Flower Arrangements Step by Step | How to Arrange Flowers like A Pro?

Flower arrangements tutorials on how to arrange flowers

Good news for flower arrangements enthusiasts, this post is dedicated to you, comprising a summary of all mywisewife.com’s tutorials on how to arrange flowers from A-Z. For the benefit of new readers, over dozens of flower arrangements tutorials are offered on mywisewife.com for free, guiding you step by step, equipped with well-illustrated with pictures and smart tips.  

Dianthus Sweet William, Flower Arrangements, How to arrange Flower,
Dianthus Sweet William

Flower arrangements is a fun thing to do. To create a charming design however demands more than creativity, it also requires you to learn some basic theory and gather some essential flower arranging supplies plus tools (that you can find on a separate post).

To serve as pointers for beginners, it is great to start by getting to know about the material. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, stargazers lilies and football chrysanthemums – these names are no stranger to you, right? They are commonly used as the focal flowers, serving as the mains to grab people’s attention in the flower arrangements. To identify your focal flowers, supporting flowers, fillers and line materials, run through the tutorials on western style or classic designs i.e. Round CenterPiece, Long CenterPiece, L-Shape and Triangular flower arrangements. These topics also touch on how to pick colors of your flowers so that they are in harmony or contrast, perfectly matching the atmosphere or occasions. Practice, repeat as many times as you like with different flowers and before you know it, you have mastered the how to arrange flowers!

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Floral Arrangements | Essential Flower Arranging Supplies

Essential Flower Arranging Supplies in Floral Arrangements

To get started on floral arrangements is simple. In fact anyone can do it because floral arrangement is as an artistic subject and you can create something entirely unique of your own, be it a Christmas floral arrangements, funeral floral arrangements or silk floral arrangements. To design an appealing fresh floral arrangements however you need to know learn some basic tools and flower arranging supplies.

Floral Arrangements, Flower Arranging Supplies
Baby Chrysanthemum

1. Oasis or fresh flower foam.
When I had just started my floral arrangements course, I didn’t even know how to handle flower foam. To learn how to use oasis in a right manner, read about the flower foam tips. The oasis has to be entirely wet, hence it is better to dip in a bucket of water overnight. If not, you will regret seeing your beautiful floral arrangements design perish in such a short period. A well-wet oasis may take your designs to last at least a week on average. Never ever leave this piece of vital stuff out in your fresh flower arrangements. Note that dry and wet oasis are totally made of different material, thus they are not interchangeable. Make sure you purchase the right one for your purpose.
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Singapore Museums | Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – A different from other Singapore Museums

Wandering in Chinatown is a great thing to do if you ever been to Singapore. There is no better place to be than Chinatown if you are looking for Chinese living heritage and culture in Singapore! And not a surprise you would find one of the best Singapore museums here. Perhaps to many of us, Chinatown is similar everywhere in world, but Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Chinatown Singapore is certainly something special. It deserves more than a peek!

Visitor's Centre in Chinatown Singapore next to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
The sight of ancient vs modern

The facade of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple at South Bridge Road
The facade at South Bridge Road

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Tutti Fruitti Family Restaurant @ Tesco Extra Sg Dua Penang

Not to be confused with Tutti Fruitti Frozen Yogurt franchise, Tutti Fruitti Cafe is a resident restaurant at Tesco Extra Sg Dua Penang. Belongs family restaurant classification as how the tagline describes, Tutti Fruitti is a great place to dine if you happen to shop at Tesco Extra Sg Dua in Penang with huge appetite and growling tummy. You can easily spot Tutti Fruitti right next to King’s Bakery at the main entrance of Tesco Extra.

Tutti Frutti Menu
Tutti Frutti Menu

Exudes a laid back ambiance with a partial glass wall and contemporary interior design, Tutti Fruitti is a better venue for a greater array of food compares to the food court’s vendors except for the price. Offering a fusion menu of Western, Japanese and Local delights, they give diners over dozens of dishes to savor from appetizers, salads, soups, finger food to the mouth watering desserts and beverages. The all time favorite of Tutti Fruitti is roasted chicken, serving with options of rice or noodles, this dish also available in set beside the a-la-carte. Certainly not to miss is the signature Fruitti Freez, whereby fruits of your choice are blended with milk or yogurt in ice, soothing and appealing for grab!
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Elephant Parade Singapore | First in Asia

First Elephant Parade in Asia

Learning never stops, I had just found out the Elephant Parade that I witnessed in Singapore end of last year was the first one in Asia. The elephant parade that I am referring to is neither the elephant parade lyrics nor the elephant parade tab. I am seriously talking about a herd over 100 elephants that occupied residence in neighborhoods and landmarks over the Lion City!

Tall Christmas tree outdoor and Elephant Parade
Christmas and Elephant Fever
Elephant Parade in Singapore Vivo City Mall
Looks holy!

Initiated for noble cause, the Elephant Parade is an open air exhibition of painted elephant sculptures to promote conservation awareness of Asian’s elephant. Run from November 2011 through January 2012 in Singapore, our Christmas vacation in the capital was a bonus when we joined the elephant aficionados, feasting the pretty jobs of the genius artists. When I visited my cousin during Chinese New Year, she told me that she had missed the elephant fever in Singapore. Without hesitant, I replied, “You can see them soon, the elephants are everywhere!”.  Then only I knew that the Elephant Parade was held not forever. Most of them had been moved, some had found a new owner and a new home!

Cute comics painted on elephant parade in Singapore
Once sinful, now bitter, future?

Elephant Parade at Vivo City Mall

From over a hundred elephants that swarmed this Asian’s metropolitan, more than a dozen of them were nested at Vivo City Mall’s sky park, adjacent to Food Republic Food Court at Level 3. Showcased in all kind of acrobatic stunts and colorful ‘skin’, the elephant parade took place in rain or shine.  Besides elephant fans, avid photographers were also around, armed with sophisticated gears and multiple lenses. For sure, they had crushed over these colorful elephants that then I thought only kids would fall in love with!

Three painted elephant parade in a row
Comic on elephant?

Colors made stripes on elephant parade in Singapore
Colors of stripes

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