Pastry Store in Penang | Ming Xiang Tai @ Suntech Tower Bayan Baru

Hunting for freshly baked siew bao and scrumptious tarts from pastry store in Penang? Then, you are hitting the right page. Right here I am going to take you to tour a newly established pastry store in Bayan Baru Penang. The name of Ming Xiang Tai is no stranger to the pastry aficionado in Penang. Located in the bustling street, Ming Xiang Tai is a the home to hand made pastries initiated back in 1970s. One of their signature pastries is Trishaw Egg Tart whereby during the good old days, these delectable snacks were ferried and sold on trishaw, thus gives its name.

Trishaw Egg Tart picture on the pastry store facade of Ming Xiang Tai confectionery shop
The facade at Suntech Tower Bayan Baru

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Store: The Best from The Past

Being one of the most hunted pastry stores in Penang, Ming Xing Tai presents Penang’s confectionery favorites of savory and sweet variety from siew bao, egg tarts, chicken pie, yam puff, wife biscuit, wutaro yaki, salted egg pastry to wedding cookies. Not many people know that this pastry store is the best kept secret in Penang. Trays and trays of Ming Xiang Tai’s pastries are served right out of the oven but they are quickly gone in no time.

Chinese egg tarts, 2 pieces of Chinese egg tarts on checkered table cloth
Irresistable Signature – Trishaw Egg Tarts

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Fun Things To Do With Kids in Singapore | Jacob Ballas Children s Garden

Fun Things to Do with Kids

If you are wondering where to find fun things to do with kids in Singapore, look no further, head straight to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden! Not too far from Orchard Road on the north lies a children’s paradise that is the first children’s park in Asia. Dedicated to all the children in Singapore, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a great outdoor play area for kids. Getting there is a breeze these days. Driving is certainly the most convenience mode to reach Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden from door to door especially you are going with babies or tot-aged kids. Hopping on MRT and alight at Botanic Gardens station (CC 19) is an equally great choice with bigger kids or tween. A short stroll from the Botanic Gardens’ gate, passing Eco Lake leads one to a small paved road to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden from behind, thus you may not see the facade right away.

The facade of JacobBallas Children's Garden
Butterfly facade of Children’s Place

Mystree at JacobBallas
Special sculptured MYSTREE

A great outdoor play area for kids in Singapore, I was amazed with the thoughts and effort placed in to create such a lovely playground. Despite taking a smaller land compares to Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is compact with dozens of fun stuff for kids to explore. Plants and trees are labeled with green butterfly signs, explaining their roles in our ecosystem and how they help the environment. Aside from the lawns, sandy areas and playgrounds, there is a paved loop circling the gardens, with plenty lines branching to each of learning through play area.
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Singapore Botanic Gardens | Great Outdoor Playground for Kids

Singapore Botanic Gardens Outdoor Playground

Singapore Botanic Gardens is certainly one of the best outdoor playground to take kids to visit in Asia! Safe, clean, quiet, massive, well-maintained and educational, these are not the only adjectives to describe that you made a great choice. If you are planning for a family outing to Singapore Botanic Gardens for the first time, finding out how to get there is perhaps one of things to do before embarking into the nature. Ask friends, ask locals or seek online information.

Singapore Botanic Gardens MRT station CC19
Right to the door

Singapore Botanic Gardens MRT – Alight at CC19

Depending on your need and budget, there are a number of ways to reach Singapore Botanic Gardens. For visitors that stay near the MRT stations, hop on the train is the most convenience and economical transportation that take one right to the new gate of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Look out for CC19, that’s the MRT station code for Botanic Gardens on Circle Line. The station is also wheels friendly with lift service provided from train platform.

Rooting Fig Tree near Palm Court
Rooting Tree near Palm Court

Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at Singapore Botanic Gardens in back, with green carpet as foreground
Far behind is Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage

Established in 1859 as a research and educational hub, Singapore Botanic Gardens has plenty to offer for everyone every day.  An amazing park, this soul healing place is perfect for naturalists and children. Visitors fall in love with the tropical Eden, the home to an enormous variety of shrubs, ferns, herbs and trees. Steep in history, the treasures in the Singapore Botanic Gardens are well-preserved and acknowledged with plates dictating information of each, great for self-exploratory tour within this Singapore’s so-called national park.
Girl on a Bicycle sculpture at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Girl on a Bicycle

The Victorian architecture at Singapore Botanic Gardens - The Bandstand with Golden Raintrees leaves
The Bandstand

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Ipoh Tourist Attractions | Perak Cave Temple @ Perak Tong

If one wonders what made the list in the Ipoh tourist attractions, Perak Tong or limestone cave temple is certainly one of them. Sprinkled all over the former mining valley, there are more than a dozen of Chinese cave temples in Ipoh. Of all shapes and sizes, these caves are the home to the growing stalactites and stalagmites making them natural treasure and hence in the collection of places to visit in Malaysia.

Perak Tong photo from the parking area
The charming limestone cave temple

Residing at the foothill of Gunung Tasik, Perak Cave Temple or Perak Tong (Tong means cavern in Chinese/Mandarin lingo) is one of the most visited cave temples in Ipoh. If one drives along Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Perak Cave Temple is easily spotted, the red painted concrete arch by the main road itself. Alternatively, lock this coordinate (4.644546,101.098841) into your GPS. Private vehicles are allowed to be parked within the temple’s premise and it is not hard to get a lot as tourists come and go within a couple hours.
A Photo in cave overlooking the bright opening
Beautiful entrance arch

Mural painting of future Buddha
Happy Buddha

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May Tip Thai Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam | Delicious Siamese Food

Thai cuisine is never an alien flavor in Penang, but walking into an authentic Thai restaurant perhaps need a bit of help from Lady Luck.

May Tip Thai Restaurant at Taman Mutiara Bukit Mertajam facade
One of the best places to eat Thai

A family lunch date brought us to May Tip Thai Restaurant in Taman Mutiara, Bukit Mertajam. Tucked away in a strip of commercial block behind the bustling main road, May Tip is a not much different compares to a typical Chinese restaurant except for the rectangular shape of their charcoal tables. The atmosphere here is much caters to family crowd.
Steamed fish of Siamese style
Steamed fish of Siamese style

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