Animalia Kingdom | Mammalia | Banteng (Bos javanicus) – Tembadau – Bali Cattle

It is called Banteng which at first glance, I thought it was a cow. Belong to the species of wild cattle, Banteng looks similar to domestic cattle. The most obvious differentiation is the white stoking at the lower legs which will make no mistake to recognize as Banteng. Distributed widely in South East Asia, spreading from Myanmar to Borneo (except Sumatra), Banteng is also known as Tembadau or Bali Cattle. They serve as working animal and also use for their meats as well.  
The female Bos javanicus in the herds


Appearing similar in size with the domestic cattle, Banteng can reach the weight between 600-800 kg. It displays sexual dimorphism whereby the adult bull has dark chestnut or blue black short haired coat while the matured cow has the chestnut color. Looking at the horn, the bull exhibits a long horn pointing upward arc whilst the cow usually owns a shorter horn and tightly curved pointing inwards.  
Banteng - The white stokings!
Being in the grazer’s family, Banteng survives on sparse forest like grasses, bamboos, fruits and leaves.

Unfortunately, loss of natural habitat is the main threat to Banteng at present. Let’s do our part to save the white stokings for the sake of our younger generations!

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