Traditional Chinese Snacks | Taro Tortoise Cake – Or Ku Kuih

Tasting traditional food is certainly one of my passions. Cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation somehow speaks for itself. With stories that it brings along, the food comes alive when it is served. Same goes for this traditional Chinese snacks – Or Ku Kuih (Hokkien dialect). ‘Or’ is taro or yam (not black) and ‘Ku’ simply means Tortoise thus it gives the direct translation as Taro Tortoise Cake.

Or Ku Kuih - Traditional Chinese Snacks - Taro Tortoise Cake
Taro Tortoise Cake

The story began more than a few decades ago at Chew Jetty in Penang. Apparently, Or Ku Kuih was a famous dish originated by the Chew clan that lived at Weld Quay in George Town. Similar to Ang Ku Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake), the soft pastry is made from sticky rice flour however added with mashed taro. The skin wraps around a savory mung bean filling, then press on ‘Tortoise’ shell mould. Believe to eat for longevity (like the tortoise that lives over a hundred years ;)). this food is perfect to be served for snacks or prayer offerings in Chinese culture. Compares to the typical Ang Ku Kuih, this pastry is softer and of course nicer with taro. Personally, I prefer the savory filling rather the sweet kind of red tortoise cake.

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Butterworth Japanese Restaurant | Shunka Raja Uda

If there is a time to eat, eat and eat, then May is the month to do it! The month to celebrate ‘No Diet Day’ (May 6) and ‘Eat What You Want Day’ (May 11) in addition to the traditional celebration of Mother’s Day (May 12) and Teacher’s Day (May 16).

Japanese Garlic Rice at Shunka Restaurant Penang Raja Uda
Japanese Garlic Rice

Being a pack that always hunt for good food, we ended up at Shunka Japanese Restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day this year! Like most of you, I’d never heard of Shunka until someone suggested for a try. Located at the famous Jalan Raja Uda, Shunka is one of the newly opened at Butterworth Business Center adjacent to Aroma Hotel. Spacious, this business zone assimilates Juru Auto City, lined up with restaurants of contemporary architecture. To my surprise, Butterworth looks like a booming town!
Sake Shio Set - Grilled Salmon
Sake Shio Set – Grilled Salmon

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Cycling in Penang | Gold Coast – The Light Coastal Trail

Biking has gradually became a life-style in Penang. Even the outlets that sell gym equipments and Ace Hardware in shopping malls are displaying bicycles for sale! Despite the upsides, one of the challenges to bike safely in Penang is the route. In the present practice, bikers have to share roads with motorized vehicles to access most places. That’s said, the massive motorized vehicles that congest the roads at times place the bikers at disadvantage being tiny comparatively, in addition to minimal biking safety measures.

Completed Penang Coastal Biking Trail May 2013
Completed Penang Coastal Biking Trail as of May 2013

Frankly, the traffic in Penang always make me think twice when it comes to biking particularly taking a child out on bike. My SO used to cycle to work a couple years ago but he had to stop after moving to a new office that is considerably less safe to bike. I had left my bike untouched since my child was born. Being a full time mom, who tell you that you have the luxury to bike? Of course, I’m just kidding!
Penang East Coast Biking Trail
Penang East Coast Biking Trail
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Thank You Dear Mom

Having children is like signing a life long contract. As much as the sleepless nights, there are always an equivalent bundles of laugh!

For Mum masterpiece by a toddler
For Mum

If you’re not or not yet a mother, let me tell you what did I get over the past two years (until God knows when) from being a mother:

* Patience and immunity to cries or shrieks.
* Aches and bruises when my little one throws himself on me.
* Be a chef to little ‘healthy’ diner.
* Paranoid when it comes to hygiene.
* Mess up with my ‘old’ toys again!
* Jump to heaven..when he yells ‘seven’.
* Shout like nobody is watching.
* Practice duck walk again! This is holy fun.
* Whimsical actions and nonsensical conversations that make me smile instantaneously.
* Cheer and laughter that take all my worries and stress away.

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