How to Choose a Laptop or Notebook Computer: Tips and Hints and What to Look For

LaptopMy friend asked me the other day on what she should look for in choosing a new laptop. Naturally I asked her the question “What are you gonna be using the laptop for?” She gave a shrug and said, “Oh, you know some normal stuff, like surfing the web, a little word processing and spreadsheet work, maybe some minor photo touchup, emails, some multimedia and you know, all that sort of stuff.”

Oh my, nowadays there are simply lots of different notebooks that can do all “that sort of stuff”. So how do you go about narrowing down your choices? Off course, if you are going for a particular kind of looks and style then basically you have narrowed it down a lot.

But style aside, here is what I think you need to have in a modern notebook to do all “that kind of normal stuff”:

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How to Make Full Use of Your USB Portable/Flash Drive

Do you have a USB based portable drive? Chances are that you do. That trusty little USB Flash Drive (or Data Key or whatever the name is nowadays) in your pocket right now is an example of a USB portable drive. These little nifty storage devices is probably the reason of the death of the 1.44” floppy diskettes. Gigabytes of data in your pocket – anytime, anywhere.

Besides using it as just another media for carrying around your files – with the advent of some software and some creativity, these little devices can really sort out your digital and computing life.

In this article we will discuss some important aspects of using your USB portable drive:

  • Synchronization – easy way to keep your all files up to date

  • Computing on the Go (lightweight style, minus the weight of the laptop) – How to run your applications right off the USB drive.

  • Security and Encryption – protecting your sensitive data, should your portable drive gets stolen.

See how you could put your portable drive to good use, read on…