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Route 185 Wildlife Sign Posts

The Second East-West Highway, is one of the Malaysia’s greatest touring routes, winds through the backbone of Malaysia namely Titiwangsa showcasing stunning rainforest landscape blending with multiple altitudes across Aborigine’s towns, local villages, limestone hills and local food between Simpang Pulai and Jerantut via the rustic towns such as Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis. If you are looking for the similar legendary road tour – Route 66, this is the Malaysia’s own version – it’s Federal Route 185. And this is THE route where one can spot ‘Tapir’, ‘Elephant’ or wildlife sign posts on the road!

Wildlife Tapir Road Sign
Wildlife Tapir Road Sign

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5 Incredible Things To Do In Mount Jerai | Kedah’s Peak

If you’re traveling on ferry between Langkawi and Penang, Gunung Jerai or formerly known as “Kedah Peak” is certainly the majestic peak that will capture your heart. I have been eying on this summit since our last visit to Titi Hayun Recreational Park some time ago. Enormous limestone outcrop that rises 1,175 m above sea level, Mount Jerai being the highest in the state of Kedah erupts majestically over a vast flat plains of paddy field. Breathtaking, scenic, this is the picture that has been playing in my mind since then!

Captivating Hydrangaes
Captivating Hydrangaes

Steep in history, Gunung Jerai was once considered sacred by the ancient Malays hence there are evidences of Hindu-Buddhist civilization dating back to the 4th century. Similar to many other summits, Mount Jerai also shares a fair bit of fascinating tales. One of the most famous folklore is King of Fangs or “Raja Bersiong” – a story of a cruel king that ruled an ancient kingdom within Bujang Valley, also liked to consume human blood.

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Shah Alam National Botanical Garden | What To Expect?

Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia Shah Alam) or National Botanical Garden Shah Alam (Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam), these are that names that you may have came across when searching for attractions in Shah Alam. Both refers to the once upon a time famed as ‘Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam’ or sometimes goes by the name of ‘Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve’. I am very much confused as much as you do, however let’s leave that out for now as I am very excited to walk you through our recent wilderness adventure in Klang Valley!

Tickets RM3 each
Tickets RM3 each

What to expect at Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam?

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Bukit Gasing Forest Park @ PJ | Hiking Trail Map

For city dwellers in Petaling Jaya or fondly known as PJ folks, Bukit Gasing or Gasing Hill is certainly no strangers to many especially hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Sitting near PJ Old Town, Bukit Gasing is a hidden gem in Seksyen 5 neighborhood off Jalan Gasing.

Bukit Gasing PJ entrance
Bukit Gasing PJ entrance

Even if you are not familiar with PJ neighborhood, don’t worry as technology is going to save you! Please turn on Google Map or Waze, one may search by the popular name as what it is addressed ‘Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing’. I have yet to research why it is called ‘Gasing Hill Educational Forest’ and not Bukit Gasing Forest Park like what most folks refer it to. Alternatively, you may just compute these GPS coordinates: 3.095138, 101.656131, it will bring one right to the official entrance of Bukit Gasing where the humble wooden gateway greets. In fact, this spot is the T-junction of Jalan Telok and Jalan Tanjong 5/4.

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Bukit Jambul Hiking Trail | Penang Bridges Summit Observatory

If you have not been visiting Bukit Jambul Hill hiking trail for quite some time, it is time to take a peek now. I was once obsessed with hiking. I used to hike pretty often. Hiking almost every alternate evening and made it compulsory every weekend, to explore and get lost in the woods. This was what I called fun, rejuvenating moment in opposed to what my mom referred as insane.New welcoming stone - Bukit Jambul Hiking TrailPartners in crime

Direction to Hill Top
Direction to Hill Top
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Saneen Dairy Goat Farm @ Balik Pulau Penang

Saneen Dairy Goat Farm Pantai Acheh

If you’re hooked on Facebook’s Farmville, I bet Saneen dairy goats are not something new to you. Calm and gentle, Saneen goat of white or cream-colored breed is famed for its excellent dairy capability thus breed for commercial milking. Named after the Saneen Valley in Switzerland, sub tropical climate is the most conducive environment for these dairy goats. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised that there are a couple of Saneen dairy goat farms in Penang despite the humid and heat. Being relatively clean and docile, these features therefore made Saneen goats extremely appealing to kids.

A buck of Saneen goat greets you!
A buck of Saneen goat greets you!

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Bukit Jalill Park | A Place For Everyone

Taman Bukit Jalil

If New York City folks are pampered with Central Park, Klang Valley townies has Bukit Jalil Park for almost an equivalent, judging of population to size ratio, garden landscapes and facilities. Despite it doesn’t sit exactly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this park of 80-acre is perhaps the largest public park in the capital of Malaysia. And admission is free.

Windmill of Netherlands in Bukit Jalil Park
Windmill of Netherlands
Chinese Garden in Bukit Jalil Park
little China in KL

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Monkey Beach @ Taman Negara Pulau Pinang

Monkey Beach Penang National Park

Monkey Beach Penang National Park November 2012
Monkey Beach Penang National Park

Prompted by a sudden itch for an adrenaline rush, we packed a knapsack and a boy of 24 month-old heading to Penang National Park without a second thought. Though we had explored this national gem more than a couple times, this was our first with a toddler that weighs more than 10 kg. Recalling our past experience and a little planning on the night before did help. Our gears were brief. No hiking pole but running shoes, an umbrella, band-aids, hats, sunscreen and a change of clothes. We were prepared to survive on a box of home made pancakes, 2 packets of fried beehoon and 2 L of water. We left the rest for God to decide.
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Taman Negara Pulau Pinang – Penang National Park

Taman Negara Pulau Pinang – Penang National Park

If you’re in the mood to immerse yourself in an off-the-grid adventure in Penang, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang or Penang National Park is a must-visit. Occupying a size less than 3 hectares on the north-western tip of Penang island, it is the smallest national park in the world. I had been in-and-out no less than a couple times when it was still known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve.

taman negara pulau pinang
Welcome to Taman Negara

Taman Negara Pulau Pinang map
Penang National Park Trail Guide

Teluk Bahang fisher's jetty
Teluk Bahang fisher’s jetty

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Penang Bukit Dumbar Recreational Park – Badminton – Squash

Popular with the locals, Bukit Dumbar recreational park is a great place for brisk walking and jogging on its hilly tracks. Nestled against a small man-made hill not too far from Tesco Jelutong Hypermarket, this public park was built over an underground reservoir. To get there, one has to enter from Jalan Gelugor, after Jelutong post office or Jelutong wet market on a one-way traffic.

Spot a plane taking off at Bukit Dumbar Park
Spot a plane taking off at Bukit Dumbar Park

Children play zone at Bukit Dumbar recreational park
Children play zone

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