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The Best French Fries

Premium, exclusive, superior and addictive, these are the best adjectives to describe my favorite potato French fries. Jaga Pokkuru, as how it is known in Japanese flew in directly from Japan when one of my family members had an assignment in Tokyo recently. The name Jaga Pokkuru comes from the legend of Ainu people, the indigenous to Hokkaido – the north most island of Japan.

Hokkaido Farm the best french fries ever
Everything from a packet (18g)

Hokkaido Potato Farm

One of the most hunted snacks by abroad visitors in Japan airports, the potato fries is certainly the best that I have ever had. A limited edition Hokkaido home brand, they look like French fries but taste like potato chips. Crunchy, savory yet not oily. In fact, the potato fries take after the natural flavor of superior potato, considerably healthy since they are seasoned with roasted sea salt from Okhotsk. Though they are sold in packets, I doubt there is any preservative because I was warned to finish them in 3 months :).

So far, Hokkaido Potato Farm or Jaga Pokkuru is not sold in Malaysia. I heard you can get them in Singapore but a box of 10 packets (10 x 18g) costs more than S$25+. 

Premium Potato Fries from Hokkaido Jaga Pokkura
Premium Potato Fries from Hokkaido Jaga Pokkura

Two box with 20 packets, it was really a luxury treat for me!!

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