7 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Watching Ola Bola

Grit or Unity? Both & More

We heard a lot of positive reviews and praises from Malaysians on Ola Bola. So, we decided to check it out ourselves. Here is my version on why you should NOT miss watching Ola Bola:

Football and Kids
Old Bola Kids

1.    It is rated “U” and entertaining for young and gold … so you can drag along your young kids, nephews, nieces, your friend’s kids, your parents, even grandparents.

2.    Multilingual movie. Throughout the movie, I could hear at least 5-6 languages and dialects spoken. Apart from the mainstream Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil, I heard Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese…anything else I miss to mention here? 

3.    Great music. Even to someone like myself who doesn’t play any musical instruments fall in love with Zee Avi’s music.

4.    Beautiful scenery and cinematographic effect. Before I go to watch Ola Bola, I came across some critics about overly done aerial views (paddy fields, stunning mountains view) purportedly taken by drones resembling the National Geographic. As a nature lover, I think otherwise. Afterall, how often do you get to see these kinds of shot even it is a local produced movie? Tourism Malaysia should give high credit to Ola Bola..

5.    Down the memory lane. For antic lovers who fancy collectibles from the 70’s and 80’s…now you know where to donate/rent/loan your stuff to. From old typewriters, radio (stereos), tv, sewing machines….this movie brings back smiles and great memories from those era. Also, here is a chance to explain to your kids what ‘Fun Fair’ is.

6.    You get to meet the director and cast. Think about it..what is the probability of meeting J. J. Abrams or Harrison Ford after you watch ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’? Zero I guess. How about Ola Bola? 100%!! Indeed! We were caught in surprise when the director Chiu himself and few of the cast, ‘Abu’, ‘Marianne’ and ‘Cai’ turned up in Mid Valley theater # 10 when the movie was over. They thanked us for the support and handed us the Ola Bola souvenirs

Ola Bola Souvenirs
Ola Bola Souvenirs

7.    High doses of inspiration.
Most of all, the movie really inspires us to do our best, despite the external factors.
i.e. despite team Malaysia knowing their fate during the match against S. Korea that they are unable to go to Olympics even if they win, the team collectively still gave their best shot. It really lives up to the theme “You will believe again

Kudos again to all involved in making this movie a truly Malaysian spirit.
It teaches us regardless of races, skin colours, cultural background, we have achieve something greater if we are oblivious to our differences and embrace unity!

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