7 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Watching Ola Bola

Grit or Unity? Both & More

We heard a lot of positive reviews and praises from Malaysians on Ola Bola. So, we decided to check it out ourselves. Here is my version on why you should NOT miss watching Ola Bola:

Football and Kids
Old Bola Kids

1.    It is rated “U” and entertaining for young and gold … so you can drag along your young kids, nephews, nieces, your friend’s kids, your parents, even grandparents.

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Origin Herbal Hair Treatment in Penang

I stumbled upon Origin Herbal Hair Treatment in Penang while exploring options to cover up my grey hairs. Yeah, you read it right – I had started to accumulate a couple patches of grey hair. No thanks to the age that is catching up. Like it or not, age is always going incremental as time goes. No way to reverse although deep inside, I am forever young!

Origin Bee Choo Herbal Hair Care
Origin Bee Choo Herbal Hair Care

I did experiment with hair coloring at the saloon once a year to manage the grey hairs and pretending to appear trendy. After nodding to the hair stylist giving the green light, I always regretted that spoiling my hair with notorious chemical. Peroxide and ammonia were very strong and at times made me nauseous during the coloring. Aftermath can be terrible especially when my hair was wet. It was extra heavy as if every single strain on my crown was coated with layers of paint. Honestly I can’t wait for the color to fade so that I would stop getting lightheaded every time I wash my hair.

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Petrosains KLCC Suria | Best Weekend Deals

Whether you agree or not, I would claim KLCC Petrosains as one of the best weekend deals! Yes, if you are a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 kids, you could enjoy the best rate offered. We paid RM31.80 for 2 adults and 1 kid. But, that is not the deal that I really meant.

KLCC Suria Petrosains
KLCC Suria Petrosains

Heading into an era of near extinction of passionate teachers in public schools, science is merely a subject to score ‘A’. Go tuition, do past years’ questions are guaranteed for ‘A’. Route learning, inflexible, trimming the outliers – these are what happen in Malaysia’s public school in general. Anyone have ever told you – the more experiments you are doing, the better you’re? You’re likely to agree if the answer is ‘nope’.

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How to Save Money with GST in Malaysia?

Time is running out. We are racing against the clock. It’s the end of 2014, and for Malaysians the exciting 2015 will greet featuring GST by April Fool Day!

Grocery Shopping with Pineapples foreground
Grocery Shopping

In a nutshell, GST is a goods and services tax. Briefly, it means any purchase for goods and services, consumers would have to pay an additional 6% on top of the total cost. Of course, there are exemptions and exclusion scenarios that I am not the expert to preach. Find out more at official website here. The example here is just a naive illustration to describe a layman’s understanding on GST. Pretending that you plan to purchase a brand new, imported handbag, it costs you RM500. With GST, one has to fork out additional 6% of total cost at which is RM30, hence final amount you have to pay with GST is RM530.

Let me give you another scenario. Being a typical Malaysian, we love hawker food from nasi lemak, char kuey teow to mee goreng. I believe their business’ total revenue is unlikely to go beyond RM500K annually, hence they are unlikely to register for GST. Logically, no GST is imposed on hawker food thus the price of hawker food should remain the same. However, these hawker operators obtain goods or raw materials from retailers or wholesalers on the upstream that are registered for GST. Indirectly, hawker operators are the last guys in this chain and naively claim victimized on ‘price hike’. Who do you think the smart hawker operators would transfer this cost to if not to the fellow ‘loyal’ consumers.

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Peace Run 2013 @ Youth Park Penang

Fell on the same date as Penang Run Series 2 that took place from Teluk Kumbar to Balik Pulau, Peace Run 2013 on 7 July was the 24th annual event organized by SCI (Service Civil International Malaysia) and MPPP (Penang Municipal Council). Little that I know that the aim of this noble run was to promote world peace by bringing people from all walks of life particularly special children and disabled (OKU) individuals until I was there in person for the first time. 

Musical Band from St Nicholas Home of The Blind
Musical Band from St Nicholas Home of The Blind

With God’s grace, I turned up at Youth Park (Penang Municipal Park) by half past six in the morning for this beautiful event, signing up as a volunteer to assist the wheel-chaired individuals. Peng, who happened to be my partner in the 1.5-km race is a male in his 40s (I guess). From a casual chat with him, I learned that Peng works in a bookshop during weekdays. On weekends, he spends on reading or visiting Facebook and playing online games. According to Peng, every year there are only 3 occasions that he gets to go around in town e.g. Peace Run and Wesak Day procession. Or as and when there are people who can help transporting the disabled folks. He made me realized how fortunate I am, just being who I am.

