Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Ice-cream or Strawberry Chocolate?

If you visit Cameron Highlands these days and somebody offers you a strawberry ice-cream, you might imagine of an ice-cream of strawberry flavor. Simply lovely as it will melt in mouth! If so, perhaps you wish to check again! Otherwise you might be getting something beyond your thoughts!

While we were strolling at the Weekend Night Market in Brinchang town last week, we heard of a stall operator shouted ‘Strawberry Ice-cream’ and we turned to see. Umm…What he was referring to in fact was three or four pieces of fresh strawberries on a stick dipped in hot chocolate and served with cream or sprinkled colorful candy. Strawberry and cream are obviously correct but where is the ice? Smile.

Some stalls called it ‘Strawberry Chocolate’, I guess there is no official name for this local street food.
Firstly - Pick your favorite strawberries!


Secondly - They are dipped in hot melted chocolate
Then, hold a while and let the chocolate drips
Lastly - Top with white cream
ranges from RM1.50 to RM2.00 per stick, this local delight is unique and innovative creation of the local folks especially it comes with a stick to hold and eat. Look so tempting and I couldn’t help but to try two sticks of the so-called ‘Strawberry Ice-cream’. Strawberry tasted a bit of sweet sourish then combined with chocolate and white cream made me drooling!
Cameron Highlands's Strawberry Ice-cream or Strawberry Chocolate
This is obviously the Cameron Highlands’s version of Strawberry Ice-cream. Bon Apetite!
Food Location:
Several stalls along the food street by the main road opposite Police Station,
Brinchang Night Market,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang,
Operating time:
Weekend from 6 pm to 11 pm

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