Bread Machine Recipe | Wholesome Granola (Muesli) Loaf

Healthy Muesli Loaf with Ezion Bread Maker

Many thanks to my readers. Honestly, I feel very encouraged to share my favorite recipe on how to bake a soft wholesome granola loaf. Granola is commonly known as muesli is a wholesome breakfast food composed of oats, nuts and dried fruits such as raisin and dried cranberries. I always prefer to prepare all-in-one food for my family, hence the successful experiment on my first granola loaf out of Ezion bread maker keeps me baking almost twice every week recently.

Soft Wholesome Sandwich Slices
Soft Wholesome Sandwich Slices

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Home Baker Secrets | How To Make Soft and Tender Loaf That Last?

Like most home bakers, I was always wondering on how to produce a soft loaf from bread machine like what I used to enjoy from commercial shelves but minus the foreign chemicals. My yoga instructor did share the secrets of how to make soft bread using gelatinized dough method. Or some bakers called it ‘scalded dough’ method. This required me to experiment with a long list of ingredients coupled with not-so-easy to remember procedure that in the end would produce a dough. I was told to freeze the gelatinized dough and pinch a bit every time I need to bake. Phew! Sounds far away from my kitchen practice, so I give in.

Sandwich Loaf
Sandwich Loaf

If you have been following me on my cooking or baking, you would have known my true color – I love to experiment. Guess what I did recently? As when I was toying with FastBake menu on my Ezion bread machine, I observed that doubling up the butter content seems to produce a softer bread texture. Bingo! This encounter was confirmed when a baker friend of mine shared similarly on this result.

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Big Bad Wolf Books Sale @ Penang Times Square | Best Bargain

Have you made a date with Big Bad Wolf? He is back again in town!

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Penang Times Square
Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Penang Times Square

2015 marks the third year in a row that is trusting Penang folks to support the physical reading culture. Despite the young generation is perceived to be more inclined to gadgets or better influenced by smart phone or tablets culture, books are still people’s favorite!

Operating from 13-23 March 2015  (10 am through 10 pm) at Penang Times Square in George Town, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the most happening book feast in town now! Coincidentally, Popular Book Store is also offering RM5 English book clearance at Midlands One Stop Pulau Tikus from 11- 22 March 2015.
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Cheap Bread Maker Review | Giant Ezion vs. Tesco Brand?

Generic Bread Maker – Does it work?
I have to confess that I love to work in my kitchen, and I have been eying for a bread maker after hearing lots of wonder of what it can do. Branded bread maker versus a generic one, which is better a option? From my research, the inexpensive bread maker works at par despite of minor shortcomings on size or features. Also, I don’t turn my large investment into a ‘white elephant’ that would be shelved when I was no longer in the mood of baking. So, cost really matters and in fact, the generic works from bread maker reviewers.

Plain Loaf by Bread Maker machine
Plain Loaf by Bread Maker machine

Highly recommended by a friend who is making her family’s daily dough supplies, she bought an inexpensive Tesco bread maker and has consistently grateful for having it! In fact, her spouse reaffirmed that after consuming home made loaf, you would not want to purchase any commercial sandwich loaf anymore! Furthermore, one would consume without fear and guilt, when the knowledge on the commercial ingredients are not found and sound. Pretty impressive on how much joy that a simple bread maker can bring into our life!

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Delicious Steamed Yam Rice (Taro Rice) Recipe | Ready in 1 Hour

Yam or better known as Taro by some folks are commonly found in South East Asia. Made into cake and dishes, this root vegetable is a favorite of many due to its distinct texture and flavor. Starchy, delicious if one knows the secrets to cook it to perfection. Growing up in Asia, I somehow fall in love with taro since my early childhood. From taro yam cake that my mom used to make, taro bun (only 25 cents) that reminds me of how inexpensive life used to be when I was young to taro pork ribs that obviously added more than a few kilos onto my body!

One fine morning when I arrived at wet market, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a fresh taro. Hence I bought one home after taking a crash course on how to cook steamed yam rice.
It is in fact as simple as ABC. For someone who loves a pot that cooks everything, this is a meal that you ought to try. Combining carbohydrate, protein, some vegetable variety, this dish certainly giving you a satisfaction especially if you are a big fan of taro! Happy cooking!!

Easy Quick Yam Rice Recipe
Easy Quick Yam Rice

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Home Recipe | Sweat Leaf Soup – Cekur Manis

Pan Mee or Hakka flat noodle is no stranger to most folks in Penang and Malaysia. And the most loved vegetables that is also presented alongside in Pan Mee is Manis Chye. All this while, I thought it was ‘money chye’ at which if one were to consume, you’re likely to get rich. Putting joke aside, the truth is I didn’t even know the real name until recently.

Sweat Leaf or Manis Chye Soup
Sweat Leaf or Manis Chye Soup

A friend prompted me on the whereabout to source for this vegetable when I received a text message – ‘Do you know where I can get Cangkuk Manis?’. Thanks to Google, I found the image almost instantaneously with a lengthy oo jumped out of my mouth!