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Jade Buddha World Tour for Universal Peace

The Jade Buddha

Since March 2009, Jade Buddha had traveled from Vietnam, Australia, many states in USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and recently Malaysia. In Malaysia, Jade Buddha made a stop at Kuala Lumpur and recently Penang. On the tropical island of Penang, Jade Buddha offered a 360-view at Penang Times Square in George Town for 10 days.

The world's largest Jade Buddha in Penang
The world’s largest Jade Buddha

This world’s largest Buddha statue that is carved out from pure Canadian jade boulder, is 2.7 m in height and weighs 4 tonne (4,000 kg). Priceless, the statue was carved in Thailand replicating the image of the famous Great Buddha statue in Mohabodhi Stupa in India.

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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Comes To Penang

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Dubbed as the world’s biggest book sale, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is likely to make debut in Penang by 2013! Slashed down by 75-80%, books are sold as low as RM3 or US$1. If you’re a fanatic reader or a book collector, I bet you didn’t miss the total-madness 2012 year end book sale organized by BookXcess at Mines Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Seri Kembangan Selangor. With over 3 millions book were sold at huge discounted price, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale certainly offered something for everyone. Started from 7 December through 23 December 2012, we turned up on the last day, joining the last-minute crowd to grab the great steal of books.

World's Biggest Book Sale 2012 in Klang Valley
World’s Biggest Book Sale 2012 in Klang Valley

Despite the insane traffic congestion at Serdang and Seri Kembangan townships, we managed to walk into exhibition hall by half past three in the afternoon. Besides books in abundance, staked and piled up, rolled over huge long tables, aplenty weekend shoppers turned up in this indoor space sizing of a football field. Prices tagged on heaps of books were really eye-popping and jaw-dropping. A hard cover encyclopedia for RM20, a fiction/personal development book from RM8 and a children’s book ranges between RM3 to RM10. Crazy, these figures were simply incredible, even lower than the prices of books in US and Canada!
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at The Mines 2012
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at The Mines 2012

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Car Boot Sale | Now Showing in Penang

Penang Car Boot Sale

For Penangites that walked into PISA for Penang Green Expo last weekend, I bet this line – Trade In Your Ex caught your attention. Even if it did not on you, it hit on me. At first glance, I thought it was a joke. Then, I read again and it was actually a car boot sale. If this is your first time to hear about, it means cars are parked under the sun, with boots or trunks widely open to trade pre-loved knick knacks! Whatever that fit in the boot or trunk means they have to go.

Car Boot Sale in Penang
Car Boot Sale in Penang

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Penang One Stop Home Improvement/Renovation Shops @ Juru

Called me outdated about home improvement but perhaps not anymore. Last weekend, we spent the whole afternoon in Juru. To be more precise, window shopping at Pusat Perniagaan Juru Jaya. With the arrival of our new tenant, I guess it is time to revise the latest requirement especially a child friendly home.

Juru Jaya Business Center along north-south trunk road
Juru Jaya Business Center along north-south trunk road

Recommended by our friend’s brother for bathroom solution, we initially thought of sourcing for some hardware materials from Sin Jin Da – the giant operator in this commercial block.

Sin Jin Da is a three-story shop lot, stands at the corner, easily notice if one is driving from south. Huge billboards by Rubine and suppliers cover almost every angle of its facade. Ground floor trades all kinds of quick fix for contractors or anyone who is working for home improvement e.g. pipe, valve, water tank, sink, wire, padlock, hob and hood. And first floor is their air-conditioned show room. Occupying about 2000-3000 sq ft (my estimate), this level features a wide spectrum of bathroom accessories such as water faucet in all kind of shapes and sizes. Towel rack of any length, soap dispenser, mirror, toilet bowl includes the kid’s size, jacuzzi, drain cover, and the latest in trend is modular set of bathroom’s wash basin integrated with cabinet. If you are looking for kitchen organizer such as dish rack, drainer rack, sliding rack/larder, they have them all as well apart from the hood and hob.

Modular wash basin and cabinet @ Sin Jin Da
Modular wash basin and cabinet @ Sin Jin Da

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National Kidney Foundation and Evadis Cupcakes | 1001 Cupcakes In 1001 Hours

To the fans of cupcakes, this is a good news for you! Adorable and charming cupcakes are rolled out to reach you. This is the chance to eat and donate without messing up your own kitchen!

Co-organized by National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Penang Branch and Evadis Cupcakes in aid of the poor & needy dialysis patients, these cupcakes are made available to public through a charity project – ‘1001 Cupcakes In 1001 Hours’. Colorful topping and beautiful decoration of cupcakes are designed including cute animals, Christmas or Season’s Greetings. Asides from cupcakes, you may also order the 5-inches Christmas Fondant Cake that each can serves 10-15 guests.
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