Butterworth Vegetarian Restaurant | Aik Choong @ Raja Uda

Two Sunday ago, we decided to visit Butterworth Chinese Methodist Church that is located off Jalan Ong Yi How. We arrived about 10 am, just in time before Sunday school for kids were about to begin. Our little one headed up to the children’s hall, he had a good time, playing the role of David then, Saul and a soldier, while the adults were attending Hokkien Sunday class. Refreshing, this was my first opportunity listening to the words of God in my mother tongue!

Frog Leg Fried Rice - Vegan's version
Frog Leg Fried Rice – Vegan’s version

After fueling up our souls at Sunday service, we went along Jalan Raja Uda, looking for a hearty meal to warm up our tummy. Not up for hawker food, hence we landed at a decent vegetarian restaurant, Aik Choong. Some refer it as Aik Chong Vegetarian Restaurant though.

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Singaraja | The Lion King of North Bali

The Lion King of Bali – Top 5 Insider’s Secrets

Being a first time visitor to Bali, Singaraja town in north Bali was never in our family original plan. After all, most of Bali attractions are located in south (Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, etc) and central such as Ubud, Kintamani.

For our family of daddy, mommy and a 5 year old boy, the thought of visiting Singaraja first stem from Lovina, a beach in north Bali famed for its dolphin watch. When we first read about Lovina and surrounding area, we came across a town called Singaraja. The name Singaraja can be broken down into two words – “Singa” (Lion) and “Raja” (King) when translated in Malay or Indonesian language.

Turned out to be this city of ‘Lion King’ was the former administrative capital during the Dutch era. Now Singaraja is the capital of Buleleng regency. Apparently, Buleleng is the largest regency with area of 1365km2, spanning from north west till central north coast of Bali. In terms of population, Buleleng regency come second after Denpasar city with 624,000 people (source: census 2010, Wikipedia). However, according to our driver Mr Agus who is a local Singaraja resident, current population (May 2015) in Buleleng regency is around 800,000 people.

Aplenty Of Fruits at Singaraja
Aplenty Of Fruits at Singaraja

Anyway, here are 5 facts about Singaraja which are not commonly known by outsiders:

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