Jade Buddha World Tour for Universal Peace

The Jade Buddha

Since March 2009, Jade Buddha had traveled from Vietnam, Australia, many states in USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and recently Malaysia. In Malaysia, Jade Buddha made a stop at Kuala Lumpur and recently Penang. On the tropical island of Penang, Jade Buddha offered a 360-view at Penang Times Square in George Town for 10 days.

The world's largest Jade Buddha in Penang
The world’s largest Jade Buddha

This world’s largest Buddha statue that is carved out from pure Canadian jade boulder, is 2.7 m in height and weighs 4 tonne (4,000 kg). Priceless, the statue was carved in Thailand replicating the image of the famous Great Buddha statue in Mohabodhi Stupa in India.

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Eye Fashion | Fits Over Sunglasses in Malaysia

When I saw a fits-over for the first time, cool was the first description that jumped out of my mind! Yup, it is really awesome! Created to be worn over a prescription sunglasses, a fits-over does not require the wearer to put on contact lenses in order to switch on a pair of sunglasses. Aren’t you agree, it is cool? A fits-over is certainly a convenience choice to frame wearers at the same time it provides protection from the sun.

Fits-Over Sunglasses
Fits-Over Sunglasses

Compares to the clip-on variety, a fits-over looks more stylish. It can also be worn by itself alone. Comes with polarized option in addition UV-block, there are a variety of shapes and frame colors in addition to the extended coverage on top, side and all corners as it hugs the surrounding of our eyes. Personally, I found a fits-over is more robust, easier to take care compares to a clip-on, at which is kind of ‘fragile’ from its appearance.

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