Taiping Zoo | Review and Trip Advisor

Review of Taiping Zoo

For family with young kids that live in Penang and the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia, Taiping Zoo is one of the best places for an outing. With north-south highway, these northern townies are connected to Taiping conveniently, within reach in merely a couple hours.

Taiping Zoo Review & TripAdvisor
A zoo in Taiping Lake Gardens

Mini train at Taiping Zoo
To..too..tooo..train is coming!

Orang Utan - Pongo Borneo at Taiping Zoo
Orang Utan or Pongo

Nestled on the ground of former mining ponds or popularly known as Taiping Lake Gardens, Taiping Zoo is truly unique and charming. Recent upgraded of Taiping Zoo brought to us a few major improvement includes Night Safari and the ride of train that is inclusive in the admission fee (RM10 for an adult with myKad).
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Fonda San Miguel Austin TX | Food Review

Fonda San Miguel Austin

Fonda San Miguel Austin is perhaps no stranger to many Texans. Being one of the neighboring states to Mexico, Texas is certainly is the place to be for the best Mexican cuisine. Popular on the weekends, Fonda San Miguel is a charming venue as if takes one stepping back in time, walking into a rustic la casa (house) of an amigo (friend). Wow!

Mexican starter - Lambs and Tortillas
Mexican starter – Lambs and Tortillas to begin with!

Homey and cozy for you to enjoy a Mexican food, Fonda San Miguel is presented in a few set-up namely courtyard, bar top and fine dining. There are a wide variety on their menu from antojitos, enchiladas, ensaladas, sopas to rollenos and it includes appetizers, desserts and cocktails. You will be spoilt for choices here, they are special and cater for any fancy.
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Old American Restaurants Austin TX | The Frisco Shop

If you crave for a plain ole’ American diners, you would not go too far wrong to stop by The Frisco Shop – one of the old American restaurants in Austin. Officially called The Frisco Shop, this diner is the last survivor of a chain of 7 restaurants that included an original restaurant on the corner of Congress and Riverside, a diner on Guadalupe across from the UT campus, and steakhouses in North Austin, San Antonio, and Houston (Source: http://www.real-austin-texas.com/the-frisco.html).

A cock that greets you from road side
A cock that greets you from road side

The Frisco Shop or formerly called The Night Hawk is clean, pleasant and all the waitstaff are straight out of a movie. They are warm, cheerful and takes order with a perfect speech. Everyone is  friendly and it’s a charming place. This is a true American diner in a true American spirit!

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Milo Drink | Alike or Alternatives of Chocolate Malt Beverages

Craze over Milo drink

In Malaysia, the craze over Milo drink is beyond your imagination! Right from the moment Malaysians rise, the first thing to do is heading to kitchen for a mug of Milo drink. If not, these folks will stop at Chinese coffee shops on their way to office to get their morning dose of this Nestle Milo drink. Even if not, I can bet they are likely to grab a mug to make Milo drink at office’s pantry by 10 am!

Generally speaking, the consumption of Milo drink is rising, second to none as the number one beverage in Malaysia and same thing happens in neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand. Fit to serve all walk of life, from toddlers to golden seniors for a simple reason that it doesn’t contain as much caffeine as found in tea and coffee. Moreover, Milo drink is easily available everywhere, being a must-stock-item at home to a must-sell-beverage in every kopitiams!
Milo drink in supermarket
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