Pangkor Top Attractions and Beaches

Pangkor may not be the most beautiful island in Peninsular Malaysia, but it is certainly a little town that is less commercialized. When it comes to the bread and butter of Pangkor folks, fishing industry is still #1. Trawlers, fishers, marine producers are their primary livelihoods. If you’re looking for an authentic Malaysian fishing villages that don’t change much over 5 decades, then head to Sungai Pinang Kecil (SPK). Nicknamed as Pangkor Chinatown, wooden houses on stilts, street foods, home operation of marine products are the scenes as you step out of the boat, strolling along the jetty and main road.

Lumut Teluk Batik Beach
Coastline of Perak

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Phuket Escape for Women

Phuket Escape for Women
Most women today, especially mothers who also have a day job, are overwhelmed with so much responsibility. Imagine working from nine to five then going back home to tend to the kids and do home chores. Weekends are supposed to be for relaxation, but these women usually spend their Saturdays and Sundays doing important errands and catching up on chores.

These busy mothers deserve a break too, but sometimes they still get stressed out even before going on a holiday. Organizing everything that’s needed for the trip can be time consuming – from booking a flight to reserving a room in a hotel. These can now all be done by just a click of a mouse unlike years ago when people have to drive to the Heathrow Airport just to purchase airline tickets or call Holiday Inn for room reservations.

When finding a destination to visit, it is best to

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Chinese Steamed Pumpkin Cake Recipe | Kim Kua Kueh

If you can’t think of anything to do with pumpkins after Halloween, then steamed pumpkin rice flour cake can be a great option. Fondly known in Hokkien (Chinese) dialect as Kim Kua Kueh, this is a traditional steamed kueh (Chinese cake) that is usually served for high tea, snacks or desserts. Savory, the essential ingredients are rice flour, dried shrimps and pumpkin. Honestly, I can finish half more than a handful pieces in one shot. Awful eh?

Chinese Steamed Pumpkin Cake with Rice Flour Kim Kua Kuih Kueh
Savory steamed pumpkin cake

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