Buffet Steamboat at Town Steamboat Restaurant – Penang

‘Friends birthday celebration’, I guess that was the excuse we made to get together and fulfill our gastronomical indulgence in a steamboat restaurant.

Steamboat is popular among East Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai) community. It is cooked with a variety of raw material like vegetables, slices of pork/chicken/fish/cuttlefish/jelly fish, mushrooms, prawns, fish/meat balls, tofu and they are to be simmered in a pot of broth on a table before being served hot.

Historically for Chinese in Malaysia, steamboat treat is usually associated with special occasion for family gathering. In some instance, steamboat is a tradition on the dinner table on the eve of Chinese New Year. Nevertheless, due to high demand and luxurious eating trend, it is also made available at most restaurants or even at food courts nowadays.
Lighted up Town Steamboat easily recognised from Macalister Road
If you are in George Town, Penang and wish to experience a typical buffet-styled steamboat, Town Steamboat Restaurant offers a huge variety of selections at reasonable price.
Plenty of choices at selection counter
Below picture illustrates some of choices offered. From top left (clockwise), various type of edible balls (fish/meat/squib), corns and leafy green vegetables, crustaceans such as cockle, prawn, mantis shrimp (prawn mantis) and dim sum corner.
Various raw material for steamboat
Variety of sauces that you can name it - they are here!


Apart from the above choices, the restauranter also serves local hawker stuff such as fried kuey teow and red bean ice (ais kacang) on day-to-day rotation basis. Fresh vegetable salad and ice cream are made available too. Drinks ranging from Chinese tea, juices and water are all self service.
Red Bean Ice (Ais Kacang) corner
I found the pricing category is rather unique as we are charged based on our built or height to be more precise. I guess the restauranter has done some survey and came to this conclusion of price range.

Height Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Sat,Sun,Eve & Public Holiday
Below 100 cm FREE FREE
100-120 cm RM 4.90 RM 4.90
120-140 cm RM 7.90 RM 8.90
Above 140 cm RM 17.90 RM 19.90

Senior Citizen
(above 55 years old)

RM12.90 RM13.90

Full house!
63 Macalister Road (slightly opposite UMNO building)
10400 George Town
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-2297273 (call after 5 pm for reservation)
Recommendation: 3.7/5 (value for money)
Location courtesy by Google Map (click to view map & zoom in): Town Steamboat Restaurant
Special notice: Any access food taken and not consumed will be charged RM5.00/100g. Think before take Smile

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