Penang Vegan | Water Drop Tea House @ George Town

If you’re a vegan that arrive in George Town Penang starving, head straight into Water Drop Tea House at Lebuh Penang with no regret. Despite of simple and vintage outlook on its façade, as one walks into the restaurant, Water Drop is a welcoming sanctuary. Soothing interior, soft calming Buddhist hymn playing in the background, friendly waitstaff that are keen to serve approaching you, it was set up to promote compassion, kindness and gratitude. 

Millet Dumpling at Water Drop Tea House
Millet Dumpling

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Fa Guo San | Toast – Waffles – Panna Cotta

If you’re looking for a unique experience or something that attracts the eyes, then Fa Guo San (Hua-guo-shan) be a good choice. Honestly, this eatery taught me to appreciate food as an art rather than merely a meal that fuels the body. Composed by simple foods such as toast, waffle, fruits, cream, chocolate and ice-cream, Fa Guo San or literally means ‘Flowers and Fruits’ offers all the sweet tooth a venue to indulge.

Blue Ocean Soda RM6.90
Blue Ocean Soda RM6.90

Located at All Seasons Place on Lebuhraya Thean Teik in Farlim Air Itam Penang, Fa Guo San also features cheese cake that appears like a flower pot and panna cotta at which is an Italian pudding made from cream, milk, sugar and gelatin. Aside from sandwiches, nothing else here that is savory for tummy.
A platter of everything & dipping
A platter of everything & dipping

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Summer Dessert Bakery | Cheese Swiss Roll

Recently, we have been going back to Summer Dessert Bakery for their Royal Cheese Swiss Roll cake? Imagine, twice over a weekend. That sounds like a crush or an obsession? Perhaps both.

Royal Cheese Swiss Roll
Royal Cheese Swiss Roll

I walked into Summer Dessert Bakery at All Seasons Place in Air Itam Penang by chance on a weekend. Little that I know what they are good at. Until I decided to grab a roll of Royal Cheese Cake to take home. And it turned out that everyone at home fall in love with this lovely Swiss roll cake or sometimes refers as jelly roll. Soft and comforting dessert, it is a typical sponge cake layer that is rolled with cream cheese. Neither too sweet nor too cheesy. Just perfect for my little one and he loves it!

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All Seasons Place @ Farlim Air Itam Penang

As the northern folks of Penang are pampered with posh restaurants and pubs at Straits Quay, Gurney Paragon whilst the east-southern people have the luxury of Queensbay Mall and E-gate, Penangites that live in the neighborhood of Farlim and Air Itam now do not have to drive far to enjoy the similar comfort and lifestyle. The new commercial zone of All Seasons Place on Lebuhraya Thean Teik is a popular oasis in a matured suburb of Air Itam.

Penang Road Chendul @ All Seasons Place Farlim Air Itam Penang
Penang Road Chendul @ All Seasons Place

Developed by Belleview Group, All Seasons Place is a 700-meter frontage land of 20 acres aims to be the best destination for shopping, dinning and entertainment. Strategically located in the heart of Bandar Baru Air Itam or fondly known as Farlim – this area is a total facelift if one has never passed by Lebuhraya Thean Teik for the past a few years. 

When I was told by a friend that All Seasons Place is like E-gate, I thought it is just another place to hang out with al-fresco kind of eateries and pubs. Guess it has a bit more to offer. Not a haven but close – the brands and retailers that swarmed around this contemporary complex are kind of magnets to the majority of Penangites.

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Peace Run 2013 @ Youth Park Penang

Fell on the same date as Penang Run Series 2 that took place from Teluk Kumbar to Balik Pulau, Peace Run 2013 on 7 July was the 24th annual event organized by SCI (Service Civil International Malaysia) and MPPP (Penang Municipal Council). Little that I know that the aim of this noble run was to promote world peace by bringing people from all walks of life particularly special children and disabled (OKU) individuals until I was there in person for the first time. 

Musical Band from St Nicholas Home of The Blind
Musical Band from St Nicholas Home of The Blind

With God’s grace, I turned up at Youth Park (Penang Municipal Park) by half past six in the morning for this beautiful event, signing up as a volunteer to assist the wheel-chaired individuals. Peng, who happened to be my partner in the 1.5-km race is a male in his 40s (I guess). From a casual chat with him, I learned that Peng works in a bookshop during weekdays. On weekends, he spends on reading or visiting Facebook and playing online games. According to Peng, every year there are only 3 occasions that he gets to go around in town e.g. Peace Run and Wesak Day procession. Or as and when there are people who can help transporting the disabled folks. He made me realized how fortunate I am, just being who I am.

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Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant @ Ipoh Kinta City Mall

On the first glance, Black Canyon Restaurant sounds to me like another western restaurant that serves chicken chop, fish & chips and steaks. Not that I am against western cuisine but they were not in my options as we stopped for lunch at Kinta City Shopping Centre (Jusco/Aeon) in Ipoh. Less than a handful that fit our tummy somehow led us to check out the exact menu of Black Canyon Coffee place at which I was glad that we did.

Thai Style Fried Rice (Pad Thai) with prawns
Thai Style Fried Rice (Pad Thai) with prawns

Opposite to what I’d thought, Black Canyon doesn’t only serve western, neither an al-fresco for caffeine lovers to hang out. They are in fact offering fusion food. To my surprise, highlighting Asian cuisine mainly Thai such as the fiery tomyum, famous pad Thai, spicy green curry in addition to pasta, sandwiches, soup, continental variety and irresistible desserts and beverages.

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Swee Hing Restaurant @ OUG | Wan Tan Mee – Pan Mee

Located in a matured neighborhood off Old Klang Road, Wan Tan Mee or wanton noodles at OUG of Old Klang Road residential zone is one of the locals’ favorite for breakfast. Used to operate at Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, they are now running at Jalan 14/149L in Bandar Seri Petaling though technically people usually refer as Overseas Union Garden (OUG).

Swee Hing OUG Old Klang Road Wan Tan Mee
wanton mee

Recommended by our host, we headed for Restoran Swee Hing’s wanton mee on the last day of our recent KL trip.
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