Setiawan Gong Pian @ Cheong Cia | Foochow Biscuits

When I googled for Setiawan attractions, Tua Pek Kong Temple at Jalan Pasir Panjang in Seri Manjung was the one and only that appeared. The rest on the screen were actually talking about Setiawan food, Setiawan restaurants and nothing else, but Setiawan famous, best food. So, if you’re heading to Setiawan for food hunting, then this is the real town to chow down!

Cheong Cia Foochow Biscuits - Gong Pia, Kompyang, Guang Biang
Guang Biang – Gong Pia

Long Q at Cheong Cia Setiawan
Long Q at Cheong Cia Setiawan

Diligent bakers at work
Diligent bakers at work

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Bali Famous Beaches | Kuta vs Legian vs Padma

Whether it is called Kuta Beach, Legian Beach or Padma Beach, technically speaking they occupy the same stretch of west coastline of Bali island. Starting from north near the upscale villas or resorts in Seminyak, an in-between or middle range hotels area of Legian moving down to the crowded touristy zone in Kuta.

Bali Famous Beach with a surfer holding a surfing board
Surfer’s paradise

A picnic mat at Kuta Beach Bali Beach
Chill out at Kuta Beach

Officially, Kuta Beach refers to the shorelines opposite Hard Rock Hotel while Legian Beach perhaps begins at the end of Jalan Melasti. A stretch of Legian Beach, the beach at the end of Jl Padma is better known as Padma Beach. Sits next to Bali Padma Resort, this sandy waterfront is frequented mainly by the visitors that stay at the nearby hotels, motels or villas.

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Bali Food | Cheap Eat @ Legian Kuta

I simply don’t understand why foods in general are pretty expensive in Bali. Well, I meant it for tourists or visitors. Trust me, there is no correlation between price and quality/taste in Bali. Taste is subjective, and I am not prejudice but what would be the second to none food in Bali if it is not Balinese foods or traditional Indonesian foods. Why should I bother to eat Western, Japanese, Thai or Chinese in Bali? Nevertheless, not all the local cuisine can suit your taste buds.

Soto Ayam from Warung Yogya
Soto Ayam

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is the best words to describe Warung Yogya at Jalan Padma Utara. Honestly, foods in Kuta and Legian are plentiful, we’re spoilt for choices. Despite the inviting outlooks and charming facades, nothing beats taste and price when it comes to food. We came across this eatery after chatting with our hotel’s driver who picked us up from the airport upon arrival.
Warung Yogya serves traditional Indonesian food
Traditional Indonesian food

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