The Loaf Langkawi Restaurant and Bakery

The Loaf Langkawi

For someone who reserves bun and bread for the moment of emergency or war, stepping into The Loaf Langkawi at Telaga Harbour Park completely changed his appetite. Fondly known as the bakery of Tun Mahathir (Malaysia’s former Prime Minister), it has been talked so much and holidaying in Langkawi means a chance to explore their pioneer outlet in Langkawi!

Langkawi Restaurants at Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park
Perdana Quay – Great Place for food

The Loaf Langkawi
The Loaf Langkawi

Telaga Harbour Marina & Yacht Pier
Telaga Harbour Marina & Yacht Pier

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Unkaizan Langkawi Review | Japanese Food That Rocks

Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant

Unkaizan Langkawi, this ten year-old establishment is amazing as each dish is authentic and crafted by a Japanese master chef with over a decade of international culinary experience. Aside from the chef himself, they also imported two waitstaff directly flew in from Japan to take care of the diners.

Beautiful Sunset of Pantai Tengah at Unkaizan Langkawi
Picturesque sunset of Pantai Tengah

Unkaizan Langkawi - Winner of Malaysia's Best Restaurant Award
A retro touch in the best of nature

Ground floor seatings
Conventional Indoor Seating

Its interior is a throwback to 1970s oriental charm particularly old pictures, wine cellar and Japanese calligraphy with a touch of nature, portrayed in their wooden cover menu, bamboo poles, natural wood furniture and paper lanterns. There are three types of seating namely the conventional indoor and outdoor with table and chairs as well as tatami style – the traditional Japanese dining, be seated on floor and dishes are served on short tables.
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Langkawi Restaurant Review | Chiew Seafood at Pantai Tengah

Langkawi Restaurant Review 

Floating on the Straits of Malacca about 110 km north of Penang, Langkawi is never an island to land on for food, be it in a Langkawi restaurant, cafe or by road side though most of us love its idyllic beaches and laid back adventures. That said, where to eat is still a puzzle. Hunting for the best restaurant in Langkawi is not easy since most reviews I run through over majority of the restaurants on the island are fed with more complaints than compliments.  

Chiew Restaurant at Pantai Tengah
Chiew Restaurant at Pantai Tengah (next to Turkish & opp Casablanca)

Seaweed, tofu, fish balls and egg soup
Fishballs, tofu, seaweed, egg & vege soup RM15

On the first day when we stepped on the land of Eagle or Lang, we decided to pick one of the nearest eating place from our hotel. We wanted to have just a quick one and be back to prepare for the following full day itinerary – that’s the excuse we gave ourselves. From Langkawi restaurant blog review, I suggested Cactus Cafe that sits exactly opposite our resort. Alas, it was closed for two weeks. So, we drove out heading north to Pantai Cenang. . Continue reading “Langkawi Restaurant Review | Chiew Seafood at Pantai Tengah”

TexMex and Western food in Penang | Chilis Grill and Bar Restaurant

Western Food in Penang

Being colonized by a few European countries before, western food in Penang is not a foreign nor a luxury. The recent price war among the fast chain restaurants put these so-called ‘western food’ to be very affordable, in fact it is battling against the street western food and stuff in hawker centers as well.

Crispy Honey Chopotle at Chilis Penang G Hotel
Appetizing Crispy Honey Chopotle

If you’re looking for a ‘localized’ western food below RM10, you may not go far wrong with Mount Erskine western delight, Fettes Park western food Penang or street vendors at hawker centers or food courts. The term ‘localized’ is to stress the fact that these western platters have been tuned to the local’s palate, offered in unique names that are not common in the authentic Western food menu and served with frozen vegetables and fries. Nonetheless, these are the ‘real’ western food in Penang today.
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Langkawi Food Guide | Get All Your Questions Answered Here

Langkawi food guide

If you’re looking for Langkawi food guide, this post certainly gives you some great tips on what to expect for eating and food in Langkawi. Unlike her close cousin – the island of Penang, Langkawi is not the world for food hunting nor food tasting but if you know the tricks, you’re going to survive!

Dataran Lang or Lang Square near Kuah Jetty Point
Icon of Langkawi – Lang that means an eagle

Survival Tips #1: Read, read and read Langkawi food review
The more you read, the better equipped you are. Though not many, make sure you browse through the Langkawi food blog to feed yourself with true accounts and figures, besides saving some time hunting the best steal for eating places. Based on where you put up, list down at least a few eating places or Langkawi restaurants that you found well-rated by fellow travelers. And a decent Langkawi food court is kind of precious. Please tell us if you found a great one!
A restaurant at Oriental Village Langkawi
Food is everywhere on the island

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What to see in Austin Texas | Lake Travis View at Sunset

What to see in Austin Texas 

We wanted a picture perfect evening of Lake Travis view, this is exactly we wish for what to see in Austin! Basked in all the glory of mother nature has to offer, right in the neighborhood of the Austin suburbs, we thought that The Oasis might be the place to be.

The Oasis on Lake Travis Austin Texas
Approaching The Oasis

As our car turned around the corner, The Oasis of Austin Texas loomed into view. It’s a massive structure, built on the cliff side, hanging precariously – looking on to Lake Travis like a giant ship about to topple over into the lake.
The Oasis Water Reservoir decor
The Oasis Water Reservoir – Don’t worry your water doesn’t come from here!

The Oasis Mall on Lake Travis Austin TX
The Oasis Mall

The walk from the car park to The Oasis takes you through a small range of shops, flower-beds and an assortment of sculptures which can only be described as strange and weird or extraordinary – like for example the remains of what seems to be a small spaceship.
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