Tanjung Sepat Day Trip | Fun Things To Do

Tanjung Sepat Farm 

For a fun day out, take an hour odds drive out of the Klang Valley to a thriving Tanjung Sepat. If you’re heading to Tanjung Sepat from south – Sepang KLIA or Malacca, you can start at fruits farm. It is no secret that Sepang and Sungai Pelek, the coastal towns on the southwest of Selangor are prospering agriculture hubs. All kind of tropical fruits includes dragon fruits (pitaya), pineapples, bananas, starfruit and longan made their homes here. About 1.5 km from main road, Longan Fruit Farm Sungai Pelek is a sizable orchard that offers not only fruits but vegetables such corn on the cob, sweet potato and tapioca as well. Don’t be surprised, this orchard is pretty popular with bus-loaded tourists.

Tanjung Sepat Lover's Bridge
Tanjung Sepat Lover’s Bridge

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Car Boot Sale | Now Showing in Penang

Penang Car Boot Sale

For Penangites that walked into PISA for Penang Green Expo last weekend, I bet this line – Trade In Your Ex caught your attention. Even if it did not on you, it hit on me. At first glance, I thought it was a joke. Then, I read again and it was actually a car boot sale. If this is your first time to hear about, it means cars are parked under the sun, with boots or trunks widely open to trade pre-loved knick knacks! Whatever that fit in the boot or trunk means they have to go.

Car Boot Sale in Penang
Car Boot Sale in Penang

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Tanjung Sepat Food Guide | Best Secrets Revealed

Tanjung Sepat Food

For discerning gastronomes, Tanjung Sepat offers a wealth of culinary delights, guaranteed to assault even the most demanding of palettes. Essentially a Chinese fishing village, I was gobsmacked for many reasons. First, the folks here are pretty industrious. Second – if you think Klang Valley is crowded, you must visit Tanjung Sepat on weekends to envisage how congested it is, jammed with outstation cars and bus-loads tourists. Third – every corner, junction and road, or almost every alternate houses are serving nothing but food, food and more food!

Traditional Homemade Candy
Traditional Homemade Candy

Tanjung Sepat Bao – Hai Yew Heng Pau 

Despite steep in price, the demand for this machine churned and hand wrapped Chinese steamed buns or pau are quickly gone in no time. Trays and trays of Hai Yew Heng Pau are served right out of the steamer! Set up in a small cottage, these pau are offered in 6 varieties. Most of the fillings are pretty common such as kaya (coconut jam), red bean paste, pork/egg, vegetables and peanut. Nonetheless, the one that you must try is mui choy or preserved mustard green with minced pork. It was my first time to hear about this variety and it turned out to be fantastic. My sister claimed that their buns are fluffy and don’t stick to palette, so I had to go back again!

Tanjung Sepat Bao station
Tanjung Sepat Bao station

Mui Choy Pau (Bao - Chinese steamed bun)
Mui Choy Pau (Bao – Chinese steamed bun)

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Sepang Gold Coast | What To See

Sepang Gold Coast Bagan Lalang 

Years ago if you were to claim for Sepang Gold Coast, you may be lucky to be just laughed at. Folks often joked that besides Sepang F1 Circuit and Sepang International Airport (KLIA), be prepared to greet nothing else but oil palm plantations in Sepang. Fast forward to present, this part of Selangor is one of the most thriving agriculture hubs as well as an eco-friendly tourist destination. In the past, Bagan Lalang was just another village in Selangor. Tide and time made it the home to a 5-star eco-resort, then a strip of sandy shore called Sepang Gold Coast (GPS Coordinates: 2.605093,101.688012) was born next to it.

Sepang Gold Coast
Sepang Gold Coast

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23Takehana Japanese Food @ Juru Autocity Restaurant

23Takehana Juru Autocity Restaurant 

For Penang islanders or visitors who are not familiar with the neighborhoods in mainland, one of the best places to hit for aplenty foods is Juru Autocity. From the fancy restaurants for splurge such as Tao Japanese and Seoul Garden to the economical range includes Pizza Hut and KFC. All of these cozy eateries are are just next to each other. You don’t really need an Juru Autocity map for food hunting.

