The Garden @ Krystal Point Penang | Asian & Fusion

If you’re looking for a decent, air-conditioned eatery of Asian variety, The Garden at Krystal Point commercial park in Bayan Baru can be a good option. On the menu, The Garden offers foodstuff of similar kind from what you can have from Penang hawker variety, in fact they have much more to pamper you. From nasi lemak, fried kuey teow, steamboat, ramen to pasta, fish & chips and cheese cake, The Garden also serves more than a handful of unique finger food such as fried lotus root and cheese egg rolls. 

Nasi Lemak of THe Garden at Krystal Point Penang Bayan Baru
Nasi Lemak

Of green signpost as the name suggests, The Garden’s facade is striking even to the eyes of drivers that passed by. Although I was driving on the opposite side of the road, the attractive banner of its set lunch led us to walk into this restaurant on a Friday afternoon. Starting from RM7.90, there are over two dozens of variety at which is offered with a main, a glass of drinks (honey green tea/ice lemon tea/blackcurrant) and  a scoop of ice-cream (I think it is from Nestles). Mains are composed of udon, ramen, spaghetti, chicken chop, glass noodle, tom yum to fried rice.
Steamboat with Thai soup menu
Steamboat or hot pot is also served

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Home Kitchen Recipe | Salmon Taco Tomato Rice

Born as a foodie, I love good food. And I enjoy experimenting, messing with new dishes at my home kitchen. Inspired by the menu from Chuy’s Restaurant, I decided to create my first homemade Mexican – Salmon taco with tomato rice. I really miss the great dishes from this eatery that serves Tex-Mex. Despite the fact that Latin America and Asia are two different regions, I’d walk into a Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant for consolation when I miss home while living in Austin. Strange but it helped. My personal palate ascertains that Mexican is somehow closer to Peranakan (of which the blood that flows in me) dishes rather than the Chinese.

Salmon Taco with tomato rice
Salmon Taco with tomato rice

Back to my home kitchen recipe – Salmon taco with tomato rice, it was a thought to combine the foodstuff we love as in the name per say. Though grilled salmon is more common, I decided to go for steamed salmon with garlic/onion/ginger/honey, exactly what I had done before. Please click on the link for steamed or baked salmon recipe.

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Homemade Farmer Goat Milk Mantou Recipe

Mantou or Chinese steamed bun is like an equivalent of a toast to American or a taco to Spanish. Unlike bao that has fillings, mantou in fact is a plain staple, made mainly from wheat flour. The arts of mantou making lies in the kneading and resting steps. If one hurries to complete quickly, the dough may end up with insufficient time to rest. Like human, an over tired dough doesn’t likely to perform well.

Saneen Dairy Goat Milk - Yogurt & Milk
Pink is yogurt, white is Goat’s milk

If you’d read my previous post, I visited Saneen Goat Farm in Balik Pulau Penang with my little one and a a bunch of kids. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Ho for hosting us. Inspirational and interesting, how I wish that I had this kind of tour when I was a preschooler. If I were, perhaps by now I end up being a farmer rather than a worker that faces computer 24/7.

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Saneen Dairy Goat Farm @ Balik Pulau Penang

Saneen Dairy Goat Farm Pantai Acheh

If you’re hooked on Facebook’s Farmville, I bet Saneen dairy goats are not something new to you. Calm and gentle, Saneen goat of white or cream-colored breed is famed for its excellent dairy capability thus breed for commercial milking. Named after the Saneen Valley in Switzerland, sub tropical climate is the most conducive environment for these dairy goats. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised that there are a couple of Saneen dairy goat farms in Penang despite the humid and heat. Being relatively clean and docile, these features therefore made Saneen goats extremely appealing to kids.

A buck of Saneen goat greets you!
A buck of Saneen goat greets you!

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