Baby Feeding Bottle Review | Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Vs The First Years Breastflow

Baby on board is our life’s greatest miracle of all. For mothers who nurse breast milk, direct feeding is undoubtedly the best option taking into account the real-time nutrients and the right temperature without the hassle of washing and worries of chemical interference. At times however, bottle feeding of breast milk has to be established among the mothers who are returning to work after giving birth or longing for some personal moments. And searching for the right nipple can be tough for finicky babies.

BreastFlow from Toy R Us
BreastFlow from Toy R Us

We noticed our LO is an efficient drinker who could finish a bottle of 2 oz in less than a couple of minutes using the normal feeding bottle. Afraid of flow rate difference when he switches to breast prompted us to look for bottle which is closest to natural breast feeding system.
Left: Closer To Nature, Right: Breastflow
From online reviews, we came to the conclusion that there are two choices within our reach. One of discussed among online mommies is BreastFlow by The First Years, and another is Closer To Nature by Tommee Tippee. Breastflow is more popular in US while Closer To Nature is widely used among European mommies.
. Breastflow is designed with 2 nipples
Factual comparison as below
Maximum capacity: BreastFlow = 5 oz vs CloserToNature = 9 oz
Measurement marking: BreastFlow = colored & easy to read vs CloserToNature = transparent & hard to read
Count of nipple(s): BreastFlow = 2 vs CloserToNature = 1
Price for 3 units: BreastFlow = RM59.90@US$20 vs CloserToNature = RM69.90@US$24
Purchased from Peekaboo baby shop in Penang
Purchased from Peekaboo baby shop in Penang

We attempted both bottles for our LO. The flow rate using Closer To Nature bottle is still way to efficient for him. He could finish 3 oz of milk in less than 5 minutes using Closer To Nature while BreastFlow takes him more than 10 minutes for the same amount.
The shop does not carry BreastFlow, SO was convinced (or conned :P) this is better!
We favor Breastflow since it serves better for our LO despite the hassle of washing 2 nipples instead of 1. From the moment we started using BreastFlow, we have never switched back to any others. Even if we were to get BreastFlow bottles before Closer To Nature, we will not have any regret.

If you have a choice, try first with BreastFlow.

p.s. This is not a paid review. The above information is merely a sharing with new parents so that you do not end up like us, stocking too many unused bottles at home Tongue out

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