Apparently, this vegetable itself is sweet hence leads to its name – Cekur Manis or Manis Chye at which literally means Sweet Leaf. Cangkuk Manis is the name that is more popular among Sarawakians or East Malaysia folks.

Scientifically, it is known as Sauropus androgynus aside from other common names such as katuk or star gooseberry. A shrub that grows at backyard, Mani Cai is rich in Vitamin B, C and Vitamin K and encourage good flow of breast milk. However, excessive consumption of juiced Cekur Manis may lead to lung damage resulted from high concentrations of alkaloid papaverine. Source:

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Original Nyonya Recipe | Chai Buey (Leftover Vegetables Stew) – The Best Kept Secret

Chai Bui, Chai Buey or Kiam Chai Buey, all of these are Hokkien (Chinese) dialect that refers to the leftover vegetables stew. When I was a child, after each great feast of festivities, there were always lots of leftover dishes ranging from poultry, pork to vegetables. Hence, to salvage all these my grandmother combined them in a large pot, then stewed for a few hours and it would turn out to be a dishes that no one can resist. Presenting all variety of colors, tantalizing savory taste that includes a part of hot, tangy and yummy (sweet), Chai Buey is always a perfect, appetizing dish even with steamed rice alone. What a wonderful, creative turnaround eh!

Kiam Chai Buey - Chinese Leftover Vegetables Stew
Kiam Chai Buey – Chinese Leftover Vegetables Stew

Despite the dish is like haven in a pot, not many know the secrets to cook a fresh, original Chai Buey from scratch. Combining lots of ingredients, it can be a resource challenge or time constraint as its preparation and stewing may take up to 2 or 3 hours. 

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Raja Tun Uda Shah Alam Library | Cheapest 6D Theater in Malaysia

The recent coverage of Perpustakaan Tun Uda Shah Alam Selangor (Raja Tun Uda Library) in The Star prompted us to make a visit to the most sophisticated library in Malaysia. Speaking of libraries, I love them. The sight and the smell of books on shelves always make me excited ever since I can read, perhaps at 6 or 7 years old though I was kind of offended by the signposts that say ‘Quiet Zone’ or ‘Shhh..Silence Please’ sometimes. Until today, I still don’t quite agree that library shall be a silence zone because interaction is also part and parcel of learning.

Favorite reading crannies under Banyan tree
Favorite reading crannies under Banyan tree

Also known as Selangor State Library, Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda is located in section 13 in Shah Alam, right opposite Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf Club. Officially open to public in 2011, the library of 4-story building is fairly new, elegant, hi-tech and featuring impressive facilities such as free wifi, dozens of PCs to go online, music room, revision zone, multipurpose hall, discussion room, activities room, in addition to 3 gymnasiums, Muslim’s prayers’ room, a modern children’s library, a mini 3-D theater and the most inexpensive 6-D (XD) theater.
$70 million investment for public literacy
$70 million investment for public literacy

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Home Kitchen Recipe | Salmon Taco Tomato Rice

Born as a foodie, I love good food. And I enjoy experimenting, messing with new dishes at my home kitchen. Inspired by the menu from Chuy’s Restaurant, I decided to create my first homemade Mexican – Salmon taco with tomato rice. I really miss the great dishes from this eatery that serves Tex-Mex. Despite the fact that Latin America and Asia are two different regions, I’d walk into a Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant for consolation when I miss home while living in Austin. Strange but it helped. My personal palate ascertains that Mexican is somehow closer to Peranakan (of which the blood that flows in me) dishes rather than the Chinese.

Salmon Taco with tomato rice
Salmon Taco with tomato rice

Back to my home kitchen recipe – Salmon taco with tomato rice, it was a thought to combine the foodstuff we love as in the name per say. Though grilled salmon is more common, I decided to go for steamed salmon with garlic/onion/ginger/honey, exactly what I had done before. Please click on the link for steamed or baked salmon recipe.

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Homemade Farmer Goat Milk Mantou Recipe

Mantou or Chinese steamed bun is like an equivalent of a toast to American or a taco to Spanish. Unlike bao that has fillings, mantou in fact is a plain staple, made mainly from wheat flour. The arts of mantou making lies in the kneading and resting steps. If one hurries to complete quickly, the dough may end up with insufficient time to rest. Like human, an over tired dough doesn’t likely to perform well.

Saneen Dairy Goat Milk - Yogurt & Milk
Pink is yogurt, white is Goat’s milk

If you’d read my previous post, I visited Saneen Goat Farm in Balik Pulau Penang with my little one and a a bunch of kids. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Ho for hosting us. Inspirational and interesting, how I wish that I had this kind of tour when I was a preschooler. If I were, perhaps by now I end up being a farmer rather than a worker that faces computer 24/7.

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