Fish Head Curry @ Lek Lek Restaurant Seri Kembangan

Seri Kembangan for Fish Head Curry

I was told our host that if you’re looking for Fish Head Curry in Seri Kembangan neighborhood, Lek Lek Restaurant is one of the best eateries to walk into. A twist to ‘Nasi Kandar’ style cooking, Lek Lek’s fish head curry is distinctly rich, spicy, enhanced by the liberal use of aromatic coconut milk.

Fish Head Curry
Fish Head Curry

Marmite chicken
Marmite chicken

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Best French Fries | Potato Chips – Hokkaido Farm

The Best French Fries

Premium, exclusive, superior and addictive, these are the best adjectives to describe my favorite potato French fries. Jaga Pokkuru, as how it is known in Japanese flew in directly from Japan when one of my family members had an assignment in Tokyo recently. The name Jaga Pokkuru comes from the legend of Ainu people, the indigenous to Hokkaido – the north most island of Japan.

Hokkaido Farm the best french fries ever
Everything from a packet (18g)
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Steamboat in KL | 100 Degree C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant

Inexpensive Steamboat in KL

Of red, white and black that made an elegant facade, 100 Degree C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant is a unique restaurant that is conveniently located at Jalan Kuchai Lama/Old Klang Road or Salak South neighborhoods. If you’re looking for an affordable BBQ steamboat in KL, you’d not go far wrong to walk into 100 Degree Celsius that sits adjacent to Pappa Rich in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park.

100 degree C Steamboat BBQ and Teppanyaki at Kuchai Lama
Bold and bright, next to Pappa Rich

Featuring over 10 varieties of steamboat soup to choose and over 20 different types of sauces to dip, 100 Degree C Steamboat Restaurant attracts all of walks of life from family with children to intimate dining for two. The best of all, each diner is served with an individual pot, right in front of them. In addition convenient and hygiene, you can pick your choice of steamboat soup and have it all by yourself! And you get to control the heat/temperature as you like.

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Sri Petaling Food | Herbs and Spices – Best Place for Authentic Nasi Dagang

On last holiday season, Sri Petaling food hunt brought us to Herbs and Spices, a fusion restaurant that is located in the main artery of the town – Jalan Radin Bagus. A prime commercial area not too far from Sri Petaling food court, this popular food street thrives. It is a palace because you’re certainly spoilt for choices.  Be it a Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, European, Malaysian, Thai, vegetarian to fusion, this street has over 50 restaurants inclusive of pubs and cafe with blinking neon.

Mushroom soup and toast
Mushroom soup and toast

The only challenge of this Sri Petaling food street is the limitation of parking bay thus it is wise to head there early particularly for dinner. Double parking is a common sight, so honking is the most effective way to alert the car owner that blocks your way. He/she could be dining in one of the nearby restaurants. The current undergoing construction of a multi story car park opposite these restaurants are foreseen to resolve this constraint soon.

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Cupcake Decorations Fondant/Frosting – A Delicious Mess

If you have been admiring cupcake decorations from afar, this post reveals that the art and science of decorating cupcakes is not something out of reach despite they look sophisticated.

Crayon Shin Chan Fondant Cupcake Decorations Cartoon Character
Shin Chan plays a lot under the sun, so there is a little crack on his face. Mosturizer will help

Cupcake Home Decorations

For a weekend baker like myself, I was reluctant to spend a bomb on the cupcake decorations kits therefore I had been using brief and simple stuff at home. Zipper lock is kind of useful. Stuff the cream frosting, make a slit and here you go – you’re ready to pipe beautiful swirls on cupcakes. To be frank, I copy this technique from how make deviled egg swirls! If I need a thin swirl, then I make a smaller slit so that I can even write words on these cupcakes.

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Bukit Jalill Park | A Place For Everyone

Taman Bukit Jalil

If New York City folks are pampered with Central Park, Klang Valley townies has Bukit Jalil Park for almost an equivalent, judging of population to size ratio, garden landscapes and facilities. Despite it doesn’t sit exactly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this park of 80-acre is perhaps the largest public park in the capital of Malaysia. And admission is free.

Windmill of Netherlands in Bukit Jalil Park
Windmill of Netherlands
Chinese Garden in Bukit Jalil Park
little China in KL

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