Khun Thai Teluk Kumbar | Seafood By The Beach

Lou Sang or Prosperity Toss is one of the South East Asia Chinese big things. Believe to bring good luck, Yee Sang or Yusheng is a popular dish during Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) particularly in Malaysia or Singapore. And, we landed at Khun Thai Restaurant in Teluk Kumbar Penang for ‘Siu Kang Jiu’ or literally translated to ‘The End of Work Feast’ that took place prior to Chinese New Year celebration.

Yee Sang at Khun Thai
Ready for prosperity toss?

If you’re familiar with Good Friend Seafood that sits behind the Yellow Bus building then, Khun Thai is further up on the road on the way to Gertak Sanggul fishing village. Or if you have been to Hai Boey Seafood in Teluk Kumbar, then Khun Thai Restaurant is sitting adjacent to it. Since Khun Thai and Hai Beoy Seafood Restaurants are off the main road, running close to beach front, the sandy strip here is more idyllic compares to the others nearby. And another plus is their parking bays are aplenty, besides it is free of charge and you’d be assisted by an in-house traffic warden during peak hours.

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Khun De Thai Restaurant @ Batu Lanchang

Khun De like its name suggests specializes in authentic Thai cuisine. Located on the bustling Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim slightly opposite Jelutong wet market, this Penang restaurant is much different compares to others. As soon as you walk in, attap huts and bamboo furniture positioned in laid back atmosphere of its facade greets you. In addition to this patio dining, Khun De Thai restaurant also features a cozy indoor air-conditioned place. The finishing here is much catered for family crowd.

Thai style vegetables - deep fried water spinach
Thai style – deep fried water spinach

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Penang Dimsum Restaurant | Lip Sin Red Tea House

If you’re a consumer, competition is always good. More choices mean better choices. For dim sum lovers in Bayan Baru and south eastern neighborhoods of Penang, you have another dim sum eatery operating at Lip Sin Garden in addition to Max Restaurant at Pekaka Square. Restoran Lip Sin Red Tea House, that’s the name we spotted on its facade. Sits right at ground level of Lucas Ark Mall, this Penang restaurant is a stone throw from Super Tanker food court. Precisely, Red Tea House shares the same building with Lip Sin Sunshine, Shinju Foodstuff and Eagle Point Church if these names ring a bell.

Lip Sin Red Tea House Dimsum Restaurant
Dedicated for tea beverages

Extremely popular on weekends and public holidays, Lip Sin Red Tea House extends its dining area along the corridor, across shops that face Jalan Bukit Gambier. Positioning them outdoor, the place is ventilated, kind of airy compares to dining in a shop kind. Parking bays are aplenty, just opposite the restaurant, built from former playground without parking fee. Offering tea beverages of all types on the house, means patrons do not to foot out for tea beverages. In addition, they do take a lar carte orders early in the morning such as fried noodles, Hokkien char, ang tau mee, giving more options for folks who prefer things other than dim sum.
Dining area spills over the corridor
Dining spills over the corridor

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Habanero Mexican Dining @ Queensbay Mall

If you’re longing for Tex-Mex in Penang, Habanero Mexican Dining might be the right place for you. Named after a variety of exceptionally hot chili originated from Amazon region, Habanero as its name suggests is an eatery made for food hunters that love natural spices notably from Latin America.

Habanero Mexican Dining at Queensbay Mall
Habanero Mexican Food

“There is a new Mexican restaurant in Queensbay Mall”, this was how I learned about Habanero. Self-service kind, similar to Subway, pick-to-go, that was additional information I heard. So the weekend after, we decided to walk in to sample a few of Habanero’s menu.

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Indoor Playground | Kidz Paradise @ Mines Seri Kembangan

Indoor playground for kids at shopping mall is perhaps the trend nowadays, to keep children occupied while parents are running the errand. When I was a kid, we went for groceries shopping and followed the adults all day long without complaining. In fact, it was fun to learn how things were stacked and priced. Being kids these days, the story is different, it is certainly a luxury.

In the midst of searching for the venue of World’s Largest Book Sale – Big Bad Wolf, we found Kid’z Paradise at Level 4 of The Mines Shopping Mall in Seri Kembangan Selangor. In demand to complement modern parenting, an indoor Cassia seed pool was the highlight that prompted me to stop. And of course, I snapped a picture. This indoor play area resonates with sand play by the beach where kids can scoop and dig.

The Mines Shopping Mall Seri Kembangan Selangor Malaysia Boat ride
Little Venice at The Mines Seri Kembangan

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