The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Comes To Penang

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Dubbed as the world’s biggest book sale, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is likely to make debut in Penang by 2013! Slashed down by 75-80%, books are sold as low as RM3 or US$1. If you’re a fanatic reader or a book collector, I bet you didn’t miss the total-madness 2012 year end book sale organized by BookXcess at Mines Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Seri Kembangan Selangor. With over 3 millions book were sold at huge discounted price, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale certainly offered something for everyone. Started from 7 December through 23 December 2012, we turned up on the last day, joining the last-minute crowd to grab the great steal of books.

World's Biggest Book Sale 2012 in Klang Valley
World’s Biggest Book Sale 2012 in Klang Valley

Despite the insane traffic congestion at Serdang and Seri Kembangan townships, we managed to walk into exhibition hall by half past three in the afternoon. Besides books in abundance, staked and piled up, rolled over huge long tables, aplenty weekend shoppers turned up in this indoor space sizing of a football field. Prices tagged on heaps of books were really eye-popping and jaw-dropping. A hard cover encyclopedia for RM20, a fiction/personal development book from RM8 and a children’s book ranges between RM3 to RM10. Crazy, these figures were simply incredible, even lower than the prices of books in US and Canada!
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at The Mines 2012
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at The Mines 2012

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Continental Bakery @ Nagore Road Penang

If you think Penang is all about hawker food, you may want to think again after visiting Continental Bakery at Nagore Road in George Town. The smell of freshly baked breads on cooling racks, sight of shelves loaded with loaves, buns, rolls to pastries. All kind of doughy stuff for grab. And as fast as they fill up the shelves, these breads are gone in no time as people walk in and out, with cash registrar rarely fall silent. This is likely to be the scene as one walks into this old-fashioned bakery, that has been around over so long, perhaps since my parent’s teenage time!

Continental Bakery at Nagore Road Penang
Continental Bakery

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Watch Sunset Eat Thai @ Penang Bukit Genting Restaurant

Penang Thai Restaurant РBukit Genting 

If you want to step into a completely different world from that on offer Penang Hill – touristy, hustling city view, look no further than Genting Hill or Bukit Genting that is located on the south-west of the island. Blanketed in the sea of greenery, paddy fields and water of Malacca Straits, the draw card of this beautiful summit is exemplified by the scenes Pulau Betong – a tiny turtle shaped isle across Pulau Betong fishing village against the horizon. Fondly known as Little Genting, this ‘highland’ is one of the best spots to catch surreal sunset in Penang.

Pulau Betong Penang view from Bukit Genting
Sunset and Pulau Betong

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Shinju Foodstuff | Fresh Organic Pork Made Debut in Penang

Organic Pork in Penang

Perhaps it is the natural calling, the trend of dining obsession is towards green eating. Plant-based, non-GMOs, without synthetic flavoring, green foods in this sense cover the organically produced meats such as chicken, beef and pork. The great thing is organic shops have started to take off in Penang. With many of them come into picture, we have a variety of sources to pick the organic vegetables, fruits, eggs to dried produce and all kind of foodstuff.

Fresh Organic Pork in Penang at Shinju Foodstuff
Fresh Organic Pork

Adding to our delight, a fresh organic pork outlet is now opening in Penang. Nestled in Lip Sin residential neighborhood, we made the first visit last month and again yesterday. Located on the ground floor at Lucas Ark Digital Mall (used to be known as Pan Plaza Palace), this commercial building also houses Sunshine Lip Sin groceries and the recent popular dim sum eatery – Red Tea House. If you have no idea of this neighborhood, enter this set of coordinates (5.341822,100.293352) into your GPS or Google Map.
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Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe @ Penang Promenade

Penang Restaurant at Promenade 28

Craving for a tasty bite of strawberry to eat in Penang? It can be found at Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe, right at the waterfront of Sungai Pinang Promenade. This establishment transforms strawberry into impressive desserts of international variety such as souffle, parfait, waffle, sundae in addition to pudding, custard, split and Napolean that can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Strawberry Ice Tea & Blue Hawaii Smoothie
Strawberry Ice Tea & Blue Hawaii Smoothie

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