Thank You Dear Mom

Having children is like signing a life long contract. As much as the sleepless nights, there are always an equivalent bundles of laugh!

For Mum masterpiece by a toddler
For Mum

If you’re not or not yet a mother, let me tell you what did I get over the past two years (until God knows when) from being a mother:

* Patience and immunity to cries or shrieks.
* Aches and bruises when my little one throws himself on me.
* Be a chef to little ‘healthy’ diner.
* Paranoid when it comes to hygiene.
* Mess up with my ‘old’ toys again!
* Jump to heaven..when he yells ‘seven’.
* Shout like nobody is watching.
* Practice duck walk again! This is holy fun.
* Whimsical actions and nonsensical conversations that make me smile instantaneously.
* Cheer and laughter that take all my worries and stress away.

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Indoor Playground | Kidz Paradise @ Mines Seri Kembangan

Indoor playground for kids at shopping mall is perhaps the trend nowadays, to keep children occupied while parents are running the errand. When I was a kid, we went for groceries shopping and followed the adults all day long without complaining. In fact, it was fun to learn how things were stacked and priced. Being kids these days, the story is different, it is certainly a luxury.

In the midst of searching for the venue of World’s Largest Book Sale – Big Bad Wolf, we found Kid’z Paradise at Level 4 of The Mines Shopping Mall in Seri Kembangan Selangor. In demand to complement modern parenting, an indoor Cassia seed pool was the highlight that prompted me to stop. And of course, I snapped a picture. This indoor play area resonates with sand play by the beach where kids can scoop and dig.

The Mines Shopping Mall Seri Kembangan Selangor Malaysia Boat ride
Little Venice at The Mines Seri Kembangan

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Penang International Kids StoryTelling Festival (PINKS)

If you had missed out on this PINKS episode – Penang International Kids Storytelling, let me tell you a snippet of how fantastic the event was!

Mark Thompson at PINKS 2012
Mark Thompson on The Gruffalo

For those who have never heard of PINKS, here goes a brief introductory. PINKS Festival is an annual affair organized by Preschool Education Committee of Penang Education Council, aim to promote literacy, creativity as well as the fading art of storytelling in our society. Through the sharing of stories, it creates an opportunity to learn and to better understand people of different cultures. Run as a whole day event, it also serves as a platform for everyone in the family to take part in this educational and fun activity.
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Indoor Playground For Kids | Penang Toys Library

Whether it is the rainy season or you just want your children to abstain from the perpetual summer in Penang, you may consider this wonderful indoor playground for kids. A brilliant sanctuary for young children from babies to tween (or even for parents), I-Play Toy Library is the name of a little gem that occupies right wing on ground floor of Penang Children’s Library. One of its kind, and perhaps the one and only indoor playroom that is offered by state-run public library.

Penang George Town Children's Library
Penang George Town Children’s Library

Cook, cooking, cooked!
Cook, cooking, cooked!

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Kiasi and Kiasu Parenting | Why Asian Parents are Superior?

Stepping into parenting means serious business. Yet there is no one parenting bible that fits all.  Every human is unique and so does our child. As much as we try and strive to be the most perfect parents to our children, we may be too engrossed in our own way, forgo a little wisdom, hardly see what we could turn out to be. Are we going to be the most perfect parents only in our own eyes and our own mind?

Three kids running jumping in meadows with lake beyond
The more the merrier…

Authoritarian parenting, fanatic parenting or perhaps what the Strait settlement folks in Penang and Singapore usually refer to – The ‘Kiasu’ Parenting and The ‘Kiasi’ Parenting. Kiasu or literally means ‘fear of loosing’ is a competitive style of child rearing. In other words, my child must always be better than my neighbors in every aspects. Kiasi that translates as ‘fear of death’, also sounds close to the authoritarian parenting to a certain extent. Or more precisely described as, a child is too precious to take any risks.
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A Dream Wedding in Penang

cheong_fatt_tze (25 of 143)1_6A wedding is a celebration of love, a sacred unity of two loving souls.

