From north, central to south, and highlands amidst lush greenery to water parks within concrete jungles. Nonetheless, massive is not the adjective to describe these man-made parks. And compare with Disneyland, Universal Studio or Sea World are only to get you upset and ruin the excitement. The secret to be happy is to enjoy the best of what the park has to offer.

Facade Lost World Tambun Ipoh Malaysia theme park amusement fun adventure team building parks
Welcome to Lost World!

Wave pool at Lost World Tambun Limestone background Ipoh mountain jagged hills
Beautiful jagged limestone hills behind wave pool

Needle of Tambun - popular spot for rock climbing and abseiling
One of the seven wonders in Tambun – The Needle!

When my SO told me that his office folks were planning for Family Day at Lost World, I just couldn’t wait to explore this so much talk about theme park in the capital of Perak. A place surrounded by limestone garden, it sounded great for an outing with our little angel!

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IE Organic Cafe @ D Piazza Mall Penang | Nasi Ulam – Fried Ramen

In line with going green, going for organic food is one of the ways to encourage natural and organic farming. Besides, less chance of building up notorious chemicals in our body thus a healthier body. In fact, there are many great benefits going for organic produce except the matter on dollars and cents!

New establishment at DPiazza, IE Organic Shop, Food Market, Cafe
Cafe at first floor

Speaking of cost, a decent lunch out in an average Penang restaurant easily sums up to RM10-15 per person. If your budget evolves around this figure, then IE Organic Cafe may come in as an option for you.
Bright, kids friendly and cozy restaurant
Bright, kids friendly and cozy

Established above an organic market & food center at D’Piazza Mall in Bayan Baru Penang, IE Organic Cafe somehow reminds me of a Korean cafe we used to visit in Austin. Operated in a similar manner – a combo of market and cafe under one roof, the former serves an organic menu while the latter offers an array of Korean dishes.
Playpen in Penang IE Organic Cafe
Little corner for little ones

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Sun Yuan Foong – The Best Ipoh Old Town White Coffee

A cup of white coffee in Ipoh is a must! Thanks to Old Town White Coffee‘s branding, today everyone knows that Ipoh is the best city in Malaysia to sip a cuppa of aromatic white coffee!

Sun Yuan Loong Ipoh Old TOwn white coffee, near flat, Jalan Bandar Timah
Sun Yuan Loong is to the left of Sun Yuan Foong (in this angle)

Unlike the folks in other places, Ipoh’s residents seldom go for the 3-in-1 sachet of the white coffee on supermarket aisle. What they are fond of doing is heading downtown to spoil themselves at the kopitiams near Kinta Heights 20 story-flat! The most talk about white coffee rendezvous refers to the cross-road of Jalan Bandar Timah and Persiaran Bijeh Timah (GPS Coordinates: 4.593181,101.07701) where three pioneers are.
Sin Yuan Hong is also Sun Yuan Foong - Chinese name
Sin Yuan Hong (Mandarin-Hokkien mixed) is also Sun Yuan Foong (Cantonese)

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KoChaBi (KCB) – Malaysia Traditional Ice-cream (Ais Potong) @ Gurney Mall Penang

Once upon a time..

After lunch a little girl changed into a well-pressed white shirt. She then slipped on a dark blue pinafore. Zipped. Belted. Pulling up her socks, matching with a pair of white chalked canvas shoes, she was ready for her day. She slung a bag over her small shoulder, heading to the five-foot way of her house. Sitting down on a stool and gazing on the road. This little girl was waiting for a trishaw (rickshaw) to take her to school. A few cars passed, some motorbikes and bikes too, but no sight of trishaw. Out of sudden, she heard “kling! kling! klinggg!”. Loud and louder.

Ice cream potong or fondly known as 'Ais Potong' - Malaysian traditional ice cream, old time taste is back at Gurney Plaza Penang
Ice cream potong or fondly known as ‘Ais Potong’

Waving at the man with a square box behind his wheel, she then yelled, “Uncle, red bean!”. At the same time, she raised up her hand with an index finger up. The man on bike nodded and stopped by the road side. Then, she took out 5 cents from her pocket, handed over to the man. In return, she got a stick of  her favorite “ais potong” (“ais” means ice and “potong” is cut in Malaysian lingo). Yum yum yum…Simple enough for a jolly fellow!

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Lou Leong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice @ Ipoh Food Street

If you are looking for a new place to chill out along the famous food street (Jalan Yau Tet Shin) in Ipoh, there is a new player in the bean sprout chicken game. Lou Leong that stands diagonally opposite the most popular Lou Wong is a newly established restaurant, serving bean sprouts chicken rice and Yee Thye White Coffee in the heart of the silver state’s capital.

Lou Leong @ Ipoh Food Street - opposite Lou Wong
Lou Leong @ Ipoh Food Street – opposite Lou Wong

Lou Leong that features bright yellow facade started their business recently. lt is an air-conditioned restaurant with see-through glass walls. When we were hunting for bean sprout chicken rice on a Sunday evening, a glance at Lou Leong was inviting. They had plentiful unoccupied tables, spacious in addition to the contemporary interior. I must try Lou Leong one day!
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