Sushi Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon | The Best Of This Week’s Deals!

The Zanmai family finally made debut in Penang as they stretch their wings, occupying a sizable space on 6th floor at Gurney Paragon. For Japanese food lovers, this floor is like one stop haven. One can find everything with a glance, merely steps away from each other. If you reach up from escalator, spanning from far left is Shojikiya – a Japanese mini market that features Japanese tit-bit, chips, candies to tea, followed by Sushi Zanmai – the longest queue restaurant of all in the row, serving spectacular Japanese cuisine such as sushi, ramen, rice variety at affordable price. Next to it, Rakuzen – serves the most upscale and classy Japanese cuisine mainly sashimi and premium entrees. From mains to desserts, Hokkaido Ice Cream is just next door, sitting adjacent to Pasta Zanmai – a spectacular restaurant that is also a haven of mini pasta.

Curry Ramen Sushi Zanmai Gurney Paragon
Curry Ramen
So, wouldn’t you agree – you certainly find something you could enjoy regardless of your budget.
Tamago Sushi
Tamago Sushi

We sampled Pasta Zanmai before, not at Gurney Paragon but at Mid Valley end of last year. So we decided to go for Sushi Zanmai. Arriving almost noon, we queued second after another family so within minutes, we got seated. Spacious, breathable that’s the impression I had as we stepped into this sushi place. Though we didn’t have tables next to the conveyor belt, we were glad to occupy a large table for 3 of us (that actually can accommodate up to 6 people). Adding to our delight, we had a private corner so that we could exchange secrets. Of course, I am just kidding!
Happy Roll - promotion for Chinese New Year
Happy Roll – promotion for Chinese New Year

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Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley KL | House of Fabulous Pasta!

After pre-Christmas shopping at The Mode at KL Mid Valley, we walked into Pasta Zanmai without knowing what to expect. To our delight, it is a family friendly restaurant, offering vast selection of mini pasta, Japanese cuisine and value-added serving sizes. A smart business strategy where some cuisine are offered in smaller portion, sufficient for a petite adult or a child. Pricing is a bit lower than average premium Japanese, this sounds more lucrative as variation is encouraged and more approachable. Hence, one may easily find mains priced between RM15-20  and still have room for a slurp of soup, a bite of appetizer or dessert.

Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur
Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

Putting my first thought aside, let zoom into the highlight of the restaurant. As the name says, pasta is certainly the highlight. Be the types, shapes, length, the colors, the flavors, the ingredients or even the sizes, one is likely to find a platter of great one here. From soup, dry to something in-between, the pasta here is truly ‘zanmai’ or luxury as they are offered with salmon, octopus, clam and lobster. 

Garlic rice & Deep friend chicken
Garlic rice & Deep friend chicken

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