Whether we notice or not, every wedding is hosted with a theme. From exchanging vows underwater to idyllic beach reception, vintage toast, romantic rendezvous, traditional church wedding or cultural ceremony, Penang offers you the world!

cheong_fatt_tze (94 of 143)cheong_fatt_tze (131 of 143)A beautiful isle composed of charming heritage buildings, hillside wilderness and sprawling tropical beaches, Penang gives you a spoilt of choices for a dream wedding and honeymoon.
If you are searching a solution for a perfect wedding in Penang Malaysia, Isabell Wedding is the answer. A Penang-based wedding house, they are a team of professcheong_fatt_tze (9 of 26)ional crews in formulating ideas, planning events, consulting the wedding do/don’t, coordinating tasks and ultimately staging a wonderful bridal episode that lasts a life time.cheong_fatt_tze (68 of 143)cheong_fatt_tze (32 of 143)
Under one roof,  Isabell Wedding takes care of every detail in your nuptial ceremony. Every step in the  meticulous undertakings in addition to an extraordinary decorations. Designed and manicured by  experienced make-up artists, Isabell Wedding can transform any location, be it a hotel/restaurant/hall to a desired wedding venue.

Talk to Isabell Wedding – a Penang Professional Wedding Planner. Leave your dream with them and stay stress-free as you march towards your Big Day!



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Breastfeeding Friendly Shopping Malls in Penang/Malaysia

Are you looking for breastfeeding friendly shopping malls in Penang? Yes, you hit the right page!

Breastfeeding or lactating, technically speaking is a natural activity to feed an infant or a baby. Established perhaps as early as the era of Adam and Eve, breastfeeding at times tend to attract people’s attention in public! Some people or passer-by however paint a bizarre look on their faces, indicating this ‘scene’ is something ‘new’ (indirectly too obsessed and keep staring), ‘abnormal’, ‘indecent’ or whatever they could name it or have in mind!

As far as the nursing mother is concern, I doubt she cares any less as long as her baby is full, contented and happy. Yes, motherhood comes in a package, aside from a bundle of joy, she also learned to be bolder, stronger, more efficient and the list goes on!

International Breastfeeding Symbol - Thanks to Wikipedia
International Breastfeeding Symbol – Thanks to Wikipedia

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Shopping for Wooden Toys in Malaysia

When I lived in The States, I took it for granted that the wooden toys would forever be on the shelves. I could then grab as and when the need arises. Until the moment I started searching for wooden toys, I found they are truly the rare breed in Malaysia!

Aside from eat and sleep, play is an important part in early childhood. Play promotes learning. And toys work to complement the play as well as the learning process. As the tools to enhance children development, educational toys will allow them to constantly practice their cognitive skills, motor skills and five senses.

Wooden Abacus - The classical charm!
Wooden Abacus – The classical charm!

The next question is what are the good toys?

These days when I walk into the giant toys outlet, the assortment of the plastic toys available take my head to spin! Aplenty, they come in all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes and prices. Also, they make all kinds of noise with the help from the electronic and technology counterparts. And they are all made from – you guessed it – welcome to the world of plastic toys!
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Top 10 Great Benefits about Babywearing

~ Babies are God’s Gift of Love ~

Natural parenting in nature
Natural parenting in nature

+1. Happy and Contented Babies.
By nature, baby loves to be held/carried. Traditionally, some parents believe constantly held baby will be spoiled, fussy and always crying for attention. But researchers found infants in babywearing cultures cry much less.

+2. Smarter Babies.
If the babies spend less time spend crying, what do they do with their free time? Babies learn! Worn baby is more quiet, attentive and alert, thus possessing an ideal state for learning.

+3. Physically Fitter Babies.
Babywearing is like a womb outside the mother’s body. It stimulates infant’s vestibular system, the sensor that helps babies to breathe and grow better, besides regulates their physiology and improves motor development. Studies also reported that carried babies demonstrate enhanced visual and auditory alertness.

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Ergo Baby Carrier Review | Sale/Buy in Penang/Malaysia?

One of the most beautiful memories in my motherhood journey is learning about babywearing. This term was an alien before the arrival of my little one but today, it is part of my souls.

Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads
Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads

Babywearing or in the lay person term is an act of holding/carrying baby using a carrier, be it a fabric, wrap, pouch or even soft structured carrier. Baby naturally loves to be held, so babywearing complements our tender loving care towards them. Babywearing is not something new, it has been practised for centuries (or longer perhaps). As the queen of the castle, mothers in the bygone days were designated to take care of children and households at the same time. As such, babywearing came handy for them to perform daily tasks. Back then, fabric was used, slinging over the shoulder, creating a pouch where little one could stay close to their momma.

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