Bake Caramel Almond Flakes (Cookies Recipe) for Festive/Chinese New Year

Ever thought of baking some cookies for Chinese New Year and excluding the butter version? Come and try this caramel almond flakes or cookies. I am usually not a big fan of cookies as most of them are made of butter and plenty of carbohydrate in the flour. After munching a few pieces, I’d develop a glut for butter cookies. So when I found out about this caramel almond flakes (cookies), I got so excited to try baking since it is one of its kind that does not require butter or margarine in its ingredient.

Almond which is errorneously classified as nut, belongs to the fruits family. Sweet almond has practically no carbohyrate. Providing a rich source of Vitamin E and monounsaturated fat which one of the two good fats responsible to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, almond was found to improve complexion, improve colon movement and prevent cancer. With so many plus points of almond, there are more reasons to make this caramel almond flakes or cookies.

To get started, I bought the raw material of almond slices and caramel mixed from a shop in Penang.

Almond Slices (Code: ASL2 11/12) – 400 gram (RM13.60)
Golden Arrow (It is a trade secret but I suspect it is a caramel mixed with some other stuff) (Code: GA 15/18) – 200 gram (RM12.00)
The ratio of almond slices is 2 parts to 1 part of caramel mixed.
Ingredients of Caramel Almond Flakes or Cookies

Bread Toaster
(Brand: KHinD 600W) – Selector: top and bottom convection (Tray size: 24 cm X 14 cm)
Bread Toaster
Or Convection oven
Measuring cup of 1/2 Cup volume
Measuring cup of 1/4 Cup volume
Or Kitchen Scale (with 5 g precision if possible)
Kitchen Scale


Recyclable Waxy baking sheet – it is a smooth surface on both sides of the sheet. This is a must otherwise it is almost impossible to separate the baked flakes from the baking sheet.
Long knife

Getting started:
1. Prepare a fit baking sheet for the baking tray. Do allow the edge of the paper to sit at the tray’s bottom as this will ensure the baked cookies appears evenly flat.
Recyclable waxy baking sheet
2. Place caramel mixed into 1/4 cup and place almond slices into 1/2 cup. If you opt to weight, get caramel mixed of 25 gram and caramel mixed of 50 gram. If you are using a bigger volume over, just multiply the ratio to fit your tray size.
From top left (going clock-wise): Measuring cups, Filled cups, Poured almond, Mixed almond and caramel
3. Pour both caramel mixed and almond slices into a container. Mix them well.
4. Pour the mixture onto the baking tray. Ensure the edges are well lined with caramel mixed to get a smooth edge flakes.
Well placed on baking tray
5. Place it into the toaster for 4 minutes.
Going for baking
If you are using oven, check for the bubbles and once caramel mixed melted and turn golden brown, switch off the oven and remove from oven. It shall take only about 5 minutes to bake. 
6. Once the toaster’s timer rings at 4 minutes, the caramel has started melting. Open the toaster and rotate the tray direction to make the heating even (so that all corners turn into golden brown) for another 1 minute. This process is only required if you use a toaster to bake.Use both sides of top and bottom convection
7. Once the caramel turns golden brown and bubbling, it shows the cookies is baked to perfection.
8. Remove the cookies from the toaster. Use the long knife to shape the cookies into squares.
Golden brown caramel almond flakes are lined with knife
9. Allow them to cool down. Then, slowly tear off the baking sheet and break them into squares or pieces.
Separate the squares slowly from the baking sheet
Broken to squares
10. Big feast is now ready. This caramel almond flakes or cookies smell incredibly good of strong baked almond.
Delicious Caramel Almond Flakes or Cookies
It is crispy and just perfectly glazed with the light sweeted caramel. Trust me they are truly addictive and you will always request for more!

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