Juru Autocity Japanese Restaurant
Juru Autocity 23 Takehana

Pleasant scene
Pleasant ambiance

On the north-south highway, take the Juru Autocity exit, and on the first traffic light junction, either turn takes you for a great choice. In fact, from the highway itself, you can see Pelita Nasi Kandar on the same zone with Secret Recipe, Shelaiton, Starbucks and McDonald, while a turn to right leads to even more choices, at which the zone is like a food factory outlet!! They remind me of the factory outlets (smaller scale though) in The States, except there is no Guess, Levi’s, Nike, Timberland, Gap, Coach but food, food and foods! Imagine tonnes of eateries, line up, each is like a box planted on a piece of square land with a few banks inserted in-between in case you need some cash. Parking bay is plenty and the bonus – it’s free. 
Salad from Han Chan Set
Salad from Han Chan Set

Han Chan Set from 23 Takehana Juru Autocity
Han Chan Set

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Sri Petaling Food Hunt | Loving Hut – Eat & Save The World

Sri Petaling Food Hunt

If you pick Sri Petaling neighborhood for food, you’ll be spoilt for choices here from the popular Sri Petaling food court, fish head noodle, steamboat to the posh restaurants. Next to each other, the list is endless. Looking at the facades and signboards may not help, but rather taking your head to spin. Exactly, this was what happened when 5 of us decided to visit Sri Petaling township for a dinner on a Friday evening.

Loving Hut is created to save mankind
Loving Hut is created to save mankind

So we started from a row ahead of us. Walking passed a few restaurants, we still couldn’t make up our mind. We then thought steamboat can be a good option. Stepped in, be seated, zoomed into their menu and we found out – they serve mainly seafood and meat stuff at which didn’t fancy us on that day.
Warm udon to comfort a hungry soul
Warm udon to comfort a hungry soul

We’re thinking of simple and light stuff, hopefully served in aplenty options of vegetables and fruits. To our delight and surprise, we found Loving Hut a few steps away. Not on the ground but two flights of staircases leading us to this Sri Petaling restaurant. When we stepped into this restaurant, it is as if we’d walked into a relative’s house for some wholesome homemade food. And that’s exactly what Loving Hut is all about – cozy, bright and a spacious place to enjoy nutritional, healthy and delicious food. We knew it right from the first page of its menu at which are typed in large fonts: fresh vegetables (organic fertilizer), eggless, meatless, milk-free, no MSG, use brown sugar, no microwave oven, use 5-star alkaline mineral water filter. Though I am not very strict when it comes to food, I am neither the fan of MSG and GMO foods. With two tykes to feed, this vegan restaurant was a great choice even if not, a big consolation – that’s what I had in mind.
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Frasers Hill Food Guide | Eat and Dine @ Bukit Fraser

Frasers Hill Food Guide

Unlike most highlands in Malaysia, Frasers Hill or Bukit Fraser is a less popular tourist destination thus makes it a blessing when comes to dining and eating. Without the squeeze, pushes and queues, we found the summit was not quiet yet not too crowded though we arrived on a school holiday and a national holidays weekend. From a thought of weekend’s nature escapade, we ended up with a day trip at Fraser’s Hill. To find out more on the landmarks and how to get to Fraser’s Hill from Klang Valley, please read my former post here.

Fish and chips from D'Olio Puncak Inn
Fish and chips from D’Olio Puncak Inn

An affordable food is the bonus if you reach the summit of Fraser’s Hill – being the least popular highland in Malaysia. Not find much information on food is provide on the giant map hung near the post office. In fact, I was disappointed with the washout version at which the trunk road was rubbed of by the weather. We arrived on a public holiday, thus walking into the tourist information center next to Puncak Inn was not an option. However, we were lucky to snap one from the lobby after chatting with a hotel’s staff.
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Bukit Fraser (Frasers Hill) | No Traffic Control – Hassle Free From The Gap

Bukit Fraser

Now everyone can drive up to Frasers Hill or Bukit Fraser at anytime you wish. Unlike what happen in the past, there was no more hassle, no time restriction, no blackout zone for ascending and descending this highland from The Gap – the last 10km before the peak. New road to descend the hill has opened to public for almost a year. Though longer than The Gap Road, it is a pleasant road winds through the lush greenery. We departed from Kuala Lumpur about 8 am. A sunny morning, the sky was bright.

Selangor River Dam or sometimes refer to Kuala Kubu Bahru Dam
Selangor River Dam or sometimes refer to Kuala Kubu Bahru Dam

Driving from Klang Valley on North-South highway, we exited at Rawang (NOT Rawang Selatan) to continue on trunk road. Heading to Kuala Kubu Bahru, we hit this historic town on our next milestone after an hour and forty minutes. From Kuala Kubu Bahru, we looked out for signpost directing to Fraser’s Hill or Kuala Lipis, as both are referring to the same trunk road. Though we had an electronic guided device (GPS), the direction touted on the sign board was handy to confirm the information on GPS. Importantly, it did not take us on a longer route and stretching hours!
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