Used Book Stores in Penang

Used Book Stores in Penang

Used book stores in Penang are places that I have almost erased from mind. Once upon a time ago, I was a heavy-user for used books due to budget constraint. Coping with the last two years in high school was exhausting. These hectic days not only demanded loads effort and time but also money! Yep, I had never spent so much on reference books before. To source for inexpensive books, I frequented a spot on Love Lane in George Town. To identify this nameless place, my classmates and I called it ‘Ah Pek’  (literally means ‘Uncle’ in Hokkien –  a local dialect) Seond-Hand Book Store. A tiny shack on the edge of the street near Chulia Street’s 7-Eleven, Ah Pek traded purely reference books. He bought used books, acted as the middle man to store and re-sell. Situated behind our alma mater, it made our visits pretty convenience after school.

Used books
Used books

Chowrasta Market in Penang Road is another popular place for budgeted students, travelers or heavy-duty readers. From used Lonely Planet series, Dan Brown, Mill & Boon, university reference material, school textbooks to lifestyle and collectible magazines, these used book stores is located on the first floors of Chowrasta Market. Books are offered in tonnes, piling from floor to ceiling, occupying every single inch on shelves inside the shops and spilling out along the corridor/walkway! Some do offer new books at bargain as well. To avoid the wet market on ground floor, reach the side staircase of this heritage building, it leads straight to the used book stores. The only downside is you have to afford a lot of time (and sweat) browsing for what you want. Some perhaps say they collect heaps of junk, but I must defend that these book stores in Penang are like buried gems for book devotees.
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Penang Public Library | In A Nutshell

Penang Public Library

Not that we are big fans of public library but when we’re in TX, Milwood Branch Public Library at Amherst Drive was like our second H.E.B. store. Not for groceries shopping obviously but borrowing so-called ‘learning’ materials mostly books, sometimes CDs and DVDs, almost every week. And it was just a stone throw from where we lived that made it pretty convenience.

Penang Public Library - George Town Branch
Penang Public Library – George Town Branch

Back in Penang, we always think twice before making a trip to library. Never stepped into any of them for more than a decade, the first two queries that jumped into our mind were ‘where are they now?’ and ‘what are their operating days/hours?’. Asking Google is like an automatic reaction, at which uncover brilliant information about Penang public library.
Lincoln's reading corner at Penang Children's Library
Lincoln’s reading corner

Aside from Penang public library branches, there are 3 reading sanctuaries provided in shopping malls namely AEON Seberang Prai City at Bandar Perda, Bayan Baru Mayang Mall Cyber Library and KOMTAR Cyber Library. I am aware of the mobile libraries running in the state as I had seen there before, and they actually have 12 coaches to serve particularly in rural areas.
Dedicated to early readers - Penang Children's Library
Dedicated to early readers

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Penang Restaurant | Idealite Wellness Kitchen – Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet in Penang Restaurant

After burning some calories at Botanic Garden, what else is better none other than fueling up with a healthy meal in a recent established Penang restaurant. Aplenty of eateries are conveniently nearby particularly along Gottlieb Road but Idealite – Malaysia’s 1st Macrobiotic Wellness Kitchen somehow struck us. Macrobiotic is not a new jargon, it had been used in food and health context as early as 1797 by Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (a German Physician). Summarizing from Wikipedia, macro means ‘large’ and ‘bios’ means life hence ‘macrobiotic’ describes the practice of dietary regimen, consisting chiefly of whole grains and beans, supplemented with other foodstuff such as local vegetables besides avoiding highly processed/refined foods/extreme temperature during cooking and most of animal products.

Idealite Wellness - Bak Kut Teh served as Macrobiotic diet
Vegan’s version of Bak Kut Teh & brown rice

Leveraging on a standard file folder, paper printed images and words, they describe all that are offered in this Penang restaurant’s menu. Featuring mainly Penang Malaysian and Thai cuisine, you would be surprised to see Green Curry, Tomyam, Lo Mee, Curry Mee all listed on their menu. Inclusive are some twist from Japanese and Taiwanese kitchens as well, offering ramen and noodles to be served alongside mushroom and a variety of vegetables/lentils/tofu. Take note, not everything served here are prepared from organic produce or ingredients. For strict dieters, exercise your privilege and check with the waitstaff before placing your order. 
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Durian Season | Buffet @ Green Acres Balik Pulau

On the island of Penang, Balik Pulau is the home to the king of fruits. Durian farms become popular destinations overnight, greeting visitors from local or abroad, serving primarily the die-hard durian fans! But if you imagine a durian outing with a hike to an orchard, lush greenery in the backdrop, a decent ‘kampung’ house to greet you, then consider Green Acres for a durian buffet!

Kum Poh - one of the commercially cloned durian cultivars
Kum Poh – one of the commercially cloned durian cultivars

What started as a dream to live a healthier lifestyle in a farm turned out to a never ending journey of learning and discovery!“. This is quoted exactly from the information shared by the owner of Green Acres. Started in 2009, the search for a retreat home eventually led to designing a sustainable building at which water is pushed uphill by ram pump and electricity is generated by solar panels.
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Musang King @ Raja Kunyit | No.1 Durian of This Decade?

Smell of durian in the air

It’s time of the year again that we are celebrating the durian season! This year, it was a bit unusual. I was greeted with a box of Musang King as soon as the durian fair began! Yum Yum! Making it to the top 3 in the list of durian popularity chart in Malaysia and South East Asia, this cultivar of durian is a product of cloning. ‘Musang’ is a Bahasa Malaysia word, means civet – a small mammal that most people mistaken it for fox. That’s said, the durian has nothing to do with this creature. It was named after the place where it hailed from – Gua Musang in Kelantan.

Musang King Durian
Musang King Durian

Stands out compares to rest of its family and friends, Musang King Durian is famed for thick flesh and wrinkled (tiny) seeds. Bright yellow in color, creamy like custard, it offers a distinctive smell, mild sweet taste like the almonds with an end of light bitterness. If you’re a chemist, let me assure you that this durian smells better than esters!. Continue reading “Musang King @ Raja Kunyit | No.1 Durian of This Decade?”

Easy Home Recipes | Sweet Sour Chicken

Easy Home Recipes

If you only have less than an hour to prepare a decent meal, this post is one of the easy home recipes dedicated to you. Lately time is always not on my side. Perhaps I want to accomplish many things in a short time or I put too many stuff on my plate. From running errands, meeting deadlines, household chores to taking care of little one,  I love to do everything on my own. Same goes to cooking for my family.

Sweet Sour Chicken - one of the easy home recipes
Sweet Sour Chicken with French beans, onions and carrot

Living in Penang gives us the luxury of dining out. Inexpensive and options are abundance. Yet sometimes I take the trouble to prepare our own meals to make sure we have ‘good’ and ‘quality’ food. With easy home chicken recipes in mind, I combine protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in a dish making it my version of sweet sour chicken. This dish takes advantage of French beans, carrot and onion. For folks who prefer tomato, green pepper (capsicum) and pineapple, you may swap these with the former vegetables